Burton Found his Alice in Wonderland – Mia Wasikowska

Earlier this month Doug talked about Ryan Nikole Parker being rumoured for Alice in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Well it seems that rumour was false as today it was announced that Mia Wasikowska has signed on the dotted line.

It is not, as was rumored a couple weeks ago, Ryan Nikole Parker, but it’s not anyone more well-known, either. The role has gone to Australian actress Mia Wasikowska — and holy crap, I have nothing but respect for anyone who can break into Hollywood and retain a name like Mia Wasikowska.

This girl has two other feature film projects in production right now, so someone already took note of her, so hopefully we get a better grasp of this girl by the time this comes around. But if you followed the special TV Series “In Treatment” you would already be exposed to her dramatic abilities as the patient Sophie.

She is a mere 18 years of age, but judging by most recent pictures I could scrape up of her, she could easily pass for 14 or younger with the right attitude.

I am encouraged to see a darker Alice in Wonderland with a truly younger Alice. Imagine the creatures of Wonderland as seen through the eyes of a child. That alone could be a trip.

Here’s hoping this little lass is a good enough actor.

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