John Talks To The 3 Leads Of “Bitch Slap”


We’re down here in San Diego and as some of you may remember, we put up a video yesterday with Doug talking to the Writers and Producers of the upcoming film “Bitch Slap“. Does this film look like high cinematic art? Hell no, but the reason Doug and I are both pretty pumped for it is that it looks like just a pure jolt of fun… and I’m always up for flicks like that, and Bitch Slap looks like it could completely rule on that level.

Anyway, after Doug spoke with the filmmakers, I had a chance to “sit” down with the 3 leading ladies in the film who are:

Julia Voth – “Trixie” (who comes from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, a city I lived in for like 6 years)

Erin Cummings – “Hel”

America Olivo – “Camero”

These girls were extemely wonderful to talk to. We hung out in their hotel room for over an hour just talking about the movie and anything else you can think of. Very down to earth chicks and I hope for great things for this little flick of theirs. The video is here:

To see the official trailer you can just go here.