Mummy 4

Mummy-4.jpgTo me The Mummy franchise has been like a bowl of ice cream. Totally empty calories, zero nutritional value, but for one reason or another I’ve enjoyed consuming them to a certain extent. That was, up until The Mummy 3 which was just a horrible movie.

Don’t get me wrong. The Mummy 3 does have its moments and I like where they were trying to go with it, but I just found the execution failed to get me into the movie. Does that mean The Mummy series should die now? Well… maybe not. I still think there is potential in the characters and world of The Mummy, and maybe one major strike out doesn’t mean all hope is lost… but a lot of enthusiasm is.

There is already talk about a Mummy 4 film. As a matter of fact, director Rob Cohen is practically guaranteeing there will be another installment (he should probably hold off on guarantees until after he sees the box office results). And not only will there be another Mummy film (by his prediction) but that the next one will probably take place in South America.

The good folks over at MTV give us this:

When we spoke to Maria Bello in February, she was adamant that there would be more “Mummy” movies, even going so far as to predict the fourth would take place in the Amazon. When we caught up with Fraser a few months later, he suggested Peru. Geographically, they were too close for coincidence. We wondered then, somewhat rhetorically, did they talk about it with each other beforehand? You bet, Cohen said, declaring that Peru or Mexico would absolutely be the setting for “Mummy 4.”

Ok, if there is going to be a Mummy 4, then I’ll say that I like the idea of moving geographical locations around the world, and South America could be a great setting for it. But having said that… is doing a Mummy 4 a good idea in the first place? Yes, I think there is potential, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea necessarily.

So what do you think? Is The Mummy 4 a good idea? If so, what would you think about it relocating to South America (or Mexico)?