Twilight cast called Back to Shoot Additional Scenes

The upcoming vampire drama Twilight is facing some recalls to add more scenes to the movie. But fear not, these are not reshoots, but simply adding more content.

MovieWeb writes:

MTV has just announced that the entire cast of the highly anticipated vampire drama Twilight is back shooting extra scenes for the film. According to their source, these aren’t reshoots but all new scenes to help flesh out the story a little bit more.

Peter Facinelli, who plays Carlisle Cullen in the flesh, has insured MTV that there is nothing wrong with the film as it stands now. Executives were just so happy with the wrapped film that they decided to add some more spice to it, making it the film that everybody is eagerly waiting for. Peter stated, “They liked it so much, they are bringing us back for some encore time to beef it up. Add a little salt and pepper.”

When a movie faces “reshoots” it typically means there is something wrong. Facinelli was wise to state very bluntly that they just want to add more to an already good film to make it great. They are not changing any of the existing scenes, just adding more.

Sometimes in extended cuts of movies on dvd we get to see long scenes that were cut for one reason or another and in many cases we like the longer version. In this case they realized that with a handful of extra scenes in the movie it could be better, so they dragged everyone involved back in to do some more. I like that they are not waiting for the dvd release to give us these scenes.

This show has an insane cult following that much like vampires do not like to be seen. I had never even heard of this before the promotion for the film has started. John mentioned the rabid devotion of Twilight fans at ComicCon and I tested these waters at FanExpo. There was a booth promoting the film (among 4-5 others) and handing out posters. I asked them which poster gets picked up more and they said without hesitation: Twilight.

Twilight looks to be the right replacement goth/fantasy fit as it too moved up its release date to November 21st – Thanksgiving weekend. (A good month after the Real Thanksgiving – Thanks Robin!) because of to Harry Potter’s eviction from the Christmas season.

20 thoughts on “Twilight cast called Back to Shoot Additional Scenes

  1. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)The filming is soon to be over and done with, and everybody has their dream cast for the books in their mind’s eye. The casting to me, for this movie felt like “sticky tac” casting.Just find who ever’s available, not necessarily who may be the best for the job, but hey, it’s a horror/ fantasy, AND NOT CASH COW HARRY POTTER, so who cares?”

    I don’t know if the twin sisters of “Jacob” are in the film of course,
    (In my head, the twins are played by Shauna and Shannon Baker who are models and are of the Cree nation. Of course, this is Hollywood, so they’d problably have two hot Sicilian girls play the twins instead. :see Taylor Lautner; not knocking him. I’m just saying. see Native American/Canadian actors Eddie Spears, Simon R. Baker, Sarain Waskewitch etc.)

    Some of the actors fit such as Kristen Stewart, but couldn’t Evan Rachel Wood, Blake Lively, or British actress Honeysuckle Weeks play “Rosalie.” Nikki Reed is a lovely and talented young woman, but she doesn’t fit,as do some of the others.

    Garrett Hedlund, Charlie Hunnam, Mason Gamble for either “Carlisle” or “Jasper”? Only suggestions.

    Directing:Francis Lawrence- “I am Legend,” “Constantine”
    Len Wiseman- “Underworld 1&2.” Jake Nava, who has mainly been directing music videos, but is breaking into film. Again, only suggestions.

    Well, at the end of the day, what matters is if Ms. Meyer is happy, but again these are only suggestions. If these suggestions are read by her and the people at Summit Entertainment, I am completely find with that. Take the time needed to get the job done. NO “STICKY TACKIN’ IT!”

    I Thank you.

  2. If adding more scenes makes the movie more accurate then I say GO FOR IT! When I found out they were making Twilight into a movie, I got a little worried…Why make a movie and completely ruin the book? Well all that worry has been wiped away after watching trailers, viewing pictures of the cast, and reading interviews about the cast. I find that every one of them is perfect for the role. They’re all amazing actors, and I’m sure that adding more scenes to the movie will not only be beneficial for Summit Entertainment but it will also make us Twilighters happier with the final result.

    Oh and for you people that hate the book or haven’t read it : I have on idea why you even check for updated news about the book if you hate it, or if you haven’t even read it. IF you haven’t read it I recommend you go read it and see what you think. If you hate it well then that’s your own problem. None of us want to hear you bashing about Twilight, and we’re sick of your whining. So shut up already. That is all.

  3. I read the book for Blood and Chocolate and I found it to be a good little read. Not the best story ever, but it was a good perspective tale of their hidden society.

    Then I saw the movie. I can understand when a movie is somewhat different from the book, but the only thing (as you mentioned) is that it had were wolves in it. Thats it.


