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  1. the angels and demons wasn’t in the film for the dreams seqs they was in there becasue if u have played the first one they have the drugged called valkir and that is the reason why they r so strong and deadly even with the angel or demons forms the dreams have nothing to do with them being there

  2. OK, I think Max Payne game fanatics are being too offensive. I mean, when they saw the trailer they were bitching too. You know what, I’m a big fan of the video game myself, and I thought the film kicked ass. Sure, maybe there could have been more shooting action sequences and more blood. I think it would have been better off as an R rated film. But, it’s still fantastic and I put this film on my favorite movie list. Not as good as the game, but still enjoyable. !!!ALL YOU PEOPLE DO IS COMPLAIN AND DRIVE ME NUTS!!!

  3. Here is what was missing in the movie that is true to the original Max Payne:
    1. Constant Ironic Poetic narration.
    2. The correct actor with the correct voice.
    3. Green V
    4. No freaky demon hallucinations as impressive as they were. Max Payne is about cops and mobsters not Constantine.
    5. No drug trip screaming powerups inspired by Dragonball Z
    6. Captain Baseball Bat Boy cartoons on the side line even if its just from the corner of Max’s eye ;).

  4. doesnt look very good at all. its not gritty as it should be. if you played the game you would know were im coming from. the guy from that stupid ass movie shootem up should have been max payne, he fits the character better. ive been waiting for the movie to come out for a while….. kind of dissapointed! sorry mark, a your a lttle bit to pretty for that role!

  5. Most Max Payne fans, from what I’ve heard they don’t think the film looks all that good and that Mark Wahlberg isn’t a perfect match. In my opinion, it looks incredible and adding on the flying demons & angles make it look so dark and interesting. I think Mark is the perfect actor. I’m going to see this with my family tomorrow, I’ve waited for this dam film and the wait is over, get ready and put on your seat belts.

  6. why the fuck is this prick matt daemon playing max payne, hes idiot, has dumb childish face, and actually i think hes a pretty shitty actor, max payne should look more older, he is a man after some problems for ex. death of wife and child, he is a bad cop, after many visits in hospital, and he looks like a shitty child, mona also looks like a virgin… i thought it will be good movie but after the trailer i think creators made it commercial shit. good job.

  7. The trailer was awsome and I think Mark is the best person for the Max Payne character as long as he does as good acting like he did in 4 Brothers. The trailer looks like its following the games and adding in the demons is something that can make even more better as long as its only in dreams. My favorite parts of the game where when you were in drams they were kind of disturbing which I think is awsome.

  8. The trailer has one scene which really takes me back to the feel and atmosphere of the original Max Payne – the scene where Max is squinting into the light which is shone from a chopper into the blown-out level of a skyscraper – it has just the right ratio of shadow and light. If you watch the trailer again without the music you will see what i mean. If they had used different music, or none at all, it comes closer to what you may remember feeling and seeing when you played the game. Besides, the emotional baseline of the game was not hard rock – poets of the fall, remember them? sad, fallen from grace, driving down the road at night with the top shot off rock – not “I’m going to skull %&*$ world rock”. The script writer can be blamed only so much. The director is more to be blamed if he missed some of the integral elements of the first game – where’s the cold, snuffing russians in their fishy, gray overcoats by the warf, the creepy terrot-card,r ed carpet mansion, the split duality of the two sisters, including mona sax (the woman they picked for mona falls way short), the insanely deep voiced politician, vinnie is totally botched. man the list goes on and on. but what can you expect from hollywood. I’m thankful to get anything at all – as we know we probably won’t be seeing anymore max payne GAMES, just movies.

