I am Legend Prequel?

I am Legend was met with mixed reviews, but I still liked it enough. But even with liking it, I was surprised to see $580 million worldwide from this movie. But we have learned not to doubt the Fresh Prince. And as predictable as Hollywood is, a movie makes that much coin, it gets a sequel. But in this case, rumour is saying prequel. Can you prequel I am Legend?

/Film says:

Lawrence believes that Smith would reprise his role of Dr. Robert Neville for the prequel, which would pretty much guarantee a green light. I mean, if you ran Warner Bros, would you say no to guaranteed money?

But the real question is, would an I Am Legend prequel have a story that is worth telling.

Sometimes a story is best told in flashbacks like Neville’s moments of memory in I am Legend. I really liked seeing how he functioned in the abandoned and dead NY, and seeing him just a little bit crazy was really interesting. How long could you keep your frootloops in the bowl? And the dog does offer a last shred of hope to keep his sanity as well as a great tool in the passage of time.

But do we really need to see a whole movie about the Cancer Curing virus? In the opening moments of the film we find out everything that happened. And I kind of like how the blanks were filled in for us. So what story is there?

Are they just hoping to bank on big Willie again? If Smith is as bankable as we believe, wouldn’t it make sense that if they put the bank in a recognized franchise that he would score twice?

I Am Not Legend Yet, might never get made. I hope it doesn’t.

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  1. Now, I have to admit, I loved “I Am Legend” and could definitely see a prequel to the story because there were alot of unanswered questions and aspects of the story that could be focused on more.

    Such as the apparent leader of the diseased… He seemed to have been some type of authority type but he also seemed to have a great amount of hatred for Will’s character. They could definitely jump into this deeper and explain a ‘possible’ connection…

    Also, I can only assume that this film will focus on the days after he lost his family, which would make perfect sense. We never truly saw the evolution of the creatures from human to diseased. And also, it never explained why he seemed to put so much responsibility on his shoulders to find a cure. Maybe theres another leading story. Could he have been involved with the creation or spread of it…..

  2. George Loocas,

    We already knew how The Star Wars Prequel-igies end. Then again I went to see them simply because they were “Star Wars.”

  3. I loved the first 2/3rds of I am Legend, but the once the dog was gone I just didn’t like it.

    As for a prequel…sure, but I don’t see it being more than a chase around the city. Couple of jumpy moments and barely escaping. I can’t even come up with anything creative that wasn’t a)done already or b)would go against what we learned in the previous one. They would almost have to do it right after the evacuation meaning more people and watching them get infected which would be a mirror of what happened to the dog.

    The dog would also be a puppy then, meaning it would be kind of useless. Hell the whole city is in chaos, he could probably get a new companion from either the pet shop or the zoo. Maybe a trained Hawk…or a penguin. I think I’ve lost my mind. But either way, I was luke-warm about a prequel before writing this and now thinking of the possibilities, I don’t really see myself being interested in it.

  4. How utterly stupid was Warner Bros. for not going with the Alternative cut released on the the special edition DVD which is not only a superior version of the movie in my opinion, but leaves the door completly open for a sequel or even a trilogy. I have no interest in seeing a PREQUEL to the story!

  5. I would want to see a prequel, just cause I really liked I am legend, so why the hell not.
    If I dont like the prequel guess what, I can still like I am Legend. So yeah, whatever you have to do do it to give me more of those crazy amped up zombies.

  6. So let me get this right.

    We all want to see a film where we know a character (and his dog) will not die in it, thus there is no suspense. If any new speaking characters are introduced, we know that they will be dead at he end of the film and that it contradicts the first. (The first film HAD flashbacks). Gotcha.

    We want to see a film how the character built his house into a lab and fortress, even though it is totally unnecessary, isn’t all that exciting, and that in the first film, we already seen how effective those defenses were. I get it.

    We want a film that is meaningless ( “not a legend yet”-that’s good, Rodney.) for tone and character. We want a film that robs away the mystery of the infected. We want to see Emma Thompson suffer! hey, I understand this “prequel” idea well.

    Let’s waste our money and make it.

    So what?

    So what if we can’t make a film that shows Neville didn’t die in the explosion but has second to third degree burns and is running alone and wounded in an empty city with 1,000 + infected out to kill him? With no fortress? With no cure (he passed it on for delivery) but with knowledge on how to make more cure samples if given the time and chance? So what if we can’t make a film that will show the “survivors” encampment and how they cope with life?

    Forget all ^^^ that. We do want a prequel. The votes are in. We also want an alternate ending. We love those too.


  7. There exists territory there that could be interesting. When we meet Smith’s character in I Am Legend, he has obviously learned how to survive with these creatures running around in the shadows. But how did he get to that point? How did he build his fortress? What was his first week alone in the city with them like?

    I’m not saying the film would be good, I didn’t even particularly like the first one. Just that the potential is there to tell an interesting story.

  8. i had the pleasure of reading the book before seeing the movie and a more faithful representation of that story would have made for a better movie, not to say the will smith vehicle was bad….but a more literary accurate movie would have made for a more interesting piece and maybe open urself up to a prequel…..but i really hope they dont do this….

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