Angelina Jolie Being Courted For Catwoman

Fresh out of the birthing chambers, it looks like Angelina has her sights set on Catwoman?! We get the following scoop from our friends at monsters and critics.

Angelina Jolie is reportedly being lined up to star as Catwoman in a new movie. The 33-year-old actress is said to be in final negotiations with studio bosses to play the feline villain who first appeared in the Batman comics.

Angelina has already been approved for the role by Julie Newmar, who played Catwoman in the ‘Batman’ TV series from 1966 to 1968. Julie, now 74, said: “Angelina would own the part. My industry friends tell me she has already made enquiries about the role. I can understand how it would pique her interest. Catwoman is Batman’s one true love.

I think Angelina Jolie would make an outstanding Catwoman. She is a sultry minx, and if anyone could play the character today; it would be her. I just have the same thought in my head that almost all of you do. Are people ready for another Catwoman after Halle Berry’s disastrous cinematic abortion?

I think Jolie is a name that will put asses in seats, and the right outfit will help to quell any doubts. Who knows, maybe they are even planning a tie in to the current Batman franchise. I personally think they should make the film in a few more years…but show us the outfit as soon as possible.

What do you guys think? Will Angelina be able to pull people back for another helping of Catwoman, or are its chances shot because of the previous film?

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62 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Being Courted For Catwoman

  1. I really don’t want to see Catwoman in the next Batman film and I can’t see Angelina Jolie doing it. Catwoman just wouldn’t fit into Nolan’s universe, seriously, a woman who dresses up like a cat with a whip to fight crime. It took a large portion of Batman Begins to explain why Batman wears his costume but cats aren’t exactly scary.

    1. Are you KIDDING ME?!? Cat Woman (Done Christopher Nolan style, of course) would be the absolute BEST character to have in BM3. I can’t believe that a director and writer as brilliant as Nolan would rule out Cat Woman as a major character. She would be PERFECT for BM3 and here’s why:

      Remember the scene in Dark Knight where Bruce Wayne is stitching himself up after getting bit by a dog and he’s talking to Alfred? I can’t remember if the line is “Bat Man has no weaknesses” or “Bat Man” has no limits” but either way this is a perfect setup for what should happen in BM3. Obviously, when it comes to money Bruce has no limits, he physically has no limits (he kicks the crap out of everyone) and he mentally has no limits (he is ninja trained after all), so what is Batman’s weakness?


      (They even mention CATS in TDK when talking about Bat Man’s suit. Go back and watch it again!!!)

      LOVE. Love is Batman’s ultimate weakness! He would give anything to have his family back, but he can’t, and he’d have given anything to save Rachael, but he failed and now she’s dead. He sacrifices “Batman” as an icon of justice in order to protect the integrity of Harvey Dent in the public’s eye at the end of the Dark Knight because having people retain “hope” is more important in the long run than Bat Man. He’s lost EVERYTHING that was important to him.

      So we get to episode 3. Batman is on the run, he is vilified, and he is hated. He is all alone, he has lost everyone who is important to him – save maybe Alfred. The psychological and physical challenge for Batman is to somehow clear Batman’s good name, but at the same time his past is driving him mad because what he would really like to do is retire Bat Man and just try and have some kind of a normal life. But, doing so is a next to impossible task with criminals like [insert your favorite bad guy here].

      Now, along comes Cat Woman. She may be on the wrong side of the law, but she is much like him in many ways, and he can’t help but be attracted to her. She is beautiful, powerful, sexy, smart as hell, and there really isn’t a ton of difference between them except that crime forced him to become an agent of justice, but crime forced her to take care of herself.

      That’s his downfall, or at least the challenge he needs to overcome in order for him to defeat whatever “bad guys” are in BM3 and restore his name.

      The ONLY weakness Bat Man really has is fear of being alone and without a family. It’s what made him become Batman in the first place, and if he had a temptation to fall in love and find a way OUT of that fate, even if it’s with the wrong woman, I’d say that would be the hardest demon for him to fight.

      Cat Woman would be Bat Man’s “last temptation”, and I couldn’t think of a better way to REALLY put Bat Man in peril than to fall in love with a dangerous woman.

      We’ll see what Nolan does, but if the “Cat” reference in Dark Knight was an “accident” and he doesn’t pick up on that in BM3, then he has totally missed the boat – in my opinion.

      Somehow I think Nolan’s got a plan up his sleeve, but, we’ll just have to wait and see…

      Come on! I don’t want a really good Bat Man 3, I want an AWESOME Bat Man 3.