  9. wonder who the female is that was introduced in the trail.

    what significance did she play in the game. cant put my finger on it, or her for that matter ;)

    loved the games, have a feeling that the angels/demons in d trailer may be the thing that moves m. payne through bullet time. how cool would that be

  10. I can honestly say I have never even heard of the games. But they sound interesting. Having no former knowledge of the character or story, I can honestly say it looks interesting. I hope the demon/angel things are in the mind. Like if he does actually start shooting or hitting them, it’s in his head. It looks like a fusion of “The Punisher”, “Constantine”, and a bit of a Matrix-e feel to it. I like the sound too. I have never been a terribly big fan of “Marky Mark”, but this shows a bit of promise. I will wait for the reviews to come in before blowing 8 bucks on a ticket.

  11. The trailer really has me hyped. I think this could be the best game to film adaptation ever. It starts with the same dark prose. As for the demons, the game had them but they were implied…they were behind the scenes pulling strings; making things happen; making Payne’s life a nightmare. I think the movie is just giving us a visual depiction of the mood the game carried.

    I really think this will be an unbelievable movie; and the only fault it might have that is not its own is the 1 dimensional character of payne whom is just hell bent on revenge…but that is not the film’s short coming and nor is it the games, but rather that is just part of the story.

    I am very impressed and from the trailer is looks like Wahlberg was the right man for the job.

  12. If you played the game, there was a drug called “V” (valkyrie) that everyone was on. they would say things when u approached them like “The Flesh of Fallen Angels” i think that may be what the angels (valkyrie) are about.

  13. Demons and Angels in the game worked like some kind of metaphor to explain the “pain” that max payne had to come throught. The game has to real demons, but, the game’s plot had a drug called valkyrie that causes hallucinations, that worsen max payne’s nightmare. Why? Drugs + Max’s trauma (punks killed his family)
    So….. the movie will absolutly have no real demons, but will have those hallucinations and a group of extremist satanics which belive they exists…. but they don’t, cause those punks are crazy and consume valkyrie…. That’s my explanation to fan’s which are disapointed about the trailer’s idea “Max vs real monsters”

  14. I’ve always imagined Keanu Reeves as Max Payne…He looks exactly like the game character and I thought he bore a striking resemblance to the character in Constantine…Just my two pence. I’m not very knowledgeable on Max Payne, I’ve played the games a few times though…

  15. I played both games a while back and liked them both a lot. It was almost the complete package, great gameplay, great controls and a compelling story that kept you wanting to play on and on. It was a game with a cinematic touch. Short but oh so violently sweet.

    I’d disagree with the poster who said this movie needs a straight forward plot, both game’s stories while appearing to be straight forward were far from it with many twists.

    My reaction to this trailer is indifference, I don’t think it necessarily captures the look of the game or the mood but if I didn’t know this had any relation to the game I would probably be mildly intrigued.

    The voice was so distinctive, you really can’t do any better than that. I almost wonder if they couldn’t at least get the same video game voice actor to narrate the story and the main character’s thoughts but still have Wahlberg talk when necessary.

    The games are already like movies anyway so I don’t see the point of actually making a movie about the game when its inspirations are clearly derived from already existing movies. Redoing matrix effects with John Woo gun action styles will only look tired and uninspired. Quite frankly Hollywood action movies have yet to come close to duplicating the crazy gun action from movies like The Killer, A Better Tomorrow, Hard Boiled or the Matrix for that matter. I doubt they will be able to do it with Max Payne. The only possible reason for a movie like this to exist were if it were a sequel to the second game (which ended on a cliffhanger with no third game planned to be made).

  16. I’m actually a bit hopeful for this one, every other video game based movie has sucked to incredible levels, but this one seems to be pretty true to the game. I’m diggin’ it

  17. That just looked like a badly edited fan trailer or something. I love the last scene in the trailer, but if the shots they chose for the rest are the best the movie has to offer with regard to cinematography…then I’m out.

  18. It looks absolutely great, and visually stunning, think you’re wrong about this one Campea, hence the 40 plus comments already!! I love filme that have their own visual style to them.


