The Movie Blog At Comic Con

tmb-Comic-Con.jpgHey guys! Well, it’s Wednesday morning at about 9:30am and we’re just getting ready to head out the door and start the drive from Los Angeles to San Diego for the 2008 edition of the annual Comic Con. I can’t even tell you how pumped we are.

Instead of focusing on boring Round Table interviews and that sort of stuff that every other website on the planet is going to be covering the exact same thing on, we’re going to focus more on sharing our experiences down there. The exhibits, video of some of the panels, the parties, the people we’re meeting and the Con in general. Don’t worry about your regular movie chat… Rodney will be covering all that stuff while Doug and I are at the Con

So here’s what you can expect from us while at Comic Con:

1) John will be putting up a twice daily video journal ONLY on The Movie Blog Facebook group page (the first one is already up). The Facebook group page can be found here (you should join it!)

2) Tons of video from around the Con

3) Lots of pictures and images of the event and stuff that’s going on.

4) We’ll be podcasting (audio only) from the event almost daily

5) We’ll be sharing any inside info we happen to come across will daily run down posts

So check back here often throughout the day as we’ll be piling on as much stuff as we can. Our goal is to make you feel like you’re here at the Con with us (in a totally platonic way that is).

Oh, and just a reminder once again that I’ll be speaking on the “Masters of the Web” panel Thursday morning. Both Doug and I will be there, so if you’re a movie blog reader, please make sure to stick around and say “hi” to one of us.

See you in San Diego!