      Cat Woman is the way to do it. Totally.

      Now, having said all that, is Angelina Jolie the one to play her? I think not. She’s done way to many leading roles to be a “character” in a Batman movie, but I could be wrong.

      My votes would be: Katee Sackhoff, Scarlett Johansson and Kate Beckinsale, in that order. While Scarlett and Beckinsale can do sexy, Sackhoff is unpredictable and tough.

  2. Michelle Pffeifer could STILL rock as catwoman, she is still hot 16 years later! Did nobody see her in Stardust?? she is simply THE BEST catwoman. And Remember….she didn’t die at the end of Batman Returns :-)

  3. Another vote for Kate Beckinsale!

    Batman Begins was so well done that I had complete confidence when I heard that Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker.

    Ditto for the inclusion of Catwoman. Nolan can make it work, and work well. I would definitely prefer that Angelina NOT get the role however. She really isn’t that good looking.

  4. We should go back and remake every bad film, and put Angelina Jolie in it. That automatically makes it the best film ever. Like Batman 4. Use CGI to make Angelina Poison Ivy, and change nothing else. Then it will have been the best movie ever. OOOOH, make her Mister Freeze too, and Robin, and Batgirl. Angelina is the solution to all films. /sarcasm

  5. What’s funny to me about this is I just left the theatre after Seeing the Dark Knight. We discussed things and the addition of characters in the next one.

    My Friend brings up Catwoman. I say “It would be Alright if that damn film wasn’t made a few years ago. The only woman who can save the character has to be a good Actor first and attractive second, like Angelina.”

    No doubt she’s amazing to look at but above all things she’s a fucking brilliant actor. Hands down if she took the role on she would Own it and SAVE Catwoman.

    So I find it funny to come home and see this post on your blog.

    If this is a true story that’s floating around the web. We have a little while to wait anyway. She just had Twins. She’ll need a lot of time to recover and then by that point, maybe the world will be ready for another Catwoman.

  6. SAw Dark Knight again yesterday. I was wrong about dents eye being open. But the second viewing made it even more clear that he is definitely dead.

    thats the last time I will rant about this. Just wanted to correct my mistake.

  7. Tripp,

    Geek Mode: ON.

    As you brought up Kate, I would like to see Angelina & Kate duke it out in future Batman as:

    Angelina: Catwoman
    Kate: Huntress

    Geek Mode:OFF.


  8. I think Jolie should play every part in every movie until she dies. Not just female parts, but men, children, cars, aliens, cartoons, and toothbrushes. Just make every movie a monolouge with her.

  9. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)because halle berrys movie was so good that they just have to make another. i dont want to see another piece of shit catwoman movie but i agree with paul giamatti as the penguin. but what about the riddler or poison ivy. noland needs to take characters that we done poorly and do them justice.

  10. Although I know I know sean penn is hardly mr underact but for some reason I just see Penn joining this series.

    I would almost be happy if they didn’t make another. Dark Knight will be very hard to beat.

    As long as they stay away from Robin!!!

  11. Did anyone think that Heath Ledger was going to rock in The Dark Knight before the trailer came out? I sure didn’t. All I was thinking was “why wasn’t Robin Williams contacted for this? Why does everyone kick older actors to the curb? Heath Ledger is too young for this, and he was in 10 Things I Hate About You.” Then the trailer came out, and most of my fears were put to rest. Now that I’ve seen the movie a few times, I can see no one but Heath Ledger playing the Joker.

    If Christopher Nolan wants to use Angelina Jolie, Michelle Pheiffer, Halle Berry, Kate Beckinsale, or even (dare I say) Jessica Alba – puke – in the role of Catwoman, it will be amazing. He is a fantastic director. That’s all there is to it.

    I am personally hoping for a Penguin, Catwoman, or Poison Ivy (can we give Uma Thurman another chance with a brilliant script?) storyline simply because I hate the Riddler, Mr. Freeze, and most of the other Batman villians. I don’t see Catwoman being able to stand alone as a villian since she is a good bad guy, but hey, if Nolan wants to go that route, it won’t stop me from seeing the movie… and it probably won’t stop many others.

  12. David Tennant as The Riddler would be painful. He would do his usual overacting and gurning. Ugh. Give me Sean Penn as a Zodiac type serial killer.

  13. Warner Bros, nobody even wanted the FIRST Catwoman movie. Had nothing to do with Hale Berry – the movie was just bad. You could remake it with every single actress in the world and it wouldn’t get any better. Just lay off the Catwoman franchise and keep her in the Batman movies.

