Jeff Bridges and Tron 2 Confirmed!

This Year’s ComicCon has plenty of new announcements and one that caught me completely by surprise was the announcement that Tron2 was being produced. And Jeff Bridges is going to be in it!

A teaser for the film was shown at ComicCon yesterday and was met with much appreciation.

/Film says:

The teaser starts off with the camera panning through a strange stylized landscape. At this point, nobody knew what we were watching, so only silence filled the hall. And then, two blue/yellow suit-wearing motorcyclists burst into frame, engaged in a frenzy of a race. Audiences erupted in applause.

I think I would have about wet myself at this point too.

Taking advantage of new technology, Tron2, leetspeek labeled Tr2n will be all cgi with hints that events that take place in the “real world” will be live action. And the best part of all is that Jeff Bridges will be in it. How his character will play into this I don’t know, but I am all for it.

The original Tron was awesome, and considering the technology at the time was still super cool. Yeah it was just cardboard costumes with black lighting, but it was still cool. Shuddap ya whippersnappers, you wont like it. There are no Pokemon inside the machine.

As soon as we find a video link somewhere for this we will post it!

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22 thoughts on “Jeff Bridges and Tron 2 Confirmed!

  1. am a big fan of this first movie and like punch myself when the disk of Tron arcade out in the middle of the 80s i was soooo addicted to the game that i spend half of my pay check on the machine how stupid when i think of it now but anyways i hope there is a little jeff humor and some wendy carlos music some what and would be nice if the guy that played zark came back not too sure he didn’t like the movie he was in o well hope it will be great

  2. How big of a Tron nerd am I? I have the original Tron arcade game in all its blacklight glory in my basement. I pitched a tent when I heard the Tr2n news. Check out the crappy bootleg on youtube before its gone.

  3. Thank ALAH! for this one. So anyways who cares if its all cgi? Its 2008 not 1978. If you saw the bootleg trailer how the hell would ya even doubt the movies ability to deliver. When Jurassic Park came out I would of rather seen real dinosaurs but thank goodness for cgi! Cant wait for this to come out.

  4. This is a dream come true for me… even though some of the acting in the original is awful I still love the film… loved the TRON 2.0 computer game too, though I assume they won’t be using the same storyline for the movie?

    Anyway this is really great news, thanks for letting us know!


  5. This is great news. I was lucky to see a leaked version of this footage on YouTube. It was very rough and recorded by a cell phone camera, but was so very exciting.

    It’s about time we get a new TRON movie. I hope they make a new game as well. :)

  6. If I’m honest I’m sceptical about this. The original was just awesome, one of those movies I watched a lot as a kid and absolutely loved to bits.

    How well a sequel could be done now, with all-CGI stuff….well I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt till I see the trailer, but I’d rather they stuck to shooting on really old black and white cameras with real live actors and just CGI the backgrounds.

  7. Lisberger hasn’t written ANYTHING since 1987. And out of no where does some scifi slated for next year.

    I hardly think that involving this guy who has been out of Hollywood for 2 decades is a big concern.

  8. According to an interview, all Lisberger really did was act as “creative director”….my hopes for this movie are completely shot.

  9. I’m worried about this….”all CGI”???? WTF?

    What happened to real humans portraying programs?

    The fact that Steve Lisberger didn’t write the screenplay worries me, as well as not directing it? Gayyyyyyy….

    Look, I am ALL for another Tron….but if this doesn’t involve human actors (at least to some degree in the digital world) and the original writer directing/screenplay….I think I’ll be VERY skeptical about it.

  10. Considering your friend doesn’t have an IMDB listing might have something to do with why they wont use his script.

    Not saying there isn’t some undiscovered talent out there, but I think their ‘half a brain’ will likely go with a writer who is part of some guild and has some experience in actually writing films.

    I wish you friend luck, but before we worry about why they didn’t choose him, he might want to get a job doing it. Sadly that is enough to discard him by Hollywood standards.

  11. Friend of mine, great screenwriter named Nick Creature, had written a draft years ago of ‘Tron 2.0’ which was amazing. If they have half a brain, they’ll tap back into the genius that is Mr. Creature, and start there. (He was also responsible for not only the best ‘Indy 4’ script I read, but also ‘Goonies 2.’) In any event, glad to hear Mr. Bridges is back. He’s always worth the watch. Cheers …

  12. Greetings programs!

    First saw TRON in the theater in 1982 – the summer before 6th grade. It completely blew me away with its groundbreaking visuals (for the time) and cool subject matter. TRON remains my absolute favorite film of all time to this day.

    I’m both excited and worried about the sequel. I’d love a sequel, but it has to be done right. Jeff Bridges is on board, so that’s a big step in the right direction. I hate spoilers, but accidentally read bits of some while poking around articles about this news. So far, what I’ve read seems very interesting.

    I’m getting chills just thinking about how cool this might be… I’m such a TRON-nerd and DAMN PROUD of it! :-)

  13. Best Comiccon news so far… Well, haven’t read much of today yet… Best of Thursday! How were they keeping this under wraps, we hadn’t heard about it… We get news through RSS about the con quicker than a lot of people there, but a major motion picture can still be a surprise? God love Disney, I’d almost forgotten what a surprise was!

  14. Yes, yes, and more Yes! This is the first I’ve heard of this project and I am definitely excited. I’m usually the guy railing on remakes and sequels, but this is one that I think could hold up very well.

  15. After years of developing (not counting the “Tron 2” PC game, which isn’t half bad) , it’s finally happening.

    So where does Bridges fit in? Well, if we “upped” a timeline from 1982* and coin op games are on a decline due to PC and PSP etc., then Flynn would most likely be a CEO of one such gaming or programming company. I don’t know if they’d get Bruce Boxlienter or Cindy Morgan back (at least for motion capture? Or also CEOs?) or if they are sticking to “the son of Tron” idea (from the PC game) …

    Or how about someone finding a “back door” and bring the new CPU world into the real one like VR? In one room, real people can race lightcycles?

    As many in the AI world will have more combat games (such as fighting games, shoot em ups) will we have hints of that as well?

    How deep is Steven Lisenberger’s involvement?

    I’m down with this. I’m a huge TRON fan.

    Pixar’s lending a hand out to this aren’t they? It’s where some of Pixar’s key people first got their start.

  16. i still haven’t seen the whole tron 1… just one of those movies i guess where you don’t see the entire thing.. i probably should though

  17. I consider this excellent news. The concept should be great. The only question is whether today’s youth are jaded by all this “computer magic” and won’t get into the fantasy of it all. And if they don’t, screw ’em.

  18. I’m not a huge Tron fan, but I like me some Jeff Bridges. And Jeff Bridges in an 80s nostalgia sci-fi? Well, damn. That’s peanut butter and jelly, with porn on top.

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