Robert Downey Jr. Doesn’t Like The Dark Knight

Robert-Downey-Dark-Knight.jpgI read this interesting snippet from an interview with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr. on his take of The Dark Knight.

“My whole thing is that that I saw ‘The Dark Knight’. I feel like I’m dumb because I feel like I don’t get how many things that are so smart. It’s like a Ferrari engine of storytelling and script writing and I’m like, ‘That’s not my idea of what I want to see in a movie.’ I loved ‘The Prestige’ but didn’t understand ‘The Dark Knight’. Didn’t get it, still can’t tell you what happened in the movie, what happened to the character and in the end they need him to be a bad guy. I’m like, ‘I get it. This is so high brow and so f–king smart, I clearly need a college education to understand this movie.’ You know what? F-ck DC comics. That’s all I have to say and that’s where I’m really coming from.”

Ok, so Downey Jr. didn’t like The Dark Knight. Got it. So ummm… WHO CARES?!?!?!

I’m floored by how many brainless fan boys on the internet are already hammering Downey for his opinion on a movie. I’ve already read words like “Should shoot himself in the head”, “I hope he dies”, “Robert Downey is a fucking walking abortion, what a tool”. Yup, intellect amongst the online community is really sharp isn’t it.

Here’s the truth. Every single one of us have at least ONE movie that EVERYONE loves that we hate. There is no exception… we all have at the very least 1 or 2 of those movies. Most of us love The Dark Knight. Ok, great. I just went to see it for the 3rd time on Tuesday on IMAX again and loved it just as much this time around. But that’s just my opinion. Downey has a different opinion. Fair enough.

I’d love to see these spineless jellyfish who bash a guy just for his opinion handle the heat if they weren’t such massive pussies and publicly honestly listed all the popular movies they hate for the mob to lynch them over.

Good grief, people are reacting like Downey said he likes to insert his penis into the bums of 8 year olds. Boo Hoo… not everyone worships the movie you’d blow if it were a physical guy. Get over it.

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79 thoughts on “Robert Downey Jr. Doesn’t Like The Dark Knight

  1. its ok to hate a movie, but people shouldn’t let themselves get offended over things like this.

    We all can have a little fight, but why let insults offend you all the time?

    Who cares what people think of you!!!

    You need to accept yourself for who you are,and forget the haters!!

    People who don’t accept people for who they are, don’t accept themselves for who they are

    Thats the truth!

    and even if this dude doesn’t like TDK, he can complain to Warner Bros..

    I loved TDK a lot, but I have to say it wasn’t the best movie ever made like people made it out to be

    Its just a movie for goodness sakes!!

    Just aslong as he doesn’t diss me, I’m fine. LOL

  2. I doubt he didn’t even say most of that. Although Iron Man wasn’t that great in my opinion.

    TDK owns it by tons because theres more action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m sure he just said he didn’t like it and people decide to throw in extra to make people look bad.

    But TDK rules over Iron Man anyday anyway :)

  3. Loved ‘Batman Begins’. Twitched in my seat for most of ‘The Dark Knight’. I’m with Downey Jr: just didn’t get it. I was bored through most of it. So many things going and and very little went on? I kept thinking ‘Does he need the Batsuit to take down the Mafioso sidekick with the dog? With all the martial arts he knows? And wouldn’t the other crime lords just shoot The Joker on sight like they do everyone eles when he tried to take over their gig? And what with the people on the boats?’

    I’ll keep watching Batman ‘Begins’ on dvd.

  4. I think Robert Downey JR. is an overpriviliged talentless piece of shit. Who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I think he needs to get his drug fried brain reexamined. I thought Iron Man was like the gayest thing next to Spider man and George Michael. Lets face it Marvel comics suck! They are all a bunch of overrated gay super heroes with really bad movies. And bad special effects at that! DC Comics is the real deal! And if my 8 year old nephew could understand The Dark Knight. So should he! The only movie I liked with Robert Downey JR. was Natural Born Killers. Because he dies at the end.

    1. Look at you cry and throw a fucking fit because you’re a batman fanboy! Your 8 year old should be ashamed to have a “Dad” that has a childish, pathetic break down when someone has a different opinion about something they like! LOSER! 🤡🤣

  5. I think his comments about the film was immature. Using the “F” Word? Does it make him look more cool? All i’m saying is if you don’t like a film just say “Don’y like it” you don’t have to bad mouth DC Comics which had little to do with the directing of the film. And for the Ironman fans out there how would you feel if Christian Bale said the same thing about Ironman?