    Besides, you’ve got Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern – maybe even Aquaman – all on the backburner. I don’t even read comic books and I know these are the guys you need to be making movies about.

    And Homero – David Tennant as the Riddler? That just blew my mind. Awesome.

  14. hmm…there was a slight hint in TDK that catwoman might appear in the sequel:

    *when talking about the new suit*
    “Can it protect against dogs?”
    “It can protect against cats”

    It does worry me after the Halle Berry mess. However, I trust Nolan with anything now, so I’m open to the idea.

  15. Harvey Dent and Two Face BOTH DIED. It’s finished.

    Nolan told Dent as a complete story with a tragic ending. He had his arc and it is done. If he comes back it will not be the nolans doing as I will bet you anything in their minds Dent and Two Face dies. If they were to cheaply bring him back and ruin the entire film of the dark knight it will be under studio or another directors orders.He is lying there lifeless with his good eye wide open.

    Batman and Gordon stand around talking about what to say about him without tending to him or checking him out or saying “we have to get him to a hospital – secretly” because it is over. They can clearly see he is dead as can and should everyone in the audience.

    Its almost the point of the film. All the themes that are running through the film are leading to that moment. Dents fall had to happen literally and figuratively.

    jonathan nolans interview with creative screenplay magazine pretty much makes it clear, the novelization says he is dead and also he is lying with his eyes open. The classic movie death frozen stare. Hes dead. Dead I tell you.

  16. Kate Beckinsale has my vote if there has to be a Catwoman. She’s beautiful but there has always been something a little bit creepy about her, to me at least. I think that might translate well for the character.

  17. If she plays that role in a BATMAN movie made by Christopher Nolan it will be PERFECT! I think she’s the right actress…
    But if they’re thinking of re-making Berry’s CATWOMAN well then I wouldnt like her to play it.

  18. Why does no-one realize that a) Angelina Jolie can’t act and b) she’s not that good-looking.

    Catwoman isn’t a strong enough character to hold a movie by herself (one of the many reasons the Halle Berry fiasco occured) and if Angelina is put into Nolan’s trilogy, I have to fear for the worst.

  19. Jett over at BOF is reporting that there are talks over at WB and or ‘rumors’ that Angelina Jolie could be Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s follow up to “The Dark Knight.” I personally think this is a brilliant idea. I don’t even like Catwoman, but I believe they can pull it off. Have Selina Kyle as an obsessive jewl thief who has cutting edge technology like Wayne, and a super-scientific suit to do here deeds. Have her suit be as intimidating as hell, and not cat-like in any way. The public should giver her that name because of how stealthy and nimble and mysterious she is. I can see nobody but Angelina Jolie playing the part. She is intimidating and sexy as hell…she and Nolan can pull it off, and take this film to a dark, interesting place.

  20. The Joker is a psychopathic mass murdering killer that’s all i expect fom him, many comic book writers take liberty on characters as well.

  21. Jollie as catwoman might keep some people away. At least that’s the reason I heard time and time again for people not wanting to see Wanted. I think she would do a good job but so would a lot of other actors. And in a so crazy it has to work way I think Halle could do a pretty good job if they brought her back and just pretended the last movie didn’t happen.

  22. This better be for Nolan’s Finale. All other pure villians would be weak sauce after the Joker, so one whit a romantic/ sexual complexity would help.

  23. Yes, guys, they are looking at Catwoman as a potential villain for Nolan’s follow up to “The Dark Knight.” This is the news from BOF.

  24. My bad! I assumed it was for a dark knight sequel! while the story is somewhat cloudy it would seem that its for her to play the part in a catwoman movie not a Nolan batman 3. Ok, I could live with that but what’s really the point!

  25. My opinion is it doesn’t matter WHO is in the role. Halle is and WAS the shit back then but the movie SUCKED and the outfit SUUUUCKED, so it all depends on WHO is MAKING it.

    If Nolan was making it, then it people would most definitely go see it. BUT ain’t NO way he’s makin that. I would be SHOCKED if he was and I would be BOOSTED.

  26. I think she would be perfect catwoman she makes it very clear that she enjoys bdsm and catwoman is the sexiest Dominatrix out there. Perfect us the outfit!

  27. As a girl who is a comicbook geek, Angelina Jolie is beautiful, she is an amazing actress, but I can not she her as Catwoman. I agree with Kate Beckinsale or Katee Sackhoff (people go check out, she plays an army psych.).

  28. Yea I agree with you catwoman and all that silly bat man villains should stay out of Nolans world.

    And I do not know why everyone on the web is acting like Two Face died.

    It was Harvey Dent that died.

