Max Makowski to Direct Voltron

It looks like the upcoming Voltron movie has its director, Max Makowski! Ok, I don’t know who he is either. LatinoReview says:

sources tell me he’s actually a great choice. I honestly hope so and I at least give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I’m told he’s on every studio’s hot list these days because of some Sundance movie he made a few years ago about warring assassins called ONE LAST DANCE.

I am wary about giving a movie with as much summer blockbuster potential as Voltron to someone no one has ever heard of. Some kind words are spoken of him, but we have heard that before.

I would like to see some of his other stuff like this Sundance flick that has the studios clawing at him like some giant metal lion, but if he was so hot for a film he did two years ago, why didn’t he do a film then?

I don’t know. I’m holding my breath on this one, but still shaking my head.

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12 thoughts on “Max Makowski to Direct Voltron

  1. i was only into power rangers when i was 3 but idk why i think a movie wont be too bad…

    as long as they take out everything gay about it and make them all lojk like the new goblin then theyre set. if they can make this they can make PR

  2. Well, The Seeler has heard of him.
    And I am in a state of shock at not only Rodney, but the int’l friends too.The difference between Makowski and Blomkamp is that it appears that Makowski has actually directed a film NO make that THREE FILMS and also directed TV episodes of “The Agency”. While I am not holding my breath regarding Voltron…

    * No one knows the budget of this thing yet.

    * It may be some time before we hear additional news.

    * Is there a script yet? (perhaps to be written by Max himself?)

    But when the implication is that he has only directed *one film* is incorrect, and the mere question Rodney asks “What’s he done since” is mind boggling. Like other directors, he’s been connected to projects that have stalled or in development heck.
    Not that we were looking forward to Kung Fu or anything.

  3. @Phil Gee, they said that about Indiana Jones and Transformers too. While we are at it, it took 15 years of talking to make Superman and GiJoe too.

    Just sayin.

    @MrDeath, “Max Makowski could be the next Speilberg for all we know.”

    So could Neill Blomkamp. Doesn’t mean I want his first film to be a studio tentpole.

  4. I am not a power ranger fan and I am looking forward to seeing what they do with Voltron.

    This has just as much success potential as Transformers and will appeal to the same crowd.

  5. I hate this idea. The only people this is going to appeal to are the die hard power ranger fans… If you have had the privelage to view one of those movies… I am sorry but you know what I mean.

  6. I question how much summer blockbuster potential a Voltron movie has. I think you’re letting nostalgia cloud reality on this one. I remember the Voltron cartoon, and enjoyed it, but I really don’t see this being a big draw on the silver screen. Just my $.02 (which, as it turns out, isn’t worth what it used to be)!

  7. You have to admit, he does have one badass name.

    I’m actually quite content having an unknown direct a blockbuster. Who knows? He might make this great movie and it may become his breakout movie. Max Makowski could be the next Speilberg for all we know.

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