New UK X-Files: I Want to Believe Poster/ What Are They Thinking About

We have a new poster to show you for the upcoming X-Files: I want to Believe poster thanks to our friends at shocktillyoudrop. For those of you that wish to see the full size image, follow this link!


I like the emotion in the faces of these two in the poster. With the white light about them, it looks as if they are standing in front of the Pearly Gates waiting for St. Peter’s decree. You can see what both of them are thinking about their prospects….

Scully: “Am I going to get to see my grand ma ma?!”

Mulder: “There’s no fuckin’ way I’m in that book. Hurry up already.”

Now it is your turn International Friends!

Look above, at the above picture of Scully and Mulder. Consider their faces. Look into their eyes. What are they thinking about?