  6. My take on Mr. Downey’s review is that he has done so much dope that he cannot comphrehend a complex storyline. Also, he’s got penis envy, or rather, box office envy. Iron Man, made some money, and is probably good. I didn’t rush out to see it. However, Christopher Nolan is a genius and has made Batman a more interesting, complex, and somewhat more human Batman than all the others in the past decade. This is just my opinion. Don’t get me wrong. I loved Robert Downey Jr in Less Than Zero. Maybe he should start doing drugs again and he’ll get more of an audience.

  7. I understand Robert Downey’s criticism, it is his perogative to not like the movie and also say so. Hell I really enjoyed Iron Man and no comments are going to change my opinion about that. Robert was just great as Tony Stark as well.

    To be honest I can see where some of his criticism came from, I thought TDK was great of course but there were some things in the movie that really disappointed me. For one the camera work? What the hell happened with the camera work and the lighting in some of the scenes? Most notably the fight scenes, I found most fight scenes to be dark, blurry and chaotic. Batman Begins was much better in this case.

    I also felt that TDK was a bit heavy on the drama which is ok, but that kinda left out the cool factor especially in the gadget department, sure it had some scenes with gadgets but not like Batman Begins! Iron Man definitely had the cool factor in spades, who doesn’t love gadgets! Especially us geek fanboys!

    Just my thoughts!

  8. I’ll never understand why people take offense so harshly over someone else’s opinion. Who cares if something you like isn’t loved across the universe.

    I loved the movie..that’s enough for me.

    It’s so bizzare.

  9. I think he’s jealous that TDK was more successful than IRON MAN
    so he gave his personal opinion, but little did he know nothings gonna change…people will still love TDK.
    One opinion cant turn people away from this movie.
    Come on Downey not all your movies are that great…AND yes TDK was better than IRON MAN.
    You dont need to be smart to enjoy it…its called jealousy!!

  10. Although I agree with Downey stating his opinion, his end quote seemed to be a bit of propaganda for Marvel Comics. Maybe he grew up enjoying Marvel over DC (like myself), but it seems a bit like a promotion for Marvel.

  11. So it’s bad to have a knee-jerk reaction to Downey’s comments, but it’s totally reasonable to knee-jerk judge people put off by his comments?

    I lost interest in seeing Tropic Thunder when I heard this…he may very well have been kidding, but it’s still $12 his movie won’t be making.

  12. I didnt like the dark knight. everything was through away and fell flat. They tried to achieve to much and be to over the top. dont kill me.

  13. Who cares if Downey didn’t like it? There’re a lot of fanboys out there posting hate-speech about every summer movie that get higher rating than The Dark Knight. It’s like if the movie didn’t get the first place or if anyone hate it than it would be blasphemy or something. Jeez…

    I love TDK, but I hate people who hate another people just because the other people hate TDK.

  14. and these people from the online community walk around the general public freely?…after making such comments as “walking abortion”…?? God forbid if something mildly terrible happened in their lives, they might just self-combust ;)

  15. What dis he say? Well Fuck Downey! The Dark Knight ruled. And as for Iron Man… Well yeah that film was fucking sweet… Ok the Hulk then, Ed Norton, well he was quite good in that, shit, I can’t get my Rant on. how about wanted, they changed the graphic novel, so it’s ok to hate that one, except, I really liked it. Shit! What’s a blogger to do?!!

  16. Robert Downey Jr. rules man..that was the most awesome thing I ahev ever read. Not everyone liked the dark knight. I did but he might not have. So let’s all move on with our lives and talk about something else.

  17. I’m elated over what he said. The ending of that stupid movie keeps festering with me, so much, I’ll one day hate the damn movie completely. It’s the most overrated movie ever. We’d heard about some Browncoats ruining Firefly / Serenity for some people, well these Jokers on the net have done that with this…

    BTW, No movie is “considered” for a nomination until the initial ballots go out. I really think the backlash will catch up to it, and kill it award wise… These awards hated Jaws, Star Wars and Raiders for making too much money…

  18. The shit-storm this blurg has caused is absolutely hilarious. Interviews I have watched with RDJ, especially lately, he’s always a little sarcastic. I think he’s joking and that people need to lighten up and get a sense a humor. TDK was awesome and Iron Man great fun.

