WB Announces DC Schedule/Superman Set For Reboot

Robinov JeffWe have obtained WB’s plans for their upcoming DC films from an interview Jeff Robinov has with the Wall Street Journal. The following interview was made available to us thanks to our friends at comingsoon:

“‘Superman’ didn’t quite work as a film in the way that we wanted it to,” says Mr. Robinov. “It didn’t position the character the way he needed to be positioned.” “Had ‘Superman’ worked in 2006, we would have had a movie for Christmas of this year or 2009,” he adds. “But now the plan is just to reintroduce Superman without regard to a Batman and Superman movie at all.”

“By 2011, Mr. Robinov plans for DC Comics to supply the material for up to two of the six to eight tent-pole films he hopes Warner Bros. will have in the pipeline by then,” it says. Those projects will likely be about single characters at first, and will be darker much like The Dark Knight. With “Batman vs. Superman” and “Justice League” stalled, Warner Bros. has quietly adopted Marvel’s model of releasing a single film for each character, and then using those movies and their sequels to build up to a multicharacter film. “Along those lines, we have been developing every DC character that we own,” Mr. Robinov says.

The studio is set to announce its plans for future DC movies in the next month. For now, though, it is focused on releasing four comic-book films in the next three years, including a third Batman film, a new film reintroducing Superman, and two movies focusing on other DC Comics characters. Movies featuring Green Lantern, Flash, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman are all in active development.

Well… this is what we were suspecting for some time now. It looks like Brian Singer’s baby was snatched out of his hands and will be delivered to someone new. I cannot say I am shocked by this news, but it is still a bit surprising none the less.

The Dark Night has revealed the potential of a comic book film to WB, and the standard has been set much higher for every project. With luck, we can expect to see better films because of this. If more care and dedication is paid to the quality of the films they are putting out, then we all win. The Dark Knight is now not only a great film for what it was; but also for what it stopped.

Hearing that WB is going to mimic Marvel’s strategy of focusing on the individual heroes first, and then assemble then in to teams, is what we’ve all been waiting to hear. We may see Christian Bale alongside other thespians in tights, preserving continuity and fleshing out the DC universe in film.

This is a bad news day for Brandon Routh, but a great news day for almost everyone else.

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58 thoughts on “WB Announces DC Schedule/Superman Set For Reboot

  1. In my humble opinion, the reason that the Superman movie’s never garnered the same enthusiasm that the Batman movies did was they were not even close to what made him the great character that millions all over the world have come to know and love.

    First, where are all of the world conquering villians. Brainic, Darkseid, Bizarro, Metallo, just to name a few.

    Secondly, why isn;t Lex the pwer broker he is in the comics.

    Finally, why does it have to be a love story. Stop adding things that are unneccesary. It is a Superman. What else do you need?

  2. I just hope they keep the John Williams superman theme for the reboot. Or better yet, have him score the whole series. John Ottman was VERY mediocur on Superman returns.

  3. I think when they say Superman Returns was a failure they probably mean people’s attitudes toward the film. Almost everyone I know who watched it disliked it and for many of the same reasons, it was boring, lacking action and it felt like it had been done before.

  4. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting Okay, not to belabor the point, but here are some quick numbers:

    Superman Returns had DVD sales of around $81 million. WB sold the television rights for about $20 million, and merchandising revenue was “more than $60 million.” So that’s $160 million dollars that WB is in the clear. Subtract the $40 million dollar advertising budget, and that leaves them $120 million dollars ahead of the game before you even begin counting box office revenue.

    So for the movie to be profitable, they needed to bring in more than $150 million. The movie brought in $391 million. Let’s give the theaters a generous 25% of the box office. That leaves WB with $293 million.

    In other words, on a film that cost an absurd $270 million dollars, they managed to make a clear profit of $140 million (and, technically, Australia gave them a $28 million tax break, so they actually cleared about $168 million). That’s fairly amazing, especially considering many fans didn’t like the movie.

    Could that pot have been sweeter? Absolutely. For one thing, $40 million dollars of that budget comes from failed development over the last ten years. That should have been profit. The remaining budget of $230 million is ludicrous for any film. No reason that movie needed to cost more than $180 million.

    All they need to do is put a sequel on a reasonable budget, make it shorter, and make sure it delivers more action. The average moviegoer isn’t as discerning as the fanboys. If they’re interested in Superman, they’ll go see the next movie whether it’s a reboot or a sequel. Nobody who’s interested will stay home because the last one wasn’t very good. The Star Wars prequels proved that.

    So can we put to rest this nonsense about “Superman Returns” being a failure? Movies that fail don’t make $391 million. Movies that are mismanaged, however, can sell $391 million worth of tickets and still not meet profit expectations.

  5. I think Superman is in dire need of a reboot. Firstly , eliminate the entire cast of Superman Returns and keep Bryan Singer far away from it. Get an actor for Superman who is probably in his early-mid thrities with a greater physical build and get an actress for Lois Lane who has that sensual cynicism that Margot Kidder had (Kate Bosworth was horrible). I think that more people are losing interest in Superman because he’s so overpowered that he never has to struggle with anything. What Nolan did for Batman was show a character who is flawed and troubled but not in an emo way, someone who we can relate to. The audience can’t relate to someone when bullets bounce off their eye!!! Superman Returns was so boring and what the new film needs is more action but not braindead type of action. The series needs to start over and free itself of the past continuity like Batman Begins did. Superman’s powers also need to seriously be toned down, make it so that he can’t lift things that are enormously heavy (or at least he struggles to lift it) and there are tons of things he’s weak against other than Kryptonite such as gases, electricity, drowning and most importantly he can be attacked psychologically. The series also needs to use a different villain other than Lex Luthor, he’s appeared in 4 of the 5 Superman films and he’s gotten too played out, he can be reintroduced in a later sequel but not in the first film. I think they could really use Braniac, he could perfectly use his intellect to exploit Superman’s weaknesses and push him to the edge. Superman also needs to be darker but by darker I don’t mean he’s pulling guns out on people, I mean he’s more realistic and flawed. The origin also needs to be retold in a modern setting, The original film “jumped” a lot when showing Clark Kent’s past and the origin could be better fleshed out in the new film. We know that pretty much the whole world knows Superman’s origins but the new film could add a new unique touch. What if Superman was really sent to conquer Earth, not save it? That would be a gutsy and interesting approach.


    “…Superman Returns did have flaws, but wasn’t a bomb. According to Box Office Mojo it cost $270 million and made $391 million at theaters alone. That’s not counting the millions on DVD and High Def discs. That’s a $121 million dollar upside not including DVD. Not bad….”

    As stated by George, and let me reiterate, when you invest $200M, you don’t expect less than steller profits of $100M or so. You don’t gamble monstrous budgets like that for minimal gross.

    It did fail, not necessary financally but in a broader perspective.

  7. and you don’t spend the kind of money they spent on superman returns to hopefully make a small profit from all the merch and dvds. You spend that to establish your next franchise. You spend that because you are sure you are going to make hundreds of millions and the fact that they may have scrapped a little profit (which I still doubt they did) is not underperforming. For the studio its a disaster. Especially since it has tarnished the “superman” cinema brand big time.

  8. Thats the thing because of shady accounting practices stars changed their way point deals were done and it became first dollar points.

    No matter what the film does they get a cut from the box office gross. The film could still tank but they get x percent of the first dollars through the cinema doors.

    And superman hardly opened huge – it had decent opening but it struggled to crawl its way to 200 million stateside so the theatre owners got their piece.

    If the film had been in anyway shape or form successful they would have greenlit a sequel ages ago. there would have ben no dithering about about it like they have been doing.

    A reboot is the only way they have a chance. There is just not an audience out there hoping for more of the same from singer and blandboy routh.

    Rebooting is the only sensible thing they can do outside of not bothering making it at all but the studios need their tentpoles and if done correctly superman still has a slim shot at being a successful franchise. But it needs to be done right.

    I don;t think there is a place for superman in todays world anyway. he is way to pure. Modern audience prefer their heroes a little damaged, darker and with an edge.

    Superman is way to much of a boy scout.

  9. @George

    As I understand it, a film that opens big and has no legs (like “Superman Returns”) means very slim returns for the theatre owners. They make the bulk of their cash later in the run.

    Of course, the $270 million budget doesn’t factor in P&A costs, but neither does it figure in the massive amounts of money the studio reaps from merchandising the property. And, of course, regardless of whether or not DVD sales were “strong” (a rather relative term), the studio pockets all of that cash.

    Given studio accounting practices, I would be shocked if Singer or Spacey collected anything from gross points.

    All this simply means that yes, the film failed to live up to studio expectations, but they most certainly turned a profit. In the interest of retaining mainstream audience involvement, WB would be much wiser to simply reduce the budget to something reasonable, assert more control over the production (two thing they’re likely to do now *anyway*) and keep the same continuity.

    I hated Superbaby and Super-sad-man as much as the next guy, but re-booting serves nobody but the fanboys, and Hulk has proven that ain’t enough.

  10. Sorry guys but 390 million return at the box office on a 270 million film does not mean the studio made a profit of 120 million dollars.

    The studios don’t get every dollar that comes in. The theatres get their share of that money.
    Plus a a director like singer would more than likely have gorss points as would spacey I imagine so they would get their automatic cut – once it goes out to all those who get their piece that doesn’t leave much for the studio.

    And obviously DVD sales were not strong enough either or we wouldn’t be seeing what we are seeing now – A re-start.
    If the film had been a success in any way there would not have been all this indecision about a sequel nor would they be rebooting it.

    The film was meant to launch a franchise and it failed.

  11. I think it will be odd mixing Nolan’s Batman world with the rest of the DC Universe. IN Nolan’s Gotham, there is no superpower or magic, just ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Nolan never really played up Batman’s role as a master detective and super genius, which was his role in the Justice League.

    As for Singer’s Superman…good riddance. His mopey jealous skinny metrosexual Superman pale’s in comparison to the DCU’s most powerful hero. Giving Superman a son was a horrible idea. Lois was miscast. And his visual style was just a modern update of Donner’s vision. The only thing you need to keep is the John Williams Superman theme. Throw the rest out, buy a stack of Action comics, and rebuild.

  12. Fritzilla, you beat me to it. Not only did “Superman Returns” turn a $120 million profit, it rated a 77% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes. This movie was *not* a bomb. It simply didn’t perform to expectations. It’s absolutely silly to reboot in the face of this, and there is a very easy solution:

    1) Reign in Singer’s budget for a sequel (simply no reason SR needed to cost what it did)

    2) Make it clear what the requirements are (more action, interesting villain, less schoolboy angst)

    Hey presto! A smash-hit sequel. It’s not like Singer doesn’t know how to do this. He more or less ushered in the current wave of high-profile comic book movies.

    (Full disclosure: I thought SR was pretty awful. I’m just against the idea of panic-management. It was conceived as a franchise–have the balls to see it through, for Christ’s sake.)

  13. you know what? superman would be interesting if he was the cause of krypton’s destruction, directly or indirectly, but he had something to do with it. Realizing his mistakes, he swore not to repeat it, so when he came to earth, he spends every second here as a means of redemption, so it would make alot more sense why he keeps saving people and do goody, as to “good-upbringing?”. yeah right.

  14. JAFFAHUT, bad sequels often make things far more confusing than reboots. That’s the benefit of the whole reboot concept. They don’t have to be bogged down trying to tie in with a movie or worse yet just leave a bunch of unanswered loose ends.

    Any sequel to Returns will have to deal with the kid. And that’s a waste of time. And if you’re not going to deal with issues from the previous film, why tie them together?

    Since Returns tied in to the original films (same actor for Jor El, same music, characters all acting the same). It was a sequel to that series. I say leave those films now. Every Superman film for the rest of time doesn’t need to tie into the Reeve franchise.

    I LOVE Tim Burton’s Batman. But I also love Nolan’s Batman. It doesn’t ruin the Burton Batman by not having Nolan’s films tied in to them. However I felt the terrible sequels to Burton’s films ruined that franchise.

    If the studio wants to go in a new direction with Superman, then it’s best to separate them from the existing films.

    What’s so confusing about a reboot anyway? Remakes have existed for years. Surely if anyone remembers the tiniest details of the last Superman film, they will have the ability to figure out when a film is a remake.

  15. @Jason

    “First off, Superman sucks. Period. The whole concept, the whole story. It was cool when I was 7. A man from another planet who can do anything, but is hurt by a rock. Wow.”

    “Don’t blame Routh, or Singer, or the studio even for the movie being crap. It’s Superman. It’s not interesting, period. No matter who’s in it or directing it.”

    Agreed. :)

    Although, if people want to see the all powerful super-freak, introduce Darksied or Brainiac as the villain, that will pave the way for JL, cause the magnitude of the threat is huge, superman can’t handle it alone, he needs bats n the gang.

    In my book, reboot ONLY works once, so they better have a good script if not, superman is dead and a total fuckup(which i don’t give a damn.) SO make a JL movie that introduces the characters like LOTR FoTR introduced theElves,Dwarves at the beginning of the movie, a couple of minutes spent on origins, full movie to have fun with.

  16. Ok, Superman Returns was a horrible movie. It was decent but not as “good” of a comic book movie as say Batman. But then most comic book superhero movies aren’t as good as Batman. So what. Many fans thought the movie was great or at least good even with the missteps (child, Lex Luthor’s realestate plot, dying but not dying, lack of action). But it did set the stage for what I felt was a pretty good cast and interesting universe to set more stories.

    Superman Returns did have flaws, but wasn’t a bomb. According to Box Office Mojo it cost $270 million and made $391 million at theaters alone. That’s not counting the millions on DVD and High Def discs. That’s a $121 million dollar upside not including DVD. Not bad.

    So, sure, it didn’t make what Dark Knight made, but it’s no bomb by any strech.

    Also, I vote to keep Brandon on as Superman also. WHy not just get to some new stories with Superman and new villians. Just leave Lois and the kid out of the next movie for all intents and purposes.

    I really don’t want to see another Superman origin story and will probably just avoid it if that happens.

  17. That “james bond is a code name different people use” theory is not true.

    Flemings bond was one guy. He was not a variety of agents using the same name.

  18. @Darren J Seeley

    One difference is in the Bond World, “James Bond” 007, M, Q, etc are all code names. M and Moneypenny stayed the same actors with Sean Connery and Roger Moore. The movies don’t state this explicitly, its more from the original novels. Theoretically, Pierce Brosnan’s and the other bond actors characters still exist in the universe, though dead or retired.

  19. I’m getting tired of this whole fucking (yes, that’s how I feel about it, I even said a naughty word) reboot/remake thing that’s going on.
    Why can’t a movie studio these days take the old crew and just give it a new director (remember all those bad horror movie franchises from the 80’s for example?).
    It doesn’t always work That well, but at least it would save alot of people from getting confused etc. etc…
    Okay, not really a strong post but bottom line: I fucking hate this new reboot/remake trend.

  20. I’m not happy about this. What really sucks is that I was hoping that we could FINALLY move forward for a Batman/Superman movie, but now it is looking to become another big “what if?” project.

  21. I don’t understand why some people are against rebooting, yet acknowledge that Returns was a bad movie.

    I’m glad studios are realizing that if a movie is bad, they don’t have to JUST make a sequel or nothing. The reboot idea means we don’t have to spend half the movie trying to fix up stupid mistakes from the last film, or worrying about continuity with a boring first film.

    I think the idea of starting over is great. No need to tell the whole origin story again, since it’s pretty basic. Why not just have an opening montage where we have a 5 minute explanation of his origin, and how he came to be on earth and discovered his powers. Then tell a story about him first becoming Superman, and the impact that has on the world.

    I think when they talk about it being like Dark Knight, they don’t mean it has to be ‘dark’ and Superman has to be brooding and angry. That’s just what batman is like. But like Dark Knight, it should be grounded in reality. Show what would really happen if Superman really did exist. How would it effect politics, world events, science and everyday life. And what lengths would regular criminals go to with Superman around. No Superman movies have come close to that level of realism. His existence is treated pretty casually by the world in those films.

    I’m glad to hear of a reboot, I just hope they use the opportunity to make something really, really special like Dark Knight and Batman Begins was able to.

  22. I was originally against idea of a reboot because I thought that would mean no superman movie again for ages but seeing as they are saying the Superman movie will be out in the next 3 years, thats fine by me but I wouldnt want to wait any longer

  23. there is no way they will keep routh. the guy had a shot and it failed. they will clean house and reboot completely as I always said they would.

  24. I said this would happen from day one!!!

    Yay for me….superman returns sucked.

    Has anyone seen routh in anything since superman?

    the guy was awful. Bland bland bland.

  25. 1. In the new rebooted Bond series, Dame Judi Dench is still M- a role she had during Brosnan’s 007 run. So it is possible they don’t have to get rid of “everyone”

    2. This is a huge mistake in ‘rebooting’. The timeline was upped for Returns. I’d much rather have a cameo by Mytzlyplik, stating that the events in “Returns” are a ruse while a more serious threat awaits Earth, be it Brainiac, Bizarro or Darksied. A big, big mistake. If Singer comes back, fine. If he doesn’t, fine.

    3. If Routh isn’t back, I’m sure he’ll be fine. He wasn’t bad. Question is…will Superman now be played by a “new” face, or perhaps….by Jude Law?

  26. First off, Superman sucks. Period. The whole concept, the whole story. It was cool when I was 7. A man from another planet who can do anything, but is hurt by a rock. Wow.

    Obviously Hollycrap has a hard-on for comic book movies. Here’s an idea. Make Captain America! Make Green Lantern! Make Wonder Woman! Make something, ANYTHING, we haven’t already seen 400 times before.

    Don’t blame Routh, or Singer, or the studio even for the movie being crap. It’s Superman. It’s not interesting, period. No matter who’s in it or directing it.

  27. A Nolan based Dark Knight Returns movie based off of the Frank Miller graphic novel would work very very well grounded in reality. Superman could be as dark as the suits want him to be in that!

  28. I really do feel terrible for Routh. This was supposed to be his big break. I found him bland at times, but he wasn’t TERRIBLE like some people are saying. Plus, he’s hot and apparently is hung like a horse. The guy can’t be all that bad:)

    But this does mean that my dream casting of Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane is now a possibility…

  29. this is terrible news. not every comic character needs a movie and they certainly shouldn’t all be “darker” toned especially Superman and The Flash. What works for The Dark Knight isn’t neccessairly what will work for every property, and “darker” is not synonymous with “better” or even “good”. I also think tying everything together into one universe is just a stupid idea to begin with, especially on film.

  30. Ouch.
    That was a pretty diplomatic way of saying: We know, SUPERMAN RETURNS bombed, most fans didn’t like it. Letting Singer do what he wanted was a mistake, if we could do it all again, we would make things different.”
    Rebooting Supes again will be tough. Although Brandon Routh is not fired (yet) making a movie with him and start from scratch would be trying to have the cake and eat it too and audiences wouldn’t go for that. It’s pretty sure that Routh is out of this franchise at this point.
    If you really have to reboot, don’t bother with the origin story. Nobody wants to see that shit again. He’s from Krypton, he was send to earth as a the last living member of his race, he’s here now, he can fly and all sort of stuff. No need to elaborate further. People know what the deal is.

