Wahlberg and Pitt on The Fighter

Mark Wahlberg has signed on for a movie based on a boxer who rose from nothing to climb all the way to the top. And now Brad Pitt is also in on the fun. That’s just awesome.

/FIlm offers:

According to Mark Wahlberg, Darren Aronofsky’s The Fighter will begin filming this October. Awesome. You may remember that the film, a biopic on badass pugilist “Irish” Micky Ward, gained considerable traction in the press last year when Wahlberg and others compared it to a “new Raging Bull.” Brad Pitt later signed on to co-star as Ward’s brother/trainer

I love me some Marky Mark on the big screen and he has that genuine personality that makes you just feel for him in everything he does. And the guy is a far cry bigger than his old slender popstar days, but he was pretty buff then too. He’s always been fit, so a boxer is not a stretch.

I am looking forward to seeing how this works out. I always like those feel good stories about a regular joe who goes after his dreams and gets it. This sounds great to me.

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9 thoughts on “Wahlberg and Pitt on The Fighter

  1. should be a great movie…all the right ingredients for an epic tale…

    and i would love to play the fight doctor (i’m a neurosurgeon from lowell…just like life imitating art…or the other way around!)

    good luck to the project.. let me know where the screen test is!!

  2. just to let u know this movie probably wont get made because of one selfish actor who turned down the part because he just wanted to much money so hopefully they can get another actor who is good who can replace the actor who was goin to play dicky

  3. Aronofsky is making “The Fighter” and “The wrestler” both on boxing and both in the making already?!? What the hell?!?

    I love his films but it doesn’t seem that great an idea to make two near identical movies so close to one another. Hope he gets away with it.

  4. Awesome…Mickey Ward is a fantastic person to do a movie about. The man is a “thing of iron” with the heart of a lion. Plus he’s from Boston, so Wahlberg will nail the accent. Looking forward to it.

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