Comic Con Day 1 Experiences

Hey there guys. Well, we’ve come to an end of our first day of Comic Con. It was already quite eventful. A 2 hour drive from LA to San Diego. Standing in line for over 2 hours to get our press passes. Seeing the Convention floor. Eating great food in the Gaslamp district and finally catching a screening of Tropic Thunder (you can see my review below). Not a bad first day at all.

So here are some of the sights and sounds of Comic Con day 1

And obviously some pictures

These Comic Con banners are all over the place welcoming everyone to the Convention.

Just a part of the line up waiting for our press passes

Waiting in line and hanging out with the great Devin Faraci from CHUD

Squealing girls from GEN (Girl’s Entertainment Network) come begging for my autograph (and if you believe that…)

Iron Man greets us in the hall

Anakin Skywalker from Clone Wars is ready for battle

There is a lot of chaos on the Con floor

One of the coolest things I saw all day. A giant Castle Grayskull

Anyway, that’ll do it for now. More sights and sounds of Comic Con to come tomorrow. And once again, if you’re in San Diego now, don’t forget to come check out the Masters of the Web panel at 10am Thursday morning. Hope to see you there!

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21 thoughts on “Comic Con Day 1 Experiences

  1. this was my first time to comic con and it was great.. i was in Hall H most of the day yesterday to see the cast of Twilight.. Right now i’m suffering what I call a Twilight Hangover.. my head is pounding from all the screaming which I helped w/ too.. It was a good experiance.. The Wolverine preview was GREAT!!! Gambits in it, and when the crowd saw that it went crazy.. Looks Great…

    to kristina.. a pipe did fall.. it was more like the black curtain in the back of the hall, and the metal pole/pipe.. fell and kept falling.. i was near the front but all i heard was someone scream, saw ppl running and then turned around and saw it keep on falling.. I have a picture of it…

  2. BADASS!!!
    fuck, i wanna be there!
    but ya ok, wait, screening of Wolverine!? John, GO!!! fuck, i will go FOR YOU!
    and, a screening of Hulk vs Wolverine? i know the concepts been touched on, but i didnt know there was any piece of cinema out there of it.

  3. That was hilarious; everytime John asked how crowded things were, Doug looked disgusted about it.

    I suppose if it’s the real sword of Grayskull, then you can understand them not wanting people to touch it since it grants magic powers to any who lift it and chant. You don’t want to put that power in the hand of obese swetty men.

  4. I’m thinking of working on getting my passport, saving up some money, and going for next year’s Comic Con. It seems really great and year after year I wish i could be there.

  5. Darren beat me to commenting on the banner. It’s too bad that there won’t be something from the new movie at The Con. I’m really surprised that they aren’t showing footage from the new movie.

  6. Really cool, John and Doug. This place sure looks great. Not just the convention itself but also the city. Looking forward to more videos and pictures.

    But also seeing all this is kinda depressing for me because going to SDCC has been a dream of mine for quite a long time now and I envy every person who goes there. But enough of me crying. Enjoy your stay there and keep the good stuff coming.

  7. Very nice video, cannot wait for future ones! How I wish I would currently also be there …

    BTW: The restaurant prices in the U.S. seem very low, you wouldn’t find such a cheap restaurant here in Germany. But maybe it’s just the strong euro/the weak dollar … ;)

  8. Its great that you are sharing TMB’s experiences at Comic Con John.

    It looks great but I gotta say I don’t mess those line-ups and crowds at all.

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