    Two Face will return no villain in a comic book movie dies from a three story fall.

  29. I’d love to see her take on the role; she’s bring all kinds of sultry sexy to the part. She does definitely need those curves back though because a too skinny Catwoman would not be sexy.

    I never saw the Catwoman movie, in fact, I like to pretend it doesn’t exist. The moment they cast Halle B in that role I was out and then when I saw the costume, holy crap, I was really out.

  30. I don’t know if I’m more against Catwoman in Nolan’s Batman, or even considering Jolie to play the character…sounds like a shitty ending to a damn good series.

    The optimal storyline for the next film MUST include The Riddler played by a method actor or David Tennant. Either that or maybe Black Face, since he’s equally as dark as The Joker.

    Catwoman? Angelina Jolie? Why don’t you have the Mad Hatter played by Troy Verner, or Clay Face played by a tall fat kid with Downs Syndrome, or maybe even Bane played by John Goodman…Jesus Christ this is stupid.

  31. What the hell is this? Are they going to act like the one with Haley Barry was never made like they did with the Incredible Hulk?

  32. I agree with Kristina, Jolie looked way thin in Wanted and I actually thought the director shot her from the neck up alot to hide that fact.
    Personally I don’t believe the story as its highly unlikely Nolan at this point is giving any thought to another Batman movie at all. Close to signing?- Hard to believe! Personally I don’t want to see Catwomen in Nolan’s world. I don’t see it working.Hope this rumor has no truth to it!

  33. If she plays Catwoman in whatever it may be, a stand-alone or Batman 3, then I will feel my life is complete if I were to die immediately after watching it.

  34. Please of all that is holy, dont let the heroin addict near BATMAN. She’s not hot, nor can she act. Remember her before Pitt, didnt think so. Shes a by-product of the system,nothing else. Its all phony, wake up !

  35. Morgan Freeman did make that comment in the movie about the new batsuit stopping a cat. Maybe that was a little foreshadowing?

    1. Totally. Cat Woman would be perfect for BM3, but I am not sure if I believe in Christian Bale falling in love with Angelina Jolie. Then again, both of them have horrible work ethics (at times), so it might work…

  36. She needs a sammich or three. She oozes sexuality, but only when she isn’t anorexic.

    She will be hotter than hell as Catwoman. So hot we will forget about the Halle Berry Catwoman – we have tried so hard already.

  37. “I personally think they should make the film in a few more years…but show us the outfit as soon as possible.”

    Haha that was funny. And true.

    I am with those who believe Catwoman would be a fine addition to the Nolan movies. Jolie would certainly be interesting in this role, although I prefer the idea of casting Kate Beckinsale. As long as the character is well developed and that they find an actress who can ACT (and fit in the costume), it should rock.

  38. Within an hour of seeing The Dark Knight, I had told my friends that if it were up to me, I would bring in Catwoman for the next film. It’s the perfect opportunity to do so after what happened to Rachel. It could add some sexual tension and a new layer to Bruce’s inner conflict.

    I also told them if it were up to me, I would probably cast Angelina Jolie. She’s got that sultry look that would be perfect for enticing Batman, not to mention she’s a decent actress in her own right.

    Needless to say, I’m pleased with this news.

  39. I don’t believe this news.

    They don’t have a script yet. I am sure they are thinking about what to do next but there is no way they are already approaching actors.

  40. If Nolan gives Angelina as Catwoman the care and respect and awesomeness he did with the Joker…….I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

  41. I would like to see Catwoman appear in The Dark Knight’s sequel.
    I don’t think the character is strong enough for a stand alone film.

    And I think someone like Kate Beckinsale or (maybe) Katee Sackhoff would be a much better fit for the role.

    1. Katee Sackoff! Now I didn’t even think of that, but yeah, she’s awesome! She’d make someone I could really see Christian Bale getting worked up over!

  42. Whatever they decide to do with Catwoman i hope they skip the supernatural bullshit and make her what she is, a thief. And Jolie as Catwoman makes so much sense. The woman is sexy

  43. Catwoman in a new standalone movie or Catwoman in a sequel to Dark Knight? That’s the big question. I’m not too big on Catwoman for the next Bat-villain. If she wants to do it, she needs to EAT and get her curves back. She was a twig in Wanted.

    And would you check out those eyes? Jeez, she’s beautiful!

    1. Yeah, so did I. You know, Angelina Jolie is a great actress, but I just don’t think she can pull it off. Not to mention the fact that she’s apparently a bitch (excuse the pun) to work with… How about Scarlet Johansson?

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