3 Twilight Posters

We have a few posters to show you today for the upcoming Twilight film. Thanks to our friends over at moviesonline for the following hookup:




This film is based on a novel about vampires. I know very little about the book, but it seems to have a rabid fan following.

I am not blown away by these posters, but it’s always nice to see vampires in love. People seem to go ape-shit for stories of vampire romance; I am waiting for a film about werewolf love.

For those of you that are Twilight fans, what do you think of the posters?

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61 thoughts on “3 Twilight Posters

  1. j’ai adore ce film , mintenan je suis completement acos c’est comme un drogue , est surtou les yeux de robert ! j’aimerais ttelement le conaitre mdr ( oula je reve la ) mais savoir sa personaliter et tou !! <3

  2. TWILIGHT is the awesomest book/movie series ever!!!!
    here is some advice for people that havent read it but dont like it, just read it and i know you will like it as much as i do.
    TWILIGHT ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please leve coments.

  3. Adorei este filme, foi muito deslumbrante e emoção adorei mesmo
    lol… :D
    Espero que que venha o segundo *****

    (TRANSLATION IN Portuguse to inglish)

    I loved this movie, was very impressive and I loved that feeling
    lol…. :D
    I hope that the second coming *****

  4. Hey, Why do you hate Twilight?
    I think it’s awesome cool
    But I don’t like the way that Edward wants to Kill Bella.
    It’s more of a romance story then a Horror story
    But it’s still funny…
    It’s by Stephenie Meyer.
    My email is [email protected]

  5. OMG I loved the movie even though I’m not so fond of the books.
    In The movie I loved when Edward was dining with Bella and he read the people’s minds.
    He’s sooo cute!!!!
    Now I wish VAMPIRE like EDWARD were real and I had a boyfriend like Edward!!!

    1. I know, me too. I dream almost everyday about those two. I dont know but even though its a great danger I sooo wish that vampires were real and edward was one too.

  6. holy crap,,, i have’nt ever read the series twilight, but WOW the movie was excellent that i honestly cant wait to see the secound one. Edward is so hott!! i am hoping that they make number two soon… It was the most amazing/awesome movie i have ever saw cant wait to see number two… love: IzZy…(L)

  7. Well i thought the Twilight Saga was awesum nd so does half my friends at school, my sister, some of the teachers nd my sisters friends. My sister, a few of her friends nd myself r TWILIGHT CRAZY!!!!! Im not crazy bout goