Vin Diesel Wants To Play Marvel Villain


In a one on one interview with MTV, Vin Diesel announced that he hasn’t done a comic book film to date because he’s holding out for a role where he can play the villain as the protagonist. He mentioned that he had a character in mind, but wouldn’t say. I would guess that he is thinking about Venom, but it’s impossible to know. Everything he said could be false. This article may be false. Trust no one.

For those of you that would like to see the interview for yourselves, please go to the source article over at MTV

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33 thoughts on “Vin Diesel Wants To Play Marvel Villain

  1. Okay, the first person I can think of is Deadpool. I haven’t seen Origins yet, so I’m not sure how well Ryan did it, but I see Vin as a good one. But, it has to be a movie from the focal point of the villain, which is what Vin was talking he wants to do. And I think a movie about him would be fun. Mostly because of the conversations he would have with the audience. Or even what about Taskmaster? A bit less known, but still an awesome villainesque character.

  2. KRISTINA: He can’t act. He fell out of the limelight and NO ONE missed him. Take that as a hint, Vin. Go back to bouncing at the club or something.

    We have a winner.

    MONTY: Vin Diesel would make a great Tombstone.

    He’d be great UNDER a tombstone.

  3. I’m not a fan of Vin or the God of War game (it was ok) but Vin as Kratos…that would be really good casting (but probably a crap-ass movie)

  4. Vin would do okay as Norrin Radd(Silver Surfer for noobies). I think his role as Venom would be okay, as long as we don’t see behind the symbiote. Rhino would be pretty good. Perhaps Thanos? Who knows.
    Oh. On an unrelated note, he looks like he could play Kratos in a GoW movie. Voice is good. Face is right. Build is solid. I mean, Kratos isn’t exactly the deepest guy. Vin’s amount of talent would do fine. Anyone any thoughts?

  5. In the past, Vin had held out hopes for The Silver Surfer before that character was used to basically be underused but also pimp out FF2. He also showed interest in “Daredevil” as well, and was even considered for Bullseye.

    If he went the hero route, I’d see him as Deathlok.

    But let’s stick to bad guys for the moment.

    It’s possible, seeing how the spinoff is possible and Topher Grace isn’t going to be back.

    Namor The Sub-Mariner.
    Who is viewed as “a bad guy” who winds up being more of an “anti-hero” and “protagonist”.

    then there is that Silver Surfer spinoff idea…the origin story.

  6. I see alot of Vin hate going on in here…WHY??? I will admit that someone should have the shit smacked out of them for the horrid Pacifier…but all of Vin’s movies where he plays a bad guy; he is perfect for the roles. Sure his acting isnt the best, but he fits the roles he is playing. I for one think he would make an awesome Venom.

  7. Apocalypse is best suggestion I heard, but I was also thinking Kingpin…after seeing the steady job he did in Find Me Guilty, I think he would be a rather decent Kingpin.

  8. I’ve always though he’d make for an excellent Lex Luthor. We’re sort of used to Lex being either bumbling on at least unimposing, but the reality is that Lex would be an example of man at his “most” — i.e. smart, a trickster, selfish, but fully capable — he’s someone who pushes himself to his human limits but can push no further. And that would explain a good deal of his envy of Superman. Lex should be at the top of his game, the height of his power in Metropolis when Supes appears and Vin Diesel’s imposing appearance would be substantial and make for at least a new take on a familiar villain.

    As for Marvel villains — stay away from those Mr. Diesel — they haven’t been too interesting over the last few years, and with Wolverine looming on the horizon to stink up theaters, you may want to look at some independent comics instead.

  9. @ BigSampson

    I was just kidding, i would kill myself if Vin was apocalypse. I really would, or may just kill Vin and all those who thought that it would be a good idea

  10. Vin please do a lot of test screening in costume before signing the dotted line. Have the production crew ask other same studio signed directors what they think.

  11. Too much Vin hate!

    I think he’d be a freaking great villain, including Venom. He may not have much of a range, but he can play badass better than most!

  12. i cant think of him being any villain. ever…not even venom…i was going to give you guys my input on this but i really dont want him as a villain in any marvel movie…

    vin diesel needs to go home and color..topher grace wasnt bad it was venom himself that sucked..

  13. i could see vin as a villain. it has a good beat and i can dance to it.

    he always plays anti-heros as is, none of his protaganists are really model citizens.

  14. spence u dirt bag…how dare u say apocalypse….never ever should any co. ever put him in a movie…they would be sure to fuck it all up…just like cable or bishop…just please dont touch these guys…let there masterfull creations stay in there domain of comics… i could see him playing venom if he was all suited up….but not apocalypse…he would need to be done with super cgi that looks real…cause he is just top awesome for live action

  15. i see him as spiderman villian the scorpion…..or the thunderbolts venom….they need to give him a villian that doesnt talk much….cuz vin isnt the best actor

  16. I think Vin as Venom would work really well. He’s got the build, and defninitely can pull off badass (Pitch Black anyone). Plus, he’d be 10000x better then Topher Grace. God, this is just reminding me of Spiderman 3… *shudder*

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