Two New International Posters for Max Payne

Movies Online tipped us off to two new Max Payne international posters. They have bigger versions to peek at over there.

I really love the LOOK of this movie, but the more and more I hear people with their “anti buzz” I am losing anticipation with this film. There just seems to be a negative talk about certain elements of the story.

The game was amazing. Aside from just fun shoot’em up combat, there was a true narrative to this noir tale. I had such high hopes for this movie and I still am clinging to that.

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7 thoughts on “Two New International Posters for Max Payne

  1. I dont care about rumors, I will see any Wahlberg film. He is the man! I didn’t expect much when I went to the theater to see Four Brothers and that film shocked the shit outta me, was excellent. I thought Shooter was gonna suck, and it did have a pretty shabby script but Mark made it watchable, even enjoyable.

    I expect no less from May Payne, Mark will at least give us everything he has, he never gives half effort. So yea, count me as a fan!

  2. Those are some great posters. I hear what you’re saying about the storyline: it was great it the game, and I hate to see it screwed up. I still have a spark of hope for this one. Maybe, just maybe . . .

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