The Watchmen Ending Will Stay The Same

Watchmen SmileyIt appears that fears of tampering with the ending of Watchmen may be put to rest. We get the following quote from an interview Patrick Wilson had with our friends at MTV:

Despite any rumors circulating, they’re not changing the ending of “Watchmen” so much that fans won’t recognize it, by giving it say, a happy ending where Rorschach saves the day. “Ha!” Wilson laughed. “I have to say, if you know how much Zack believes in it, you wouldn’t believe he would go that far from the graphic novel. I don’t know how those rumors start, but that’d be a stretch!”

Reassurance is always good. I am currently trying to finish The Watchmen, and have been chipping away at it slowly. The graphic novel seems to have a following of devoted fans that are excited and concerned about a film adaptation. Letting everyone know that the ending will be the same, also assures them that everything leading up to that point should also follow suit.

News like this is always welcome, and we will be certain to keep the Watchmen updates rolling as they are made available to us!

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13 thoughts on “The Watchmen Ending Will Stay The Same

  1. Doug I hope you’ll put up a post when you’re done to let us know if you liked it or not. It was my first introduction into graphic novels and nothing else has come close to it.

    The art, the story arc, the characters, all great. I have my doubts though that the movie will live up to the awesomeness that is the book.

  2. Glad to hear the ending will stay the same!

    Shane is right, the ending perfectly closes the story loop and completes the journey for all the characters. If the ending goes all the way back to the newsroom of the Frontiersman (?) magazine, then that would be even more awesome.

    I envy you, Doug for seeing the whole book for the first time. It took me 2-3 readings to get the full impact of the story. And the use of other materials in between the chapters is one of the best instances of background information adding depth to the story that I have ever seen.

    Speaking of which, I wonder if they plan to use the Black Pirate Comic in the movie?

    This movie requires close scrutiny…

    Would Mr. Snyder be interested in bringing Frank Miller’s RONIN to film? We can only hope!

  3. What Paul means is it’s a stand-alone story, not an ongoing story like a comic series. So by what Hazmat was saying, it qualifies as a “book” not a “comic”.

    And yeah, the ending should not be changed. Not one bit. The ending is what ties together the entire thing, and to change it is to change the purpose and direction of everything that lead to it.

  4. Um, Watchmen isn’t a comic like spider man…
    It’s a novel, with pictures instead of words describing the clothes faces and locations. So, it’s a… “BOOK”.

  5. im sorry- its a book? or comic books?

    if its A BOOK then it should end the same way.

    what is it you read doug? i only read marvel stuff so im ignorant at this

    if it was like a bunch of comic books then i think they should change it a little as long as they keep to the main story

  6. Enjoy the book, Doug! And from your post it seems that you may have gotten a hint about how things turn out. No peaking!

  7. Will Veidt live or die?
    That’s what is important.
    In all previous versions of the screenplay, Adrian gets offed in the end by Nite Owl, which is ridiculous.
    If they kill off Ozymandias then I am pissed big time. To me this is the thing that makes or brakes the movie. I could even live without the squid, but if Veidt bites the bullet, the rest can be as good as hell, it won’t make a difference to me.

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