Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake In The Works

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I bring horrible news from sunny San Diego! It appears that someone thought that it would be a good idea to remake the Rocky Horror Picture Show (because they were high on solvents). We get the following news from Variety:

MTV is doing the time warp on a remake of 1975 cult classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Lou Adler, exec producer of the original film, is partnering with BermanBraun and Fox Television Studios on the new rendition.

Two-hour remake will use the original screenplay by Jim Sharman and Richard O’Brien but may also include music not featured in the original. “I’d like to see it shown a year from this coming Halloween, but that’s up to MTV,” Adler said.

The remake train is getting out of control. When they start to remake cult films, I get particularly annoyed. The film’s buzz has been kept alive and evangelized by a devout group of followers for a reason, the film struck a chord with them, and they continue to worship at its gates. Midnight showings of the film have been happening since 1975 and instead of just letting money trickle in over time – they have decided to remake it.

I finally saw this film last year. Oddly enough I watched it with my Dad, Step-mom and her family. My father is a big fan of the film and owns his own copy. I thought the film was equal parts peculiar and perverse set to an outstanding soundtrack by the man of meat. It is extremely unique and as such should be treated with the respect of leaving it the fuck alone.

Everyone seems to be tired of all the remakes that are coming down the pipe; and I am certainly among that throng. I understand that Hollywood has a long history of remaking films, but lately it seems more like exploitation than an homage.

In the telling of this story – lightning will never strike twice.

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54 thoughts on “Rocky Horror Picture Show Remake In The Works

  1. I think all of us RHPS fans should join together and allow this film to be made! Then we can all go laugh at the idiots who thought this would be a good idea! I know I personally would love to see the looks on the public’s faces when the see a queue leading out of the cinema filled with cross dressers and transexual transylvanians, and it would be hilarious. And to have all the props? To squirt water and throw toast and rice at the backs of anybody who isn’t dressed ups heads? It is an opportunity i can’t afford to miss. To see the looks on their faces? And we should at least let them get a cast list out before people have some kind of movement to stop the thing being created so we can laugh at the probably pathetic choices of actors, because lets be honest, Tim Curry would not look good in suspenders any more. And he probably can’t sing very well anymore either, so they can’t revive the old cast which would frankly be pointless. And nobody wants to see Riff Raff’s laser in HD with fancy high-tech special effects. It’s an amazing film and should be cherished for what it is, but I say we laugh in the face of all those who can match it. And so what if it sucks? It’s not like they’re getting rid of the original are they? So we should allow this to be made, simply to laugh and humour ourselves.

  2. OMG! this is the worst new i have ever gotten. i mean some of the things that make this are chessey effects, the greatsongs. i mean what if they try to make it PG-13, i mean would that eleminate sweet transvestite, sexy lingerie (sorry i cant spell its lawn-ger-a), and god knows what else! this is going to be bad.

    1. PG13 doesn’t mean they cant have lingerie, or transvestites.

      The violence is off screen, the nudity is brief and unintentional (really not necessary) and the sex is all suggestive.

      The movie came out before a PG13 rating existed. If they made that movie today it would likely have been a PG13 anyways.

  3. Why remake a movie that benn shown every week in the theater for over thirty years?
    May as well remake Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.
    Or are the remaking that,too?

  4. Oh my God! What the hell were they thinking??
    You can not Remake the best movie in history!
    how are they going to re place tim curry?? no one else could ever do a better job! you cant just show up in a costume and say hey im magenta…or hey look at me im rocky??? psh only the original cast can make the rocky horror picture show the rhps!!!
    what the crap???? if this movie sucks im going to be highly upset you can not re make a classic it simply cant be done!!!

  5. Why? Who’s awful idea was this. The Rocky Horror fans obviously didn’t want it. The MTV fans aren’t Rocky Horror fans. It’s not like it was some cinematic masterpiece. It was cheesy and over acted, but that’s what made it so damn good. Idiots.

  6. hey im a RHPS junkie as much as the next guy but im open minded enough to give it a try and if it sucks ill just drop it off as another theatrical turd and ill be done with it so think about giving it a try

  7. By remaking this movie hollywood will esentially ruin it!
    The sequal ‘shock treatment’ didn’t go down well so why the hell do hollywood producers think that a remake will?

