Eva Longoria As Wasp?

Longoria Avengers2

The above picture has swung wide the doors of fury and speculation! We are made aware of this image and get the following scoop from our friends at IESB:

A can of worms was opened up this weekend when Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria was shot exiting the Marvel offices in Beverly Hills with a stack of comic books in hand, one of them happened to be THE AVENGERS.

Now, said can was opened today by the LA TIMES who gave this happen-stantial, if that’s a word, photograph some legs by saying she’d be good for WASP in the 2011 AVENGERS film Marvel has planned. The LA Times blogger goes on to talk about Wasp and her characteristics etc, just lending more and more gossip fodder to the fire.

I really hope she stole those comic books.

I am not opposed to Wasp being in the film, but Eva Longoria Parker is not the lady to play that role. She may be fine on desperate housewives, and could have a very successful career as a daytime soap star, but stay away from the world of film. (Unless the film ends in orno.)

Stephanie Sanchez is right to point out that everyone may fly off the handle for no good reason. There is still a few years between us and the Avengers film, so this could be forgotten in time. Today however, it is certainly off-putting.

People have been excited at Marvel’s 2 for 2 success this summer right out of the gate; and the hope is that this trend will continue. We have been giving them the benefit of the doubt, but I fear this picture may have melted off some of their street cred. Like it or not, you are judged by the company you keep.

Even if Eva was being considered for this role, I am confident that fan reaction should nix this decision.

International friends – what is your thoughts?

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