Justice League Killed Until Further Incarnation

Ross Jla1-1

We have some confirmation on what we have been suspecting for some time. It appears that Justice League is dead and awaits a new take on the team before the light goes green again. We get the following scoop from our friends at IESB:

Changing gears for a sec, let’s see what’s currently going on with Justice League of America. Last week there were reports that the movie is finally moving forward. Guess what – that’s not what we heard.

IESB found out the complete opposite from various sources at WB — the movie will not move forward in its current incarnation and a lot has to do with the success of The Dark Knight. Warner Bros. is not willing to risk pissing off Christopher Nolan or Christian Bale and their intent would be to move forward with a third Batman film instead of introducing another Batman in a JLA film.

Officially WB is stating that Justice League of America is on hold due to the potential SAG strike. We have been advised from various sources that the truth is that George Miller has been pulled off the project. We have contacted all parties involved including Kennedy/Miller and other producers but they have declined to comment at this time.

Well this is good news. Nothing redeeming was coming out of the Justice League camp and it pleases me that it’s been buried alive without pomp and circumstance. This project deserves a nameless grave. Wiser heads have prevailed and with luck, we will get the Justice League film we want a few years down the pipe.

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