Tarantino wants Tera Patrick for Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

Quentin Tarantino’s remake of Faster Pussycat Kill Kill is determined to be just as much of the sexploitation flick as Russ Meyers original. And just to make sure, he is in talks with a porn star for the lead. Tera Patrick sure has the rack deserving of a Russ Meyers film

/Film says:

the porn starlet is in talks with Quentin Tarantino for his remake of Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! Back in January, you may remember that the Post’s Liz Smith reliably dished that Britney Spears, Eva Mendes and Kim Kardashian were all set to star in this forthcoming project, one that seemingly exists inside a dingleberry-shaped galaxy owned by Rupert Murdoch. Patrick expressed her thanks for the consideration, which was disclosed via an anonymous inside source, of course…“It would be the hottest remake ever, and I’m honored to be considered,” Patrick told Page Six. “I was built for this part.”

Built is right. Much like the earlier debate about Rose McGowan as Red Sonja, I am sure Tera Patrick would make for a great POSTER to promote this film. But it brings me to one point. Pornstars are not actors.

She might be pretty enough, and sexual enough, and even boobie enough. But this just puts a stamp on the film that Tarantino is making when the “talent” he is gathering is just a pile of eyecandy. Clearly he just wants this movie to be pure sexploitation and nothing else.

I am starting to dislike Tarantino and his edgy “Im resurrecting dead genres” routine. Maybe he should just go direct porn.

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10 thoughts on “Tarantino wants Tera Patrick for Faster Pussycat Kill Kill

  1. I would LOVE for Tarantino to show the porn industry how to make a decent film (but hold the violence please). Hell there have been some good porn movies around of late (especially Viv Thomas’ Unfaithful Series, but imagine filling a serious plot with some serious actors and some explicit but tasteful lovemaking – wouldn’t that be an (under)ground breaking concept?

  2. Why would hiring a porn star for a remake of a movie that stared strippers and models be any worse?
    Tera Patrick would be prefect for it if she can bring the natural bad assness that Tura Satana brought to the plate back in the days.

  3. tarantino’s a very passionate person when it comes down to movies, just listen to any interview where he has time to talk. that said, while this may not be a movie i prefer him to do (remakes?) i think we’ll get the usual tarantino quality

    i for one don’t mind tarantino,rehashing old genres. thats his thing.
    m night does really slow movies about weird shit
    spike lee does movies from the black or “urban” POV
    Spike Jones or Michel Gondry do odd or “imaginative movies

    they all have there niche, why get vexed when you finally figured out he does this over and over

  4. “I am starting to dislike Tarantino and his edgy “Im resurrecting dead genres” routine. Maybe he should just go direct porn.”


    Thanks, Rodney! That was excellent!

    I’ve never had any time for the man. There’s something perverse about someone who pays endless ‘homages’ to various films/genres of films. As with religions, it becomes less about the ‘goal’ than the adherent themselves. And as Tarantino once opined ‘I know every time I enter a room, I have the most point-of-view.’ (As one of my pals once countered, “Clearly, he’s never met YOU.”)

    Love Mr Meyer’s films…but seriously; do they need to be ‘remade’? (The answer’s not ‘Yes’.)

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