  19. I don’t see why so many fans are so mad over Robert Downey’s comment on Dark Knight. I mean, he doesn’t even bash the film. He just says it’s so Fucking smart, and that he needs a college education to understand it. Isn’t that, in some way, a compliment to the film? People have opinions. Ironman was a fun flick, ‘The Dark Knight’ is an important flick. Some people enjoy a film that is just plain fun, and some prefer films that go a little deeper; it’s personal preference. I’ll be honest, i’m probably gonna have more fun in the new Nicolas Cage movie, ‘Bangkok Dangerous’ than TDK, because i love B movies with over-the-hill actors playing the lead. It’s probably gonna be the best comedy of the year.LOL! It doesn’t mean it’s a better film. Just means it’s more fun. Get over it, fan boys. TDK is being considered for a best picture nom, so get over it.

  20. but just as downey is free to say this about the dark knight the people who are angry about it are just as free to voice how they feel about him.

  21. I wasn’t fussed about the dark Night, for me it was an OK movie, but I personally found the allegories tiresome and I didn’t find them anywhere near as clever as the majority seem to.

    That’s just me though I mean it was a good movie, but as a personal opinion it wouldn’t even hit my top 100 favourite films. It was a bit better than Iron man, but that was a fun movie in itself.

    DC comics is a business, part of the Warner corporation, if your getting offended on behalf of a multi national corporation I would suggest maybe re-thing the priorities in your life (just a thought). Its not like he just rolled up into your house uninvited and called your mum a bitch.

    Its amazing how many people bang on about freedom of opinion, but deep down loathe the fact that people are different, with completely different perspectives. Just look at the hundreds of negative and often threatening comments directed at those few professional critics on Rotten Tomatoes who did not enjoy the film. What do people want, them to say the did like for the sake of it? I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of critics lied or at least amped up their review to avoid the hassle. I remember seeing comments like you should be raped aimed at a female critic who did not like the 300 and thinking wow, there’s a lot of people out there really loosing touch with reality.

    To me it seemed like Robert Downey Jr. was you know … being funny

    I’ve always enjoyed Marvels output more and back in the day, if i had a friend that liked DC we would probably have ripped on each other, that was once part of the fun … jeez people … why so serious?

  22. i’d like to see machinist christian bale vs. downey’s osiris in wrestlemania. the battle of the method actors so to say.

  23. At first I thought he just sounded like an a$$hole but reading it a second time I thought it was pretty hilarious. It sounds like he’s just joking around, especially with the remark, “You know what? F-ck DC comics. That’s all I have to say and that’s where I’m really coming from.”

    It almost sounds like he’s being sarcastically loyal to Marvel (mocking the fact he played a Marvel character and is expected to be loyal to Marvel and thus overtly criticize anything by DC) and then makes fun of Iron Man by implying it’s a dumb movie compared to Dark Knight. At least that’s what I picked up if it’s in jest.

    If he isn’t joking than he’s probably just upset that The Dark Knight is hands down a superior movie than Iron Man – at least in my, and many other people’s, opinion. I mean really, come on a kid could understand Dark Knight.

  24. Also I think The Dark Knight was a better film than Iron Man. The Dark Knight showed us the darker side of comic book movies whereas Iron Man showed a more lighter side. Also, everyone was hyped for The Dark Knight than Iron Man. To tell you the truth, going into the theaters to see Dark Knight, I thought Iron Man was gonna end up being better. I think that Downey Jr.’s just jealous that Iron Man didn’t make as much money as The Dark Knight.

  25. While I completely disagree with his point of view, I cant help but smirk at what he said. He is a Marvel guy and that is exactly what a marvel fan shoudl say, espicially if your, um, i dont know…IRON MAN!

    I loved both films and I love both DC and Marvel, even if I am a bit more of a DC fan. If I was a Marvel guy I would laugh out loud at this because its just Downey being a smart ass Marvel guy and taking a jab at a film he probably knows is good. Its all good fun.

  26. eh? what part didn’t he get? was he drunk when watching The Dark Knight? lol. Well, opinions or not, its just wierd for him to say stuff like that. IMO it’s not the whole DC/Marvel thing that counts, its always the story. I think Batman has a very interesting story telling, comics or movies, the premise is just cool. I didn’t really follow IronMan until CivilWar came out, then i was like, cool. I’m more of a Marvel guy, but i think Batman is the coolest superhero among all superheroes. To me The Dark Knight & Iron Man are two awesome movies. Both deserve its own respect.
    oh, did i mention I detest Superman? If Downey said Fuck Superman, i would have agreed more, again not on the basis of DC/Marvel, but as character. This is how i rate my fav superheroes:

    4-Who ever is interesting

    then again… who cares.