    As for the whole crossover thing: I have already stated my opinion numerous times, combining Nolan’s Batman with Superman would be a mistake. Those characters in their particular environment don’t belong together.
    If anything DARK KNIGHT made that concept even more implausible. Although partly over the top in some action scenes, DARK KNIGHT was firmly rooted in a real world. There is nothing supernatural in it. There is no Superman in that world. That is obvious. Do you really think people would make such a big fuss over some costumed vigilante when there’s a indestructible god flying around? It would be all over the shop and he would be talked about all the time. The Superman world is not important, not even Metropolis is mentioned once. No, bringing Superman into Nolan’s world would destroy the franchise. I firmly believe that.

    Have a Superman/Wonder Woman/Flash/Justice League movie. Leave the Bat out of it. At least until the third Batman movie is done and Nolan and Bale are out of the picture. I think they will do one more and call it quits after that. After that, go crazy again if you must.

  31. worst news I’ve heard in a long time. I needed Singer to stamp out one more final Superman film before they reintroduced/rebooted him. They needed to make one more so they could kill the kid off and make Superman sonless once again. FIX WHAT YOU STARTED! then make a perfect Superman movie.

  32. If they are rebooting it, they have to axe everyone who was in Returns. If people go see the reboot and everyone from the original is there, but the origin story is being told, people are gonna get confuzzed about the timeline.

  33. psssh all this Justice League and crap talk is stupid. It works in comics and cartoons. For a movie, no. All these characters have unique worlds they live in on screen. To try to bring them all together in one film under one director is just stupid as hell.

  34. Yeah wtf? Lets just reboot the world the state of affairs here sucks! Honestly the biggest problem is nobody in Hollywood wants to see an “original” idea. The suits think the only thing that is going to make them money is “reboot” shit. I for one would be happy if they just left some stuff alone or allowed filmmakers to continue to explore their visions through these necessary sequels.

  35. We are assuming Gracie, but it really doesn’t look good.

    Typically when they throw out a series to reboot they will start over with all new people so its clear that this is not associated in any way with the previous versions.

  36. Crap. The origin story again.

    If they reboot it and I hear one word that the first 40 minutes is spent on Krypton and in Smallville, I’m waiting for video. It’s too soon after “Returns” to reboot the whole thing. Now I’ll have to explain this to all my family and friends again who were confused enough by the Joker being in “The Dark Knight” when he already appeared and died in the 1989 film. People outside the internet don’t quite grasp the concept of “rebooting” as well as we do (and still call them “remakes.”)

  37. Welling doesnt stand a chance for the same reasons Routh wont.

    If they put Welling into the role, then it will be a Smallville movie. They can’t put the same actor playing the same character with a parallel franchise.

    If Christian Bale was to play Batman on TV, people would think it was a TV show based on the movies. If it wasn’t, it wouldnt make sense to use him.

  38. They should keep Brandon Routh, as he’s what the people will be expecting. This summer’s Hulk suffered some backlash for not having Eric Bana.

    They probably will. He’s under contract, he’s cheap, and they know he can do a damn good job.

  39. How many times are we going to have to see the origin story of Superman? There’s something like 80 years of source material and yet in the filmed versions we have to see the origin again? WTF?

    Make a superman already. Ignore the little superkid.

  40. I feel a nightmare approaching, the Darknightification of the DCU… BRILLIANT! Lets turn a universe of mythic figures from varied fantastic worlds with all contrasts and hues of character be it nobility, sardonicism or being just a plain old [email protected]$$. Do all the characters HAVE to be crazy cosplayers rooted in nothing but the real world? Oh and making them all DARK!?!?!?!? Thank you Dark Knight for teaching DC the dead wrong lesson!

  41. Thing is though more people actually enjoyed Superman Returns over Hulk so I think not allowing Singer to continue would be a mistake. Rebooting will hinder any success of a new movie due to the fact that Superman Returns was not a failure. If It confuses people at all it will because it isn’t a continuation of Superman Returns.

  42. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)Stupid, Superman Returns should have been a reboot then. It going to feel weird cause I really like Superman Returns. I think this will confuse everybody like the new hulk did.

