22 thoughts on “Fresh Valkyrie Trailer/Poster

  1. Why have accents? I dunno, maybe because the movie takes place in Germany, with German characters? When Spielberg finishes Lincoln, are you going to be happy if Liam Neeson has an accent while playing Lincoln?

  2. I agree with Ezell. I could care less about Tom Cruises religion and that he jumped on Opra’s sofa. I don’t care and never did. It is stupid for people to bash crazy Scientology when most of you believe in that magical old guy in the clouds called God.

    I liked the blinking effects and black bars in the trailer it was very effective.

  3. Whirlwind time. Sit down and down whiskey and a valium.

    First, let’s talk poster.
    What the hell has gotten into the int’l friends?

    The poster is clearly “blueprints” of the famous bunker Hitler was going to be in at the time of the assassination attempt; the red line which is the access to that room, leads to the mastermind of the assassination plot.

    The poster also loosely hints of German expressionism and (dare I say it) a reminder that Bryan Singer directed the Usual Suspects and the two X-Men films – I don’t mean the type- I mean the “lining up” of the given actors.

    I like the flow and visual of the poster. It’s one of the best posters I have seen in a long time.


    As for the trailer:

    What’s wrong with it? It’s fine.

  4. You all are just haters yo being against Tom Cruise. This film looks to be good but this is dumb to hate a guy of a religion and hate Mel Gibson when you are committing the same crime.

  5. Ok I watched it from another site and the trailer looks amazing! I love Bryan Singer’s work. I do kinda wish they spoke German but oh well. They should have done it like they did in Hunt For Red October.

  6. Any reason why no one in the movie so far is talking with an accent? I understand that it’s not a German language film, but can’t they get people to at least sound like they’re from Germany, instead of just sounding American?

  7. First of all Poster looks simple which they want you to think that way, with clueless/vague !

    also the background poster looks a bit of blueprint….

    I also think The trailers looks very exciting as Usual Suspect.

    I have a huge high hope for this movie !

  8. Trailer would have been nice if they hadn’t tried to blink me to death.

    However at least Tom Cruise is continuing to pursue unusual and challenging roles, people should credit him with that from time to time at the very least …

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