  27. Someone needs to put up the batman and iron man figurine bit that we saw a couple months ago. You know, the video where action figures of each of them are talking about each other and each others movies… It’s perfect

  28. It’s not just that he didn’t like the film. It’s a combination of the following:

    1. Downey Jr. just so happens to be the main star in the main rival against The Dark Knight for superhero films.

    2. His rationale is very poor and not well-thought out.

    3. He not only says he hated the film, but states “f-ck DC Comics”. That’s shallow and very suspicious considering his recent involvement with a Marvelk Studios film.

    He just got a whole lot less cool in my book.

  29. The Internet is so full of stupidity such as the “walking abortion” comment that its a hazard to post opinions people don’t like. Yet those who do get a high out of it. There are one too many spineless jellies out there in the vast inner world that is the Internet. Downey as a trannie Wonderwoman, maybe that’s an Oscar!

  30. I thought his comments were pretty funny. I think these comments were taken way to seriously by people and the humor was probably lost when it got transferred to text.

    I loved The Dark Knight, but i hate the fan boys that come with the movie.

  31. I get the feeling he was joking…or at least admittingly hinting that he found it to be much more complex than Iron Man, but that’s just my opinion. He seems to be well aware of the Dark Knight Vs. Iron Man thing amongst fans, and you know what? That makes me appreciate him even more. And this is coming from a die-hard Batman fanboy.

  32. oh c’mon… downey’s comments were way out of line and very unprofessional, but that is downey. he’s an a-hole and always has been.

    i couldn’t care less about the dc/marvel feud, and what he said was just needless, but that’s the kind of guy he is.

  33. “people are reacting like Downey said he likes to insert his penis into the bums of 8 year olds”

    Holy shit I spit up a bit of my coffee laughing when I read that.

  34. Yup everyone is entitled to their own opinions, the guys hammering Downey Jr on the i find that so immature and stupid. My personnel take on this is, i wouldn’t say publicity stunt, but a marvel vs DC thing.

    Both movies did awesome at the box office, which was a surprise on how amazing iron man was.

  35. This is the reason why I love reading this BLOG. The perspective is most excellent! Kudos for saying what needed to be said. Well done!

  36. Let me rephrase the question. Lets say that christian bale was iron man and robert was batman. Dont you think that people would be asking for bales opinion? In the end it really doesnt matter because like i said everybody is entitled to their opinion but its how they try to voice it that matters.

  37. Don’t you guys think he’s just kidding? I mean have you you ever seen any interviews with Donwey Jr, he always has this satirical thing going on, that’s just his way. I bet he’s just kidding by contrasting everyone else’s opinion, I bet he means the exact opposite of what he said ie. he loves the movie.

  38. Hey Gene,

    Fair question, but I don’t think it’s relevant. He gave his opinion, there you go. The “whys” aren’t really the issue. He gave it. And his opinion doesn’t line up with what the majority of other people think… so who cares?

    Also, you have to know TONS of interviewers are asking him about The Dark Knight. I think it would be naive to assume that just out of nowhere Jr. decided to spout off on it. But even if he did, it still doesn’t matter.

  39. I loved The Dark Knight but yeah, I feel him. I have the same attitude about No Country for Old Men. everybody in the universe loves it and I’m like, ok. Whatever.

    and in the end, Bret is right. Who cares? If other people don’t like what you like it isn’t the end of the world.

  40. I get what you’re saying about personal opinions, but I think it’s the person who is saying it, and the whole Marvel vs DC aspect. And just the simple fact that he had to throw Fuck DC in there. Why did he need to say that? If he wasn’t the star of Iron man, would he still share these opinions?? It’s the coincidence of the mouth these words are coming out of. And it looks like a little bit of jelousy.

  41. I agree with your statement about how everyone has a movie that they hate that everyone else loves. My god I hate Napolean Dynamite. I hate that movie so much, but everyone I might loves it, I dont understand why.

  42. Well all I can say is that Marvel is probably high fiving Downey right now. I also agree with him about the ending of Dark Knight. It was shit.

  43. I get the gist of what he’s saying but, dang, without seeing him say these things and hearing the inflections in his voice, the paragraph is kinda hard to understand. I had to read it like 5 times. Maybe I’m the one who needs a college education. Oh yeah, I got one. Hmm.

  44. Yeah people are entitled to their own opinions. Its the way you go about getting your opinion across that matters. Look at my top 5 list john. I doubt anybody will agree.

    1 the dark knight
    2 lord of the rings return of the king
    3 superbad
    4 shawshank redemption
    5 the departed/goodfellas

  45. The funny part is that I would have just thought he might have been drunk if he didnt have this trademarked snark in every interview I have seen him in.

    Maybe he actually thinks all those things, maybe he is a genius to make sure he stays in the limelight in time for IronMan2 buzz to keep going.

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