Terminator, Watchmen and Lies Trailers In Front Of The Dark Knight

Terminator-Dark-Knight.jpgIf you’re one of the many millions of people who will be heading out the the movie theater around the week of the 18th to catch “The Dark Knight”, you can now know that there will be a couple of fairly high profile trailers playing in front of the movie.

No, there will be no “Harry Potter” trailer there, but there are a couple of big ones:

Terminator Salvation
Don’t expect to see too much of anything from the actual movie since it didn’t even start filming until recently. The film opens next year on May 22nd.

I’m VERY interested to get a glimpse of this because I have always had my doubts that they could pull this movie off in such a way to be marketable. The comic is fantastic… but it doesn’t lend itself well to a big screen adaptation at first glance. The trailer should at least give us a feel for how they’re going to make it work (or not). March 6th 2009.

Body Of Lies
Not a bad team here forlks. Director Ridley Scott with Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe in the leads. I smell Oscar.

But lets face it… no one is going to see The Dark Knight just to see the trailers of these other films. It’s not like when the first new Star Wars movie came out and people were buying tickets to movies just to see the trailer and then left as soon as it was over. I think SOME people out there are actually looking forward to seeing the new Batman flick. Don’t ya think? (source: ComingSoon)

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10 thoughts on “Terminator, Watchmen and Lies Trailers In Front Of The Dark Knight

  1. WHO CARES !!!

    I been waiting for july 18th for the movie not the stupid trailer, infact
    i dont want no god damn trailer, becaue its gonna waste my time, i want the movie now and right away !!!!!!!!!!!

    If i had a chance i take of the trailers and comercial and get to the movie, so i can stop being a crazy fan about the joker !!!!

  2. I will make sure to go to the bathroom during the previews so i don’t have to see a trailer for the butchering of Watchman.

  3. yeah, i think the watchmen trailer is gonna be a real bonus to seeing the dark knight. but saying that will these trailers play in front of an imax viewing?? nevermind will have to see the dark knight twice!!!! :-)))))))


  4. My god, seeing the first trailer for WATCHMEN will probably the highlight of this year in cinema. As if I would have needed anymore reasons to see DARK KNIGHT as soon as possible.

  5. From the description of the Terminator trailer it sounds awesome, and Im definately interested in the Watchmen as well.

  6. I don’t go to movies to see specific trailers they are a nice added bonus. I was hoping we’d get a Harry Potter trailer …so I’m a little disappointed, ah well. Hopefully soon!

    I’m looking forward to the Watchmen trailer and Lies has me interested, but I have little interest in the coming Terminator…maybe I’ll get excited later, but right now I’m not interested.

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