  4. I’m glad they’re adding more, they had said they had to leave stuff out that was in the book that they didn’t really want to so maybe they’re adding some of that. I know it won’t be exactly like the book, but I hope it’s close, I hate when movies are nothing like the books.

    Oh, and Darren, I was one of the people who couldn’t stand ‘Blood and Chocolate’, and not because it was a bad movie (it was ok, at least my husband thinks so) but because it had absolutely nothing to do with the book other than werewolves. Ugh, that still gets on my nerves, I loved that book in high school.

  5. I’m glad they’re adding new scenes because it makes two things very clear: Summit liked how the movie was going, meaning the movie is going well and isnt terrible, and that now more from the book will be added to the movie, making it more accurate.
    I am very excited for the film myself and I actually think its going to be a good movie, as the people involved in making the movie are very passionate about the story, and they will therefore try very hard to make it the best it can be. Stephenie Meyer was involved in the production process and she was very satisfied. If the author is satisfied, we should all be.
    I really think Twilight haters should mind their own business, because I’m sure there’s something in the universe that you are very passionate about, and i’m sure you wouldnt want people to be putting it down so harshly. So back off and let the fans enjoy the moment please.

  6. I’m sooooo excited for the movie! It’s gonna be amazing. I really do think that the movie will do justice to the book, aside from the extra scenes not from the book. Even so, I’m pretty sure the new scenes not from the book will be as amazing. Look, Stephenie was there and I don’t think that she would let them twist the plot around and turn it into a different movie. That happened before and she called it quits. Then she found Summit. And for all you haters writing stupid comments, why don’t you find a book you actually like and follow those stories and fansites and stop bashing books you don’t like. Nuff said..

  7. i think thats a wonderful dea

    all use twilight fans know this is going to be an amazing movie

    and i can’t wait to see it

    people need to stop hateing on twilight

    i agree, if you don’t like it, then why are you following the news, because it looks like a great movie there i just answed it

    i can’t wait, and new scence’s is totally good

    the more there is the longer th moie!!!

  8. Some people just think its cool to bash on popular things.

    I myself haven’t read the book, or know much about this movie – so I have no real opinion.

  9. I’m amazed that people who despise Twilight bother to follow the news about it, much less take the time to sling profane or vulgar epithets towards it.

    Victoria, I hope you will regard the movie like you would a fanfic: based on the book with no intention of being a faithful reproduction. Video is so different from print; they each must be able to stand independent.

    I am also glad more of the backstory will be in the movie, for whatever reason Summitt has decided to add it.

  10. Victoria, I am confused by your statement. You said you dont like them adding new scenes to the movie, but then claim people don’t like movie adaptations because they differ from the book.

    I would presume that the scenes added are things from the book that were left out for budget or time constraints. So by your logic I would think that the extra scenes would be alleviating the issues that make people not like novel adaptations.

  11. Congratulations for Twilight though!

    It will do good. As it’s been proven time and time again with the books and promotional events, like Comic Con.

  12. I dont like that their adding new scenes 2 twilight they should just leave it as it is.already,ive heard that books that turn to movies are never alike.i think people might get dissapointed as it is.i hav really high xpecteations but i dont hav good feelingts about it either.the only thing absolutely forcing me 2 c it is robert pattinson

  13. Adding scenes is good! This is great news! One question though, how does Summit make an already “great” movie better? We’ll have to wait for November 21, 2008, to find out – won’t we?

  14. I couldn’t finish the book. It got too romancy after they kissed. The movie for me looks “okay.”

    Still, it will probably end up like a regular December Fantasy release. I’m not expecting good reviews

  15. This isn’t surprising I watched an interview with Catherine Hardwick on Reelz Channel and she had mentioned possibly filming more scenes during the post-production process. It makes me wonder if there were scenes she wanted to film then, but didn’t to keep withing budget. Now that is seems Summit will have a modest hit on their hands they’re willing to pony up some more money.

    I still think the movie quality has that made for TV look, but if it captures the feel of the book then it’ll be entertaining for the fandom. I don’t see many people outside of the fandom going to see this movie.

  16. I’m very interested how this plays out myself. The word of mouth is more out there, the trailer looks alright, and if this film does well it could be Summit’s bread and butter for the next few years as far as franchise potential goes.

    However, to me, Twilight’s ads kind of reminded me a small tad of ‘Blood & Chocolate’, a film which not many were fond of (although I was somewhat surprised on how much I liked it)

    When a movie faces “reshoots” it typically means there is something wrong
    Really, Rodney? Does that include pickup shots? Should your statement be rephrased to “sometimes” and not “typically”?

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