Alex Proyas Won’t Direct Silver Surfer

Alex Proyas was rumoured to be directing the Silver Surfer spinoff, but he shot that down in a hurry. He even says that despite it only being a rumour, he wouldn’t do it if they offered it to him now anyways.


But as reported by Slashfilm, Proyas shot that down at ComicCon. He didn’t even know where the rumor originated. And while he’s very fond of the character, he told MTV this week that he will never even consider directing a Silver Surfer movie. Why? “Because it’s a Fox picture. And I’m determined never to work with them ever again because of my experience on I,Robot.”

He also continues on to talk about how he didn’t like how Surfer was handled in the less than popular Fantastic Four sequel.

I have to agree. Although I didn’t hate Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, I really didn’t care for how unepic they made the conflict of the Fantastic Four’s greatest enemy. I won’t even get into the whole “storm cloud” bullshit.

Surfer is a passionate guy who is carrying the burden of so many deaths on his shoulders, but in FF2 he was truly flat. And I am not talking about the board. There was so much potential lost there.

I honestly don’t need to see a Silver Surfer movie without the Fantastic Four in it. They were key to his redemption. And an origin story would seem a little weak since we all know how that ends up. Kind of a bad story when you give yourself to the service of your enemy to save your planet, he makes you Godlike in powers, and then makes you pick planets for him to eat instead. Yay, you saved millions so you could pull the trigger on millions and millions more. No resolution. Roll credits.

With any luck, Fox will let the Fantastic Four franchise rights lapse, so Marvel films can reboot it like the Hulk and bring them into the crossover movie world they all belong in.

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7 thoughts on “Alex Proyas Won’t Direct Silver Surfer

  1. Did Alex Proyas really hate I ROBOT? I actually liked it quite a bit, despite the fact that it probably could have been much, much more. What was Proya’s beef about? Did he have a problem that they Will Smithified the film? Because that’s what it’s problem was.

  2. Big deal. So it lands in the hands of another director.
    And yes, they backed themselves into two corners. One being Norrid Radd’s origin might be interesting but not compelling. The other is that we will see a Big giagantic gladiator Galactus from the comics dissolve into a giant hurricane.

    Gets my hopes up.

    Maybe it would be a better idea to:

    a) the SS spinoff meet Thanos and Adam Warlock;


    b) Have FF3 [sans Alba] in space as SS thinks they can stop a Skrull invasion in the negative zone.


    c) Alex Proyas can go on to do other things. and yes, he did get screwed on I Robot

  3. T-Vo if you read the article I said “Fox will let the Fantastic Four franchise rights lapse, so Marvel films can reboot”

    LAPSE> Means that if Fox doesn’t do anything with the franchise their rights to it will revert back to Marvel, and then Marvel films can reboot it.

  4. Rodney,
    How could Marvel Studios do a reboot if they don’t own the rights to the charactors? I was under the impression that Fox owns movies rights for X-men and the FF. Just like Sony owns Spidey.
    I curious to know if Marvel Studios has anyway of getting back those movie rights? I’m pretty sure the fucktards at Fox would charge Marvel and dick and a leg to get thier franchises back

  5. Amen; i really do hate the current regime at Fox. In my opinion, they make their blockbusters movies for teenagers, whom they assume, don’t like talky scenes and can’t take a movie that’s more than 90 minutes long.

    I also just think that they have no respect for the actual source material of the comic book properties they have made to date.

  6. question:

    why do people want to make movies like catwoman and scarlet witch and antman? i mean what is it about hawkeye that makes him go under the radar here??
    i totally agree- the surfers story is over unless they make a marvel zombies movie (lol yeah right) so hes done.

    but why do people talk about such horrible characters getting movies when hawkeye is so awsome and important.

    hes the one that gave moonknight his toys and hes the new captain america…and hes really awsome i can see him geting a movie AND a sequel because hes COOL and exiting unlike “antman”….who is just the same as goliath or hercules but without the heterosexual name…

    and what with the avengers coming up….i say karl urban could be a good hawkeye or thomas jane

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