Kevin McKidd for Highlander?

Highlander falls on my list of Top Ten Favourite Movies of all time. It is legendary. That being said its sequels are likely to get a high mention on John’s list of WORST sequels of all time. No lie. I agree. Highlander 2 doesn’t exist to me.

Then news hits that they are moving ahead with a remake of this film. While it complies with the TMB’s 4 Rules Before Making A Remake I still didn’t want this classic to be messed with.

Then I hear Kevin McKidd has been approached to play the immortal Connor MacCleod.

MovieWeb reports:

McKidd, most recently seen in the short-lived NBC series Journeyman, is at least actually Scottish, unlike Christopher Lambert who originated the role. Not much else is known about the plans for this reinvention of the Highlander franchise, other than that there will be scenes which take place in medieval Scottland.

Goddammit this makes me so conflicted!

Highlander is something that is close to my heart as a masterpiece of fantasy, so beautifully told with a soundtrack completely scribed by Queen. My own son’s name is Connor. No lie. I don’t want this to be remade. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!

I ignore all sequels and consider the TV series albiet mildly amusing to be non canon ripoff that I tolerate as a separate entity.

But Kevin McKidd is an inspired choice to play MacCleod. As he proved in the HBO series Rome (go watch it..please) he can fit that period look well. He is a fit guy without being a bodybuilder. He is mass. He can carry a sword and convincingly kill you with it. And the guy can act. He is so intense and genuine. You have to like him.

But what about the rest? Will there be a Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez?? How can you do that without acting like Sean Connery? And the Kurgan? Who will play that? (Don’t anyone DARE mention a WWE Wrestler – thems not actors!)

And then the bigger question is what they are doing with the script? Will there BE a Ramirez or a Kurgan?

Ok… I’m dizzy now. I need a nap.

16 thoughts on “Kevin McKidd for Highlander?

  1. My own idea would be to cast-:

    Connor McCloud = James McAvoy
    Ramirez = Antonio Banderas
    Kurgen = Ray Stevenson.

    Should be shot in the Highlands of Scotland again, while still following the original plot. However perhaps an origins take on the movie would be more interesting and develop an epic feel to the movie as well.

  2. Excellent, cant wait to see a Highlander remake. I have faith in Kevin McKidd but I am skeptical of the soundtrack! How can you compete with the Queen soundtrack on the first Highlander movie?

  3. Its gonna happen so I hope they get some decent talent on board. Rome was an awesome show and McKidd was great, also he isn’t well known which is a positive imo. I think he is a great choice for Connor MacLeod.

    Keep it simple, great sword fighting, great actors, awesome soundtrack, such a fucking classic film.

  4. I really enjoyed Journeyman as well. Kevin showed great talent in that show, so he might be a great add for this project. But the writing might be what really makes or breaks this.

  5. FUCK HIGHLANDER 2345 WTF they messed shit up for me …ya part 1 was awesome to the max but i cant get the dam images out of my heqad from the rest of the bs there was///fuck the series too.

    all just a bunch of crap KURGAN AND RAMIREZ ARE AWESOME !

  6. I’m not too crazy about remaking Highlander either. But they will do it, come hell or high water. If producers Davis/Panzer are behind it…it’s just a property they can’t let go.

    Your last question could not have been better. For all we know they may be going back to the original Greg Wieden script (before it was rewritten); or, if they are starting new and fresh – could they include Duncan, The Watchers society, Amanda and Methos? I would not rule out a hodgepodge of the first film and the TV show characters. I wouldn’t mind a new Kurgan, teaming up with a new Xavier St. Cloud or Kronos.

    Whoever is cast they need not “look” like the actors who originated the roles. If that were the case, it would be Tom Jane, not Kevin McKidd for the rumor. You would hear Karl Urban’s name being invoked for Kurgan. By the way, Temuera Morrison would be a good replacement for Ramirez. (The character was born in Egypt, traveled to Japan, resided in Spain, then Scotland)

  7. I agree. They shouldn’t remake the Highlander, but done right they could easily squeeze three movies out of this puppy. The first film being the origin tale depicting him coming to terms with his immortality and learning how to fight, much like the first half of The Highlander. You’d have to have Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez in the first film. The second film could be more of a swashbuckling tale. Hell! Make the guy a pirate, everyone loves pirates. The third would bring the series into the current time line for the big finish. I’d have the Kurgan in all three movies as his nemesis. It would be nice to see him progressively improve as a fighter, being no match for the Kurgan early on, only to defeat him in the end.

  8. Kevin McKidd was excellent in Journeyman! I am in full support of him taking over as the new Highlander. I look forward to this remake because Kevin McKidd should be able to pull it off. I am a huge Highlander fan I have seen all of the feature films and every episode of the TV series as well as the short lived animated show and the new anime adaptation. Of everything that has been released the first film and the TV Series are the best of the franchise.

  9. Rodeny

    I beg to differ. WWE stars are actors or be it not good ones. (for the most part) I would like to see mel gibson get a chair to the back of the head and keep on acting

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