Kevin McKidd for Highlander?

Highlander falls on my list of Top Ten Favourite Movies of all time. It is legendary. That being said its sequels are likely to get a high mention on John’s list of WORST sequels of all time. No lie. I agree. Highlander 2 doesn’t exist to me.

Then news hits that they are moving ahead with a remake of this film. While it complies with the TMB’s 4 Rules Before Making A Remake I still didn’t want this classic to be messed with.

Then I hear Kevin McKidd has been approached to play the immortal Connor MacCleod.

MovieWeb reports:

McKidd, most recently seen in the short-lived NBC series Journeyman, is at least actually Scottish, unlike Christopher Lambert who originated the role. Not much else is known about the plans for this reinvention of the Highlander franchise, other than that there will be scenes which take place in medieval Scottland.

Goddammit this makes me so conflicted!

Highlander is something that is close to my heart as a masterpiece of fantasy, so beautifully told with a soundtrack completely scribed by Queen. My own son’s name is Connor. No lie. I don’t want this to be remade. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!

I ignore all sequels and consider the TV series albiet mildly amusing to be non canon ripoff that I tolerate as a separate entity.

But Kevin McKidd is an inspired choice to play MacCleod. As he proved in the HBO series Rome (go watch it..please) he can fit that period look well. He is a fit guy without being a bodybuilder. He is mass. He can carry a sword and convincingly kill you with it. And the guy can act. He is so intense and genuine. You have to like him.

But what about the rest? Will there be a Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez?? How can you do that without acting like Sean Connery? And the Kurgan? Who will play that? (Don’t anyone DARE mention a WWE Wrestler – thems not actors!)

And then the bigger question is what they are doing with the script? Will there BE a Ramirez or a Kurgan?

Ok… I’m dizzy now. I need a nap.


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