    RHPS is my favourite movie and I would hate for a remake to spoil it!

  8. I go and see the movie preformed at the beach theater almost every weekend. They do NOT need to remake the movie. If they do they need to make sure that it doesnt ruin what we have going for us now…

  9. they cannot remake this movie!!
    its the worst idea ever and i heard they might make marilyn manson dr. frank-n-furter thats horrible he couldnt pull that off, and no one can replace tim curry he did such a fine job. I for one love this movie its a classic. If they do remake this movie i will go see it the first night on one hand im curious to see what they will come up with, but I also think they should just leave it alone.

  10. You just cannot remake this movie.
    It’s so unique and different, it can’t be done!
    Well, it can be done…just not very well.

  11. it simply comes down to one thing…..modern day directors, producers, writers, whoever it is that comes up with the movie ideas can’t come up with one original thought anymore! i just found out that they are remaking friday the 13th and a nightmare on elm street for example. its sad that they lack that much creativity.

  12. WHY?!?!?! It’s A Classic For A REASON!!!! You NEVER Fuck With Anyother Classics Do You? No I Think Not!!! Why Would Anyone Wanna Fuck WIth This One!!!!! The True Fans Of Rocky Horror Are The Ones That Are Gonna Be The Ones To Impress!!!! You Would Be Lucky To See Any Of Them In The Theaters If It Ever Comes Out!!!!

  13. Ellen Pompeo or America Ferrera as Janet, changed my mind about Columbia – Christina Ricca could also play her, Casey Affleck ass Brad Majors.

  14. There is only one way this movie could have a ood remake, only if the cast and director are picked very carefully. I’ve heard rumours that Russell Brand is a favourite to play Frank’N’Furter… BIG mistake!! The best cast they could pick would be Johnny Depp as Frank’N’Furter, either Helena Bonham Cater or Angelina Jolie as Magenta, there’s no one better than Richard O’ Brien to play Riff-Raff, Milla Jovovich as Columbia(considering she can sing), that’s all for now, I’m still pondering Brad and Janet! But it must be directed by Tim Burton!

  15. Sorry for three comments.
    If you click on my name it will take you to a website
    to sign a online petition to STOP THIS SHIT!!!

    “Can’t believe they’re doing a remake… It’s not needed. The original is perfect the way it is!”

    !!!I feel the same exact way!!!

  16. Honestly, one of the main reasons I dont look at this positively, is because MTV is the ones to do this remake.

    If someone was forced to remake RHPS, I would want it done right. While I’m sure that MTV will do a very appealing job on this, it would only be appealing to MTV’s fans. RHPS can only be treated as a film appealing to a very specific group of viewers, and if it isnt, the results can be disastorous.

    Let us not forget how “The Rocky Horror Punk Rock Show” turned out

  17. I find it a bit disturbing that this whole craze of re-creating old movies/tv shows in Hollywood has gone as far to re-create a film that has cult following. I know that movie production is a business, but I didn’t think that they would run out of ideas this soon. I love the RHPS original, however I think I will watch the remake if and when it comes out.. who knows their plans might fall through and it won’t happen at all.

  18. I’ve performed on a Rocky cast for over 12 years now and recently performed in a showing of “Shock Treatment.” I don’t really like Shock Treatment, but I did it because half the cast liked it and we wanted to show the audience the movie while performing it. I did it for the love of Rocky.

    I am suprised at how many are angry about a remake. I, for one, will see the movie the first day it is out and I believe my cast will be there, too. The original Rocky has a magic about it that no movie has really been able to capture, so while I see why a remake would make people apprehensive or even “sure” it will suck, I am shocked that none of these posters here will even give it a chance. I believe that ‘Rocky people’ are different than the main stream types and that we should support that which brings us together… a horrible B-movie. Rocky is about transvestite *cannibal* aliens, for Pete’s sake, and you’re all arguing that the ‘new’ movie will be bad? We LOVE this movie because it is so bad. If it weren’t for the unnecessary and huge gaps in sentences, we wouldn’t have all the time to shout the participation lines. We laugh about Brad’s buttoned and magically unbuttoned shirt. Eddie’s black eye switched sides and back again. How do we know that this MTV movie won’t be just as bad, but in all new and exciting ways? How can we not give it a chance? Maybe the lazer beams will be really good this time and the castle blasting off won’t show the real castle in the background. There were things they just couldn’t afford to do back then and I’m interested to see what they do differently this time. Maybe they’ll include Brad’s part in “There’s a Light” or the Crim’s part in “Sword of Damocles” or the whole song “Once in a While.” We’d be seeing parts of the show actually in the movie that we’ve never seen before!