  19. could we possibly have the first GOOD video-game movie? possible, max payne had a decent original plot. The firs thting that popped into my mind when i saw the angle-thing was a line form th efirst game “I don’t know about angles, but it’s fear that gives men wings”. so many prefectly cheezy one-liner’s :)

  20. That trailer looks awesome. I’m not a big fan of the game, or any other game for that matter, so I don’t really care if it does follow the game closely or not. As long as the it’s a good movie, with great story, acting and great action sequences, it’s dope. Where ever I read a comment about a film based on some game, the complaint is mostly about not being loyal to the game and very few people actually focus the acting, directing and dialogues and stuff like that. I really don’t understand that trend of thought. Is that what it means to be a fan? Anyway, I think this one is going to be pretty good and I’m looking forward to it.

  21. I loved the Max Payne games. I agree for the most part that games dont have stories that are large enough for a film adaptation. However, I honestly thought that Max Payne was one of the exceptions and could be a good film. Because the dialog and story was a large part of the game.

    But this movie just doesnt look that interesting really, I am not very sure what they are doing with the story. And I really hate it that when they make Game Adaptations they try to add something to make it look like a game. You see this where it shows the bllet time esque scene of Max Payne running threw the hallway. The film just looks likes its going to blow.

    MESSAGE TO JOHN: Do you think that there are any games that are story diven that could be turned into a good movie. I see where you are saying that WOW could be a good movie. Because they have a whole world to create a story in. But do you think something like Metal Gear Solid could be a good movie. I mean its already kind of a movie, where you watch the story unfold in cut-scenes for about 7 hours of the 12 hour game. Its very dinamic and very layered and one of the only games I think could pull it off do to its story. DO you think it could happen?

  22. im pretty positive the angels and demons symbolize death…thats what english comp and theater lead me to believe…

    just a guess though. still looks nothing short of badass and reminds me of the game quite a bit…

  23. I have no expectation that the film will be good but I have to admit, as a fan of the game its groovy to see it literally on screen.

    John Moore is a shit director though, total shit.

  24. Something that has me worried to some extent is this, Max Payne was an incredible game for its time and used many innovations never seen before in game and to some extent, even in movies.

    However, this has been done to death since and I now find myself wondering if many of these same classic elements will be lost in the sheer overkill they have seen lately.

  25. I’m pretty sure that the demons/angels are drug-induced hallucinations. Speaking of which, I really hope Valkyr (the drug “V”) is a part of this plot too, since it was critical in the overall story of the Max Payne game… either way, I’m pretty impressed with this. So long as they stick to the source material and don’t “video game” the movie up, it should be good. =D

  26. Hope this will be a good movie :-) The game is one of the best still now, mentioning the story and inovative things that came up with it like bullet-time, jumping sideways while shooting, disgusting dreams, violent sceens, enemies chatting when they don’t know about you and that “It’s Payne!!” when they see you :-) For those that didn’t play it, PLAY IT NOW!

    I’m hoping that the movie will be good, lets forget other Game to Movie like Hitman. IMO this will be a good one or more than good :-)

  27. Something’s missing: first the voice of James McCaffrey, second: the game’s atmospheric piano music. I REALLY hope that those demon things will only be part of a dream scene, and not some Buffy-style enemies. The guy who often says “The flesh of fallen angels” was Jack Lupino in the firs game.

  28. i didnt bother reading any of the comments but this trailer looks exactly like the first game…im in…i cant wait for the shit to hit the fan in the last building.

  29. I’m definitely up to see the movie, though I do hope they don’t overdo the flying demons thing. Aside from the dream sequences in the game, the only thing I really remember about anything supernatural was one guy chanting “The flesh of fallen angels.” over and over.

  30. well being someone who loved the games…

    wahlbergs voice on the voiceover doesn’t have the impact that the voiceover work in the game did..just saying.

    Never once did i encounter flying demons in the games, soooo wtf? I know artistic license but come one….

    Overall just not impressed by the trailer, it looked like a mashup of 300, Constantine and the matrix. Ill still see it but im sure it will be a let down.

