New Mummy 3 Poster

What I thought was going to be a disaster when we first heard word of it… has turned into something that I find myself actually looking forward to. Mummy 3 has impressed with its casting and trailers so far… so yeah… I’m into it to some degree. Anyway, a new poster got sent out and it actually looks pretty sweet. I like that they’re highlighting Jet Li a little bit more.


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10 thoughts on “New Mummy 3 Poster

  1. I just don’t get excited with this film. “Oh, it has Jet Li in it! Therefore it will be awesome.” No. Don’t even do that. This film will suck. You just see.

  2. I’d suggest reading the reviews on imdb and googling for other early reviews before deciding if you’re going to see this crap. Here’s a quote from WorstPreviews: “there is too much bad writing, bad acting and plot holes between these bursts of violence and beauty to justify anyone wasting their time on seeing it. So do not be fooled by all the cool looking commercials that you are going to be flooded with all summer because it is all just a cheap trick.”

    And it’s the third installment in a mediocre franchise anyway. You should know better.

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  4. So they are trying to stop a mummy monarch from resurrecting his long dead but unstoppable army from taking over the world.

    It sounds a lot like the Mummy Returns…

  5. actually, it looks like fake-head Brendan Fraser is pissed at….. something.
    i believe this was done in a junior high notebook.

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