    Almost every one of us fans today started going to Rocky when it was already big and the participation lines were already there. Maybe this time, we’ll get to make up our own lines from the start. I seriously doubt that this movie will be considered as big or as “cool” as the original, but I appreciate the attention it will bring to Rocky that’ll help keep us casts alive, that’s for sure. We might even end up performing the new movie as a special event now and then. I would be SO MAD if everyone’s bickering about how this movie “might” turn out keeps it from being made at all.

  19. i agree this is an abomination to the original cast of rocky horror, and cast members of the late night sshows all over.
    i go to rocky, EVERY friday and everyone there is rioting over this bad news.


    if they do remake it jack black needs to be meatloaf.

  20. I Love The Rocky Horror and i do not i repeat do not want i Remake of The Rocky Horror ok i i were to choose the cast it would be.

    First of all i dont want there to be a Remake but this what the cast i would have .

    -Frank Jack Nichilson
    -Magenta Helena Bonham Carter or Idina Menzel
    -Colimba Kristen Chenoweth
    -Janet Merly Streep
    -Brad Johnny Depp
    -Rif Raf Gerlard Buttler
    -Doctor Scot Tim Curry

  21. Doug:

    I understand what you’re saying…but this ‘ownership’ mentality also extends to those who HATE certain genre films. They stand up and scream that no more of them ever need to be made…even though they have no intention of seeing any of them anyway.

    Man; do they take this attitude towards other aspects of entertainment? Books? Music? Or clothing, cars, food? Seriously; you’d think that with such great access to so much, we’d have become more informed, more discerning, with a much broader outlook. Instead, there’s simply more whiners out there. Too much time on too many hands.

    We need a good war.


  22. I was watching a bit on E! today (notorious mass violent shootings or something to that effect- oh how E1 has become the killer channel in recent times, anyway…) where the Rocky Horror news flashed on the bottom of the screen.

    Then I waited for the news again, to make sure I read it correctly. It seems a small yet important detail was left out of Doug’s post.

    Guess what? This remake is *not* going to theaters. It is going to be…a TV film airing on MTV sometime in 2009 !!

    Say what?

  23. Valid questions.

    I believe we feel ownership because films become our shared myths. Much like a religious person may take offense to someone amending or re-writing their holy book; so fans of these myths have an unease about someone altering a story that collectively they have come to love.

    Everyone knows that film is a business, but to movie fans it is a story in and of itself, with life of its own. We fall in love with the world and like to think that those involved have as much a connection to the tale as we do.

    In reality, it is a job, a product an industry for many who make their living at this illusionist’s work. I think part of what bothers people so much is that they know the remake is just being done for money, and their beloved story is now milked like a lowly dairy cow. It dissolves the wonder of the fairy tale, show us the industry behind the curtain and reminds us that nothing is sacred.

  24. This is a terrible, terrible idea. Besides, I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to make RHPS work without TIm Curry.

    1. i completely agree. a rocky horror without tim curry or any one of them for that matter is a travesty. i heard that russel brand was to play frankenfurter. that would be disturbing. there is only one frankenfurter, and it is tim curry.

  25. I’m always fascinated by the vehemence, the vitriol that moviegoers project towards remakes, adaptations, retreads, etc. You’d think there was a limited supply of ‘moviemaking stuff’ and that by going the route of ‘non-original’ efforts, all these bad people are somehow preventing other, more worthwhile projects from being made.

    Moreover, that somehow, in the process of bringing out a ‘re-doing’, etc, the original is somehow desecrated.