  31. I would’ve liked to hear the piano theme from the first game but the trailer looks good.

    Since the fanfilm was non-profit would Fox of even had a case against them? I thought you’d only get in trouble if stuff like that was sold.

  32. The games are great. This trailer imo was not.

    so far this convinces me that the time for a good movie adapted from game will not happen anytime soon.

  33. John you have no knowledge of the videogames.

    Those winged creatures you see are just his hallucinations. Remember in the max payne games they talk a lot about angels and stuff.

    The trailer is awesome.

    John just hates video game movies so ya his opinion for this has to be taken with a grain of salt.

  34. “The Devil is building an army?” Winged monsters? …What’s going on?

    Visually, it looks nice, but I’m really hoping those are dream sequences we’re seeing. Max Payne is all gritty crime drama and has nothing to do with the supernatural.

  35. I think Marky Mark stinks as Max Payne. The trailer looks half good and half bad. Doug is right! It has that Constantine feel too it but at the same time its feels not right. The action looks way bland and already too much talking. Somehow I have a feeling this will turn out like Hitman where the visuals are great but everything else is average to poor.

  36. Thick fake looking snow? Check. Earthy color palette? Check. Firing a gun while jumping in slow motion? Check. Looks like a Max Payne game to me. There even seems to be hints of eerie dream sequences. The dream about his family’s murder (not a spoiler if you just watched the trailer) was one of the best parts of the original game and it seems to be inferred in the trailer. All they’re missing is bullet-time. They’re probably a little scared (with justification) about biting off The Matrix.

  37. A really sad follow up to this trailer:
    In fact some fans had just finished filming their own version of Max Payne. Fox informed them that since Fox owns the rights, they were not allowed to post it on the net (which was going to be for free).

    I find this a really sad story personaly. They say they are going to reshoot the film so that they wont be infringing on copy right. Check it out here.


  38. it being a video game movie….more than likely it will suck. but i was surprised at how much i enjoyed this trailer. i smiled the whole way through, it looks and feels like the game. that angel stuff is hopefully in a drugged out dreams (like in the game). but yea looks good to me…

  39. I have played the max payne games and I love them. I also LOVED this trailer. it had the feel of max payne too it. Like some have mentioned above more than like the demons/angles you see are more than likely part of a dream, the dream sequences in max payne the game were pretty disturbing. Throwing in the angels/demons is taking one step further; I look forward to this movie.

  40. I know the games, never played them, don’t care. That trailer looked super cool, a mix between Sin City and 300. I’m looking forward to check this movie out.

  41. I like the trailer. I played and still love both the games, that’s why there is only a slight possibility that the film will please me. At least the trailer suggests the atmosphere of death, dark dreams and violence that was so essential to the games. I’m still looking foward to this, though I wished Clive Owen would play the leading role.

  42. This looks spot on with the game. As long as the angels demons thing is only dream sequences, I am cool with that. But I SWEAR TO GOD if they make that the plot somehow, I will pull my own Max Payne on Hollywood.

    Still, amazed at how much I recognized from one of the best PS2 games ever.

  43. really had the feel of the 2nd game. Actually looks quite good. I’m suprised. Tho I can’t remeber who that big eagle guy is….if he was in the game. I played the game so long ago.

  44. jesse you are exactly right
    thats what the game was – simply him getting revenge
    i read the script for this movie
    its horrible
    the trailer only confirms that all those scenes i read are in the film

  45. i think what this project needs is a simple clear plot with a melancholy atmosphere created by dark visuals and music… just like the game.

    this trailer looks like too much… too much subplots… too much characters… too much sex (^^) and too much supernatural…
    not too much!!!
    i really want to see just an atmospheric flick with as little dialogues as possible.. :)
    can you understand me?? i know it sounds kind of weird… but thats max payne!

  46. I played (and finished) both games and I really liked what I just saw in the trailer. Both games had surreal and slightly disturbing dream sequences and the demons/angels thing seems to be a nice way of bringing them to the big screen.

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