Product Endorsement: The SUMO!

Sumo-Khaki-2.jpgOne of the perks for this job I have is that different companies constantly send me free stuff (dvds or other non dvd things) in the hopes that I’ll write up something positive about their product and put it up on The Movie Blog. About 95% of the time I won’t write anything for their stuff because I either don’t like it enough to recommend it to movie blog readers, or there just isn’t any movie related function of the product they sent me. (Seriously, how many times have you seen me endorse any kind of product?)

One of the first product endorsement reviews I ever did was for this great little bean bag type chair called “The Sumo” back in 2006 (you can see it here). I just loved that little thing. It was light, compact and very comfortable. When you watch as many dvds as I do, that’s key.

Well, a little while ago a Sumo rep once again contacted me and asked if they could send out a new Sumo to me. Since I liked the first one so much, I said yes… not really thinking I’d write it up again since I already did once… UNLESS it really blew me away. HOLY CRAP this new Sumo King Size is something I now can’t live without!

First of all this chair is HUGE. I comfortably fit 3 people on it once… VERY comfortably 2 people (wink wink know whatImean know whatimean) and the only immediate danger of flopping yourself down in one of these things in front of your movie is that you may instantly fall asleep… it’s crazy comfortable.

One of the main differences between this Sumo and the older one I reviewed is that this one uses some type of chipped memory type foam that easily reshapes and instantly conforms to the shape of your body (or bodies) once you hit it. It’s nuts.

The thing is also crazy heavy. You won’t want to move it around too much… so find your favorite spot near your TV and just enjoy.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this frigging chair. It is the most perfect DVD watching accessory you could possibly buy. It comes in different sizes and colors and is a lot cheaper than most comparable chairs. Go get one… and if you’re a girl who looks anywhere near as good as the one in the promo pic…. send me your pics with you in it. :P

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8 thoughts on “Product Endorsement: The SUMO!

  1. It’s NOT a beanbag chair. It’s LIKE a beanbag chair, without the suck factor. But it’s about 100x better than a beanbag chair and there’s crap loads of things you can do with it.

  2. Its a far cry from a “glorified bean bag” seriously. Bean bag makers everywhere are looking at the sumo and shaking their heads in shame wondering how they made something so pathetic for so long.

    I have a Sumo as well, and I have to say its the best damned thing to sit on in my house. Its a great gamer chair, my kids use it for sleepovers, it served as the chair for my computer room for months.

    I saw a knock off company selling really uncomfortable ones at a trade show and I told them its not a Sumo, and the rep’s response was “What is…”

    Its THAT good.

  3. They were selling these in the mall last year I think…or was it this year…crap I can’t remember.

    Point is, I got to use one…it is amazing. Absolutely, I totally recommend a purchase. Tell them to send me one too!

    They’re really expensive, that’s the thing. I mean not CRAZY expensive but yeah it’s something you’ll wanna be making payments on.

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