Will Ferrell Set To Star In 2-Face

WillferrellIt looks like Will Ferrell is set to star in another dramatic role with 2-Face. We get details of this project thanks to our good friends over at comingsoon:

Will Ferrell is attached to star in “2-Face,” a comedy involving a character with a split personality: One part of him is a racist, and the other is a bleeding-heart liberal. It comes from “Hancock” writer Vince Gilligan, whose script has had a lengthy, low-profile gestation period at the studio. The search for a director is under way.

While “2-Face” is described as a comedy with mainstream appeal — familiar terrain for Ferrell — Gilligan’s credits and the story’s socially relevant hook might give the role added heft. Ferrell has tried his hand at more serious roles, most notably in Marc Forster’s 2006 drama “Stranger Than Fiction.”

Well this looks like it could be a lot of fun. Will gets to play 2 very different characters in the same film that appear to be polar opposites. I think this is a great opportunity for Ferrell to shine anew. He gets cast to do the same song and dance so often, that it’s always a treat to see him do something different. I, for one miss his impressions on George W, and Alex Trebek.

Racism is always a tricky topic to tackle well. You either stay too far away from the issue to even discuss it, or run the risk of offending people. This character seeks to push two extremes and make us draw our own conclusions. I like the premise for this one; I look forward to learning more about it.

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