Transporter 3 Trailer

We have the domestic trailer for Transporter 3 for you guys to check out today thanks to the good people over at IGN

The Transporter films always have outstanding fight choreography. Even if the films aren’t your cup of tea, they are usually worth a watch for the amazing fight scenes. In transporter 2, the fight scene with the fire hose alone was worth the price of admission.

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3 thoughts on “Transporter 3 Trailer

  1. Statham is great and I really liked Transporter 1 so I hope this film lives up to it. It’s too bad that they decided to reuse the same type of plot device from Crank. I’m sure it will be good nonetheless.

  2. Well, this film looks better than the 2nd film. However, I feel the whole bomb attached to the main character has been played out so I just wait for Crank 2

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