Bob Stencil’s Comic Con Coverage 2008

Bob$Tencil-1First Showing was lucky enough to persuade San Diego’s own Bob $tencil to cover a number of panels for them. Sadly I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting this living legend, but I present you you his bio and a link to his footage.

Bob $tencil used to fly planes for Braniff International, but in 1982 they went bankrupt. Since then he’s been crooning, MCing, and playing and teaching poker in Southern California, Las Vegas, and Reno. Every year he travels to the San Diego Comic-Con to chat with old friends, hit on celebrities, and spread the word on moustache love.

You seriously have to check out his panel interview videos, they are hilarious! He was well worth his weight in cash and whores. Props to Alex for bringing him on board.

Follow this link for more.

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6 thoughts on “Bob Stencil’s Comic Con Coverage 2008

  1. HAHA, I remember seeing him asking a question at the LOST panel. He was hilarious. He got a Dharma six pack of beer from them.

  2. I was following and keeping up with his hilarious videos throughout the weekend, great stuff. Go to his YouTube account and you’ll find a gold mine of comedy.

    He’s like Will Ferrell’s character in Anchorman, but even funnier and less over-the-top; I love it.

    Nothing better than my favorite site:

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