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My friend Devin over at CHUD just finished an interview with Jon Favreau regarding the upcoming Iron Man DVD release, but apparently they talked a whole lot more about Iron Man 2. It’s a good read and he says more is coming. Here are some of the highlights:

1) He, Justin Theroux and Robert Downey Jr. are working hard already on the script

2) War Machine will be in Iron Man 2

3) Happy Hogan will get more screentime (CONFESSION: I don’t know who that is)

4) It’s going to be a trilogy

5) The Mandarin will be the main arching villain of the trilogy

6) Regarding The Avengers, Favreau sees how Captain America and Hulk fit into Iron Man’s universe, but not Thor (I agree)

7) Doesn’t want to go The Dark Knight route. He wants to keep it simple and fun

8) Says the action and battles will be much better than the first movie… he’s learning action

Now that’s a lot of information! I’m not surprised at all about the Mandarin… I think the bad guys being called the 10 rings (or something like that) in the first movie pretty much pointed towards Mandarin’s presence in the Iron Man movie universe. I don’t think they’ll be “magical” rings though.

War Machine is good, AS LONG AS THEY KEEP THE MAIN FOCUS ON STARK and leave War Machine as a minor side character.

Like I said, it’s a good read and you should go over at take a look at it.

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30 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 Details


    broh….i KNOW who crimson dynamo is and i know who the mandarin is. i know its the crimson dynamo but im just saying “dynamo” to shorten it…..i also say supes and GG (green goblin)
    doesnt mean i dont know who im talking about
    and i read the comics dude i know he has rings.

  2. if you had to wiki the madarin that pretty much shows how unfamous and lame he really is….no one wants to read a comic book with a green/asian dude wearing 8 werdding rings and a purple cape…unfortunatedly..i have…so i know hes lame.

    i tried going on to see if i can fuckign do something about the mandarin baing in this movie (it worked for alot of people when spiderman 3 was going to come out and they wanted venom in it…people were senidng shit like crazy about wanting venom in it) but of course- what can be done?
    how can there be an ironman movie with no ultron?


  3. Wikipedia says Mandarin’s rings are alien tech, well any super advanced technology will look like magic.
    Hell, if Marvel can have Thor and Ironman together, why not the movies? Put hints leading to Thor, put the Thor movie on the road, Avenger will get the fantasy and sci-fi fans (in my opinion overlaps around 80%). It is not that the need to get Sex and City public to watch Avengers. I am ok with adapting stories but Favreau has to be misleading on that.

  4. I just finish watching the movie Iron Man,
    To me, the movie is another transformers,
    It’s fun and good, more like popcorn movie,

    Part 2 should be good

  5. Or course he had to mention Dark Knight because all the fucking fanboys want everything dark. They want a dark TMNT, They want a dark Superman. Watchmen will be so dark, members of the audience will be compelled to buy old Morrisey CD’s.

  6. It would seem as though everything is on track. The tone and feel of Ironman was perfect and there’s no need to change it. I’m surprised that Favreau even had to mention TDK in comparison to Ironman but he’s probably been asked about it a million times.

    I hope we get to see Ironman and War Machine team up, that would be fucking bad ass!

  7. Jon Favreau seems to know his stuff. All his comments made sense to me. I agree completely with all of them, especially with his choice to keep Iron Man different from Batman.

  8. 7) Doesn’t want to go The Dark Knight route. He wants to keep it simple and fun

    I dont know, I think people want COMPLETE PACKAGE, sure we want fun, but it would be better if it had strong storyline and… actually everything…

    Fun? I consider comedian movie, what do you guys say ?

  9. Iron Man is a nice middle ground between the realistic Nolan Batman films and the ultra crappy SPider-Man films. I laughed when I saw Favreau.

  10. Well I was hoping they were goint to at least touch on Starks drinking next time. The arc really added to NYPD Blue (Yes, I know thats not a movie or a comic book) and with the darkness of the TDK it makes sense to go a bit darker story wise.

    I read comics but am ignorant on most of Irom Man’s enemys, havent read all his books yet, gonna have to read up on War Machine.

  11. Anybody who says “life isn’t about money” … doesn’t have any money, either that or their financial blueprint does not allow for money in there life.

    She throws the ring overboard because he did in the ocean. And she wanted to be there with him.

  12. TITANIUM MAN is a villain in the ironman comic books mikey!

    how come i get the distinct feeling only me, rodney, and a few other people who visit this website read comic books?

    and i hope you mean titanium man 4 not any of the first 3- the first 3 titanium man fucking sucked.

    if anyone here ever read “tales of suspense vol 1” youd know ultron is the best ironman villain

    ultimo is also 234512 times cooler then the mandarin

    BUT. i think it would be smart to introduce the examplars in the new ironman movie…theyre the group of villains that battle the avengers..and if they introduce them now itll be perfect so that they can also be in the avengers movie. they appeared in the ironman comix and in the avengers so itll be kickass to have them in ironman and then bring them in when the avengers come out.

    THATS an idea. wheres my medal?

  13. Monty

    YES. bring in dinamo….hes the freaking best…im glad we both share that dream.

    titanium man is also pretty cool but ive been tal;king about dinamo for ages…if hes not in the 3rd ill murder the first born child of every one involved in that film

  14. Hey Dragonslayer

    You said:

    Life isn’t about money, did you not get the fucking point of the story?

    Ummm… tell that to the family that can’t eat because they don’t have the money to pay the bills and buy food.

  15. John, at the chat, the reason Old Rose threw away the diamond was because everytime she wanted to sell it she thought of Cal, and she didn’t want to survive off of Cal. Life isn’t about money, did you not get the fucking point of the story?

  16. cool info. hate to say it, but i see where he’s coming from with thor. thor’s a tough sell to an audience based in the real world.

  17. Having War Machine means they might hit up on the alcoholism, which might be a darker side of Tony, but it is his flaws that make him real.

    War Machine happens because Tony has Rhodes step in for him in the suit (originally to fool people who think Tony IS Ironman.. but the closing moments of IM1 rule that out) but also because Tony is just too damned drunk.

    They introduce his casual habitual drinking in the movie, so you know its coming.

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