Don LaFontaine 1940-2008

In sad news, one of the legendary voice actors of our time has passed away. Don LaFontaine gave us the deep baritone voice that drove the intesity as such film trailers as the classic Elephant Man and Terminator 2 ended his 68 years on this earth after complications from a collapsed lung.

I give you in tribute the aforementioned Terminator 2 trailer:

And more recently he appeared in a Geico Ad on TV.


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9 thoughts on “Don LaFontaine 1940-2008

  1. Always sad to hear when someone who can do truly great work passes. It is no doubt that he’ll be remembered and he will leave some very large shoes to fill.

  2. He’s nothing like I imagined he would look of course. I pictured a gray haired, 8 foot tall man with a stern face.

    A very sad loss anyhow; he leaves behind an amazing body of work. I particularly remember his voice on the ‘Space Jam’ trailer.

    “Bugs Buuuuuuuuuuuny” “Michael Joooooooooordan” etc.

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