Christian Bale Allegedly Assaults His Own Family

Christianbale11We have peculiar news today that is strange beyond belief. It appears that Christian Bale has been arrested for asaulting his own mother and sister! We get wind of this news from the professionals at Variety:

Batman star Christian Bale was arrested Tuesday on allegations of assault, police said. British media had reported that Bale’s mother and sister complained they were assaulted by the 34-year-old actor at the Dorchester Hotel in London on Sunday night, a day before the European premiere of “The Dark Knight.”

The women made the allegation at a local police station in Southern England on Monday, Britain’s Press Association news agency said. It said the allegation was then passed on to the Metropolitan Police in London.

I think Bale is an incredible actor, and I find it very upsetting that his career could be affected, because he punched out his sister and mother in a hotel. I am hoping that this news turns out to be false, maybe the onion is the source of the news……but it doesn’t seem like it.

Few things are worse for your public image than beating up your mother, throwing a sister into the equation certainly doesn’t help things. All of this nonsense makes Tom Cruise’s outbursts look incredibly mild in comparison. This is very bad news and who knows what the fallout will be at this point. As bad as it is to say, I hope a massive amount of drugs were involved; at least that gives him an excuse. If he was sober, it’s all the more sinister.

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60 thoughts on “Christian Bale Allegedly Assaults His Own Family

  1. Am I the only one that sees the irony in the fact that Christian Bale played Batman – and then he was arrested by Metropolitan Police in London? This is very close to Metropolis Police, where Superman is located. It’s almost as if the Superman/Batman feud occurred in real life!

  2. Every media outlet here in the UK seems to think they invented the ‘released on Bale/ Bail’ pun. Im already tired of it in under 24 hours.

  3. It should be noted that Bale doesn’t actually have anything to do with his biological mother, nor that side of the family, and that he stayed with his father when his parents divorced. Word is that his mother has been trying to sponge off him since he became famous, but that’s something that Bale doesn’t talk about.

    The story that’s coming out of the hotel now is that his estranged mother and sister showed up at the hotel, drunk and belligerent, and started a scene in the lobby. They exchanged words, and then left. The next day, they called the police, and pressed charges.

    It should also be noted that Bale wasn’t arrested. He surrendered himself, and no charges were laid.

  4. Pretty obvious what happened.

    CB’s Mum: Give me money
    CB’s Sister: Give me money
    CB: No.

    Then they went to the police as revenge. Probably so they can try and sell their story to some women’s mag or tabloid paper.

  5. I do believe that it is just assault, correct? Which makes it a simply verbal charge and that there was no physical action. I wonder what the mom and sister may have done to provoke him. Two sides to every story.

  6. Kinda sux because Bale has always been an actor that keeps his personal life very much out of the public eye. He was asked in an interview about who inspired him as a kid and he said his dad but wouldn’t even talk anymore about it because he keeps that to himself.

    I personally respect that. Too bad people are so quick to want to tarnish some people’s reputation.

  7. He’s batman he can do the fuck he wants HIS PARENTS WERE SHOT GOD DAMN IT!

    now he sees what he has to become to stop moms and sisters like them

    and of course you have to appreciate the irony from good old Harvey Dents line

    “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villian.”

  8. Sugar. Sugar cookies.

    This is going to all wash over for me, don’t worry. I certainly didn’t hit anyone. I was just pushing them out the door after mum refused to bake the cookies. I can’t always be in a good mood! Neverethless I don’t hit people, except on set when the light crew crosses me…just kidding. Seriously though you try dealing with drunken family members and let me know how it goes for you.



  9. Apparently from what I heard on the radio this morning, Bale has long been estranged from his family. His father died a few years ago, and he rarely sees his mother. By some accounts this whole thing was schemed up by his mother and sister.

    I don’t think any less of Bale for this. Hell, he’s gone and made himself a success, and his stinking, rotten mother just wants to ruin it all for him. She’d know damn well that something like this could tarnish his reputation or even destroy his career.

    I’m disappointed that so many news outlets however have blown this all out of proportion, so that regardless of the truth, you’re always gonna have uneducated nitwits now seeing Bale as the guy who bashed his poor mother and sister.

  10. People need to start editting the news topics. Assault, to someone like me in the US, sounds like he beat his mother and sister. He simpley yelled at them? That is pathetic reason to call the cops on someone if you ask me unless he is threatening physical harm. I personally can’t believe it. He seems very intelligent and always calm and collected during interviews. Hard to imagine he would scare someone so much to make them call the cops. I think someone overrated and called the cops and got him thrown into jail….

  11. Yea , I thought the same thing. If yelling at my mom and brother was a criminal offense – all of us would have gotten the chair :p

    We certainly can’t make a judgment at this point either way with the facts that we currently have.

    Having the news circle the globe however may ruin Christmas dinner, this is for certain.

  12. Assualt is not physical and so he yelled at his mom and sis….okay — how many times have I yelled at my family and they at me?? Involving the police? Hm, I am suspicious. Honestly, one can’t make a judgement either way because we weren’t there.