    Once again, I’m curious; what is it about the medium of film that makes people so possessory? As if there’s some kind of mass-ownership-by-proxy going on? (Laughable, in this file-sharing age.)

    (Contrasted against this faux-artistic concern is the Box Office Numbers chatter, which has absolutely nothing to do with ANYTHING artistic connected to film…but rather, is focused on the BUSINESS of film…which everyone seems to loathe. I’m sure there’s an intriguing film in there somewhere…)

    1. There is a limited supply of movie making “stuff” money, studiospace, talented actors, screen time. So that isn’t a real argument.

      The issue isn’t so much “desecrates” but dilutes. After all if Britany Spears were to “remake” Vivaldi’s “the Seasons” wouldn’t it dilute the statement “I love ‘The Season’s’ that I keep it on my MP3 player?”

      That said, There have been fine remakes and reinvisioning out there. And a known name tends to reduce investment risk.

      However to try to remake something that’s primary merit is that it is quirky low budget satire, is not one that I would invest in.

  26. Lightning didn’t even strike once. It took this film a LONG time to gather the following. Proud to say that I go every Saturday I can (at least twice a month) to the midnight showing near my house. Always worth it, and I’ll see it that was a million times before I go see a remake.

  27. UGH, this is awful news!

    Rocky Horror is in a class of its own and we don’t need a remake/update. In high school a truck load of us went to a midnight showing at a rundown theater and that is a memory I will never forget —oh man, it was crazy fun.

  28. @ probitionate

    I understand fully that it’s a business. I believe that business is most successful through innovation and not repetition. I also feel that those who have made such a unique film should have the class and sense to leave it be. But maybe I am a fool to assume they will have either.

  29. When I first saw the film on video (on VHS when it was released) I laughed my ass off. I have it on DVD and still laugh my ass off. I have the soundtrack…

    …and I didn’t need the rice throwin’ peanut butter tossin’ toliet paper squirt gun crowd to enjoy it.

    BUT let’s be honest here, shall we?
    The primary appeal to Rocky Horror *was* the cult fanbase and the midnight showings that caused many a headache for the usher clean up crews…the very same folks who by today’s standards would be considered…well…the very same types of folks headed out to ComicCon dressed like Star Trek officers, members of the X-Men and Star Wars Stormtroopers.

    The gags with Rocky Horror were intentionally bad and spoofs of Flash Gordon and other Hollywood B-films. If H’wood were to remake it (and with the cooperation of MTV, which is suspect enough) the push would be to bring the “effects” up to date, which removes that fun. Would the picture be “updated”?
    That could effect some lyrics, wouldn’t it?

    I’m glad we caught you at home, could we use your phone? We’re both in a bit of a hurry…we’ll just say where we are, go back to the car, we wouldn’t want to be any worry

    Would cell phones be in use? Does the car driven by Brad and Janet use GPS or OnStar?

    No no no…I don’t want another Shock Treatment, thank you. Better just to either leave this be or keep on with the stage musical revivals Rocky Horror sometimes has.

    I’d rather see other musicals get big screen treatments anyway.
    And while we are on the subject…

    Get your slimy thoughts of updating ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ WB The Seeler suspects you wanna…

  30. Remakes are fine if they think that they can add something to it but with the case of rocky unless they remade it shot for shot line for line, it wouldn’t work and I don’t think also they realize that if they do this what’s going to happen when it gets released in theaters. Every where its going to get shown your going to have people cross-dressing (me being one) coming to see it with all the necessary props and doing all the cat calls.

    I have a feeling the general public will take that very well

      1. They can remake Shock Treatment if they want it bloody sucked balls anyway it’s not like it would make a difference.

  31. This IS a terrible idea. You would think they would learn after how poorly the sequel did. RHPS is a lightning in a bottle movie that can never be duplicated.

  32. “I understand that Hollywood has a long history of remaking films, but lately it seems more like exploitation than an homage.”

    What part of “It’s called ‘show BUSINESS’, not ‘show art’,” don’t you understand?

  33. I agree. This will never work a second time. btw, the soundtrack is not by Meatloaf, it is by Richard O’Brien (Lyrics and Music)

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