28 thoughts on “Star Trek Character and Collage Poster

  1. It is a shame Quinto is such a bad actor. He looks great but I fear his performance will be as his performance on Heroes i.e. Not very.

  2. whenever i think about the original star trek series i always think about the great camaraderie and character exchange between KIRK, SPOCK AND UHURA. wtf.

  3. Cool poster, but I’ll reserve judgment for the trailers. I wasn’t really a fan of “M:I-3” or “Cloverfield,” and “Lost” continues to piss me off by stretching out it’s story each season. It’s like JJ’s figured out a bunch of winning formulas to suck in the same group of people to his movies each time without question. It might be a trick he picked up while working with Michael Bay on “Armageddon.”

  4. Yeah Bana looks awesome. Love his ‘chewed’ ear look.

    I imagine they included Uhura to see this movie is not a sausage factory product only. Plus she, Spock, and Kirk cover the the red, blue, and gold colours of the original series uniforms.

    Now just for a shot of the Enterprise and I can be content until next May.

  5. I am more of a Star Wars fan than a Star Trek fan but with it being directed by JJ Arbram and Slyar from Heroes in it I might watch this Star Teck. Be sides that the poster look cool.

  6. that is eric bana playing the film’s villian. also, i agree that mccoy should be in the poster, not uhura! but, spock friggin’ rules!

  7. Wow, I can’t believe how good Zachary Quinto looks as Spock. I wouldn’t have picked him, but after seeing that, he’s perfect.

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