Pineapple Express Sequel to be a Superbad Sequel too!

Some of the best inventions happen by mistake. Potato Chips, Penicillin, Anal Sex. And now thanks to a smartass comment during an interview, the crazy idea of making one sequel to two unrelated movies might actually happen.

Seth Rogen’s Superbad was awesome, and the studios have been poking him hoping to get him to make a sequel. Instead he made Pineapple Express. Now he wants to make a Pineapple Express sequel, and Sony still wants Superbad 2. Off the cuff in an interview Seth said “combine the two titles, and make one super awesome movie”. Then at SDCC’08 Apatow hinted that they might actually be going in that direction!

MovieWeb says:

So, yes, it is very possible that, in the summer of 2010, we will see something called Superbad Express, or Bad Pineapple, or The Further Adventures of Seth, Evan, Saul, and Dale.In the interview, Franco stated, “Even before Superbad came out, I think the studio was trying to get [Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg] to write a sequel, but they really didn’t want to write a sequel. I guess the kids would go to college or something like that. An answer to that was to do a Superbad/Pineapple Express crossover, an unprecedented crossover movie

The interesting thing is that Seth plays a character in BOTH of those movies. So how will they handle Superbad’s Seth and Evan meeting up with Dale Denton and not recognize him as Officer Michaels?

However they do it, its likely to be funny as all hell. I haven’t seen Pineapple Express yet, but Seth is more behind that than Superbad and I loved Superbad.

Here’s hoping!

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29 thoughts on “Pineapple Express Sequel to be a Superbad Sequel too!

  1. oh and orren jenson whoever you are you aint got no credible knowledge of filming have you all of the films that you have listed apart from sarah marshall (i aint seen that yet can’t say ought) or the start of comedy evolution get a grip!

  2. i really really need this its what defines awesome i made such a conection with all of the evan,apatow and seth gogens films but superbad is by far their greatest feat yet i dont see why they can’t collaberate the two films maybe pc micheals and the guy outta pe could be separated twins or somat it would just add to the crazy world that the guys have created this could be their definative conquest yet

  3. also, george, yes its the funniest comedy ive ever seen. granted im more of an action person, but still, i loved pineapple so much

  4. Sounds like a good idea…really want a superbad sequel though, not so much PE, because it was superbad on crack if you ask me

  5. james franco is hilarious..he looked high as fuck in spiderman of his eyes was closed throughout the whole movie..hes perfect for the pot dealer role….

  6. Off-Topic:
    Get ready for some serious ass-kicking people, Brad Pitt has been cast as one of the leads in Tarantino’s INGLORIOUS BASTARDS!

  7. Okay, there was a really bad storm here today and my power got knocked out for TEN HOURS, and I didn’t feel like sitting in a house in the summer in NC with no air conditioning for tenfucking hours, so I went to see this with the lil sis. Gotta say, we were both underwhelmed. John’s coments about this movie on the podcast were bang on. Franco and Rogen are a good team, and the story sounds funny, but the execution is honestly dull at times. They had a chance to make something really funny and special, and they settled to make a 6/10 funny movie. There’s some really funny moments, but overall, I left feeling underwhelmed. It’s worth a watch, but be careful when you go. I had a rowful of asshole stoners making dumb comments through the whole movie. They pissed the entire audience off so much that ushers were called in to boot them out.

  8. Well you can’t really accuse them of doing something like this just for money. If that was their only motivation, why combine 2 sequels into 1? You’d make 2 movies and make more money, right?

    It sounds like a very interesting concept.

    One thing I’d like to see them do… start out advertising it as 2 separate films. Only to then start slowly combining the advertisements together. There could be some very clever ways of advertising a crossover comedy like this.

  9. George, I imagine that it was a figure of speech much like people will say “That was the BEST” and then say it again about something else.

    Does everything have to be so black and white? He enjoyed the movie a lot.

  10. lol….as a stoner the concept of a stoner action comedy sequel makes me smile….loved pineapple express and this should come out good

  11. Sounds Horrible. One Superbad describes the movie it was super bad. I laugh out loud less than five times the others times were more less smirks. As for Pineapple Express I haven’t seen it yes but from the looks of it it’s only a stoner movie. I am not a stoner and I never have gotten high in my life. With that being said I can’t fully understand the jokes anyways. For all comedies the trailer better make me laugh before I go see it and Pineapple Express did not. Don’t get me wrong I like most of Jude Apatow’s work.

    anchorman: the legend of ron burgundy (Good)
    40 year old virgin (Good)
    talladega nights: the ballad of ricky bobby (Okay)
    knocked up (Good)
    superbad (Below Average)
    walk hard: the dewey cox story (Average)
    forgetting sarah marshall (Good)
    drillbit taylor (Bad)

  12. I haven’t seen PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, but I liked SUPERBAD a lot and I think this is a fantastic idea.
    Finally a fresh concept for a comedy sequel, not something lame like “the Superbad-guys go to college and hilarity ensues!”.
    I say great idea, go for it!

  13. a PE and superbad crossover would be interested, similar comedies and I wonder how it would work.

    What I can see working is that **minor spoiler** seth’s girlfriend in PE is going off to college as well as the kids from superbad, maybe they can crossover there. suggestion perhaps

  14. hmmmm. There is a ton coming our way in regards to Judd Apatow…. Step brothers was a Judd Apatow production or something. And I had that feeling welling up in my stomach when I saw Seth Rogen’s cameo appearance and I could see myself if it keeps happening saying things like “ohh man, again?” And getting sick of the same ole shtick… anyone agree?

  15. Im starting to wonder if Judd Apatow and gang are going to sell out there careers by doing things just for the money. From a quick knee jerk point of view ideas like this seem very interesting, but if there is any truth to this story, one has to wonder, would they do it because it would be something really good from a creative point of view, or would they do it because it would be easy CASH! At the end of the day the concept has to be workable! I really wonder if there SELLING out!

  16. It’s like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back—hopefully not in quality, but in the fact that you could have the same actor playing multiple characters from the same fictional universe.

  17. Totally could see it work.. Just interested in seeing they play off the whole double role for Seth Rogen… Maybe they could still have him play both parts. I think that may be pretty funny.

  18. I saw PE last night and I have to say, it was alright. It wasn’t the strongest comedy I’ve seen, but it was a good time. It certainly stacks up with the rest of Apatow’s library. A sequel of PE and S sounds badass, though.

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