  13. I told my mom to “Bake me some cookies or I’m going to rattle some cages!” in my Batman inflection. Blown way out of proportion.



  14. Wow that really sucks. Bale behind bars? So he hit his mother and sister? That’s really not cool. Although I wonder what shit they were maybe throwing at him and getting on his nerves? Christian must’ve been really pissed at them for something they did or said. Anythings possible.

    Still there’s no excuse for attacking women and especially your own family.

  15. To be serious, I have ZERO TOLERANCE for violence against women. If this is true, and this guy assaulted his own MOTHER, I will lose a lot of respect for him as a person.

    Career-wise, he’s fine. How many teeth has Russell Crowe knocked out in his time? He still gets work, doesn’t he? Hell, Crowe probably taught Bale some moves on the set of 3:10 To Yuma!

  16. CARLOS
    no theres no assault and battery or assault with battery the assault is kinda redundant once they press charges of battery

    if you say “get off my grass or ill chop ur dick off” AND the person presses charges you can get arrested but it wont be a felony…and it depends on what the threat was…its gotta be a legit threat

  17. Dragonslayer
    in that movie he was so sifferent and he was such a shit…reminds me of ed norton in that movie where hes a racist nazi or tobey mcwire when he was that german villain guy in WW2.

    and Carlos – theres no such thing as assault with battery. when you assault someone the battery no longer matters…

  18. Drugs wouldn’t give him an excuse at all. Everything he did while under the influence of drugs (if it happened to be that) would be just like he did it without the drugs. You choose to do drugs, then you choose to do every act that you take while under that influence.

  19. I don’t know laws in England but here in the states even pushing a person or grabbing them is considered assault. So I wouldn’t say punching out his mother and sister is true, since we don’t know the specifics it’s all just a guessing game until official word is out.

  20. @ Ransom

    I have no personal problem with Variety and will source them when I get the story there. I am uncomfortable not giving credit to the source, I consider it stealing and will not do it.

    In order to comply with the policy of the site, I am not providing a link.

    The idea of verbal assault never crossed my mind, and perhaps it should have. When I hear assault – I always assume physical violence.

    Verbal abuse it could be.

    I hope he is innocent; the thought of his mother and sister scheming did cross my mind. IF that is the case – he should never talk to them again and build a moat around his house.

  21. I’m blaming this on “3:10 to Yuma”. Probably learned this type of behavior from co-star Russell Crowe. Anyone know if the hotel phone was involved?

  22. Thanks for the procedural clarification Hazmat. If he never touched them, then it looks even more bizarre and I guess a little bit suspicious that they went to the police.

    What do they expect to gain by getting him arrested? Bale is humbled and wises up and learns to treat them nicer? Not likely. Sounds like a good way to make sure you never see your son again, whether he was wrong or right.

  23. they were ASSAULTED. that means that he verbally threaten them or made a phisicall move that looked as if he was ABOUT to hurt them phisically but never actually hit them

    if he would have touched them it would have been a battery (battary..baterie..w.e.) and its not. i have assaulted my mom and my sister many times, we all have

    “fuck you uncle tom i can hang out with whoever i want- if you dont stop spying on me ill kick your ass!”

    thats an assault^^ and i do it everyday. looks like he was shouting and realy getting pissed off. obviously his mom got scared and is now in womens usuall “cry and eat ice cream state” along wiht his sister

  24. Regardless of the actual circumstances of the incident, I have to wonder why his mother and sister went to the police. It would seem to indicate that either a) there is a pattern of abuse, or b) they want him to suffer the humiliation of being publicly arrested and ridiculed.

    If it was a first time incident, whether it was drugs or simply out of control behavior, I would think that the mother and sister would not want this to go public. So, unless there’s something more sinister at play here, this was either a vicious attack or not the first incident.

    As a parent myself, and having two siblings, I can’t imagine ever going to the police for assault unless I felt the person was dangerous enough to hurt someone else close to him.

    Remember when Russell Crowe throwing phones at hotel employees was a big deal? Luckily the Batman film wasn’t called White Knight or we’d be getting lots of bad headline puns.

  25. Maybe Phil Gee can clarify or confirm this, but “assault” in the UK does mean a verbal attack, as someone implied above. The allegations would be of battery if he had punched them out.

  26. I’m hearing contrary reports about it that his mother and sister are alcoholics who burst into his hotel suite and started a rucuss.

    Bottom line; i’m not going to concern myself about it since we’ll probably never know the truth.

  27. @ Faraz

    LOL my thoughts exactly!

    Bale has always been a soft spoken, polite, and out of the spotlight kinda guy. This news baffles me and I can only imagine his sister and mother are in the wrong, guys like Bale dont go around beating up thier siblings.

  28. “I find it very upsetting that his career could be affected, because he punched out his sister and mother in a hotel.”

    Umm, I find it upsetting that he puched out his sister and mother in a hotel.

    This is what I actually think happened. Obama actually punched Bale’s sister and mom. But Bale insisted America need Obama to be it white knight and took the blame.

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