  43. I think much of the blame for both the film’s slightly dismal box office and generally lackluster action can be tacked on the shoulders of Bryan Singer, who managed to make a very cold and impersonal movie that was virtually enslaved to Donner’s film — yet oddly contradicted it with its bizarre casting and plot choices — making it difficult to embrace it on its own or as part of the previous series.

    So it’s almost hard to qualify Routh’s work. He looked pretty good as Superman, although he seemed a little narrow through the shoulders, and his face was on the boyish side regardless of how old he actually was. But his performance waspretty stiff at times and it was obvious he’d been told to do a sort of — I was going to say “impression”, but considering how little dialogue he has in the film, maybe “mime’ is a better word — of Christopher Reeve’s performance. This was particularly evident in his “why even bother” role as Clark Kent.

    So I feel a little bad for Routh as it seems impossible he will continue on for a reboot so hopefully he was at least well paid.

    Thirty years ago, most audiences only knew Superman as George Reeves in padded wool costume in an old black and white show and then along came Reeve and Donner, so I’m certainly in favor of trying something new: new director, new star, new music, new villain (please!), the works.

    As a side note, if anyone has read it, J.J. Abrams’s planned reboot of Superman from a few years back was about 70% cool, 30% WTF? so I’m sure this news grabs plenty of fans by the short hairs, but to me at least, I’m still curious what that 70% would have looked like up on the big screen — even if it’d been directed by McG!

  44. I agree Phil Gee they wanted Batman again. Look at what Tim Burton had in mind for Superman Lives! Thanks God that never got off the ground. Nicholas Cage? Superman would have never recovered!

  45. Did they actually say Routh will be getting the boot? I know its likely but not a certainty surely. I say give the kid another shot at it.

    My two big concerns are that WB is goind to spend another decade dragging Superman through the same development hell he was in before Superman Returns where they can’t decide on the right script. I also hope they don’t try and make TDK clones out of all their other properties.

    That’s why Superman Lives didn’t work, cause the people who worked on it hated Superman and tried to turn him into Batman. Oh gaaaaaaaaaaaawd!

  46. I had a feeling that WB would acknowledge the Superman movie was not up to par. A third installment of Batman is another given due to the huge success.
    Now to the real news……..A possible Flash movie. You cannot build a great super hero movie around this one character. I remember in the early 90’s there was a flash movie released and it was find for its time.
    In regards to Wonder Woman, go ahead and piss off women everywhere. You are playing with dynamite when it comes down to filming a movie on Wonder Woman alone. i can see the protest and the boycotts.

    Keep making Batman and Superman movies and introduce the other heroes in those films. Once the films have establish a creditable market for the Justice League, you may proceed.

    My 2cents

  47. This is the best news i heard this week. Like everyone else i more or less hated Superman Returns. Only good thing about it was Brandon Routh.

  48. I would love to see Brandon Routh return even in the case of an all out reboot. It seems rather lame of WB to just shank Singer’s Superman Returns. Superman Returns was most certainly better than Ang Lee’s Hulk and it made more money too! Routh is the best person suited to play The Man of Steel. I think the studio executives at Warner Brothers hate the kid like everybody else and see that as the single greatest incorrectable flaw of the film. If Singer is given his chance to go “Wrath of Khan on it” I think WB would be better served sticking with him. If the suits have any doubts all they have to do is check out X2!

  49. I had a feeling that WB would acknowledge the Superman movie was not up to par. A third installment of Batman is another given due to the huge success.
    Now to the real news……..A possible Flash movie. You cannot build a great super hero movie around this one character. I remember in the early 90’s there was a flash movie released and it was find for its time.
    In regards to Wonder Woman, go ahead and piss off women everywhere. You are playing with dynamite when it comes down to filming a movie on Wonder Woman alone.

    Keep making Batman and Superman movies and introduce the other heroes those films. Once the films have establish a creditable market for the Justice League, you may proceed.

    My 2cents

  50. Sad that they wont have Routh anymore. He was an inspired choice. If they did, it would be hard to distance him from his role in the version they are ignoring.

    Unfortunate for Routh, but it also means that there is no superkid and Bosworth can’t be Lois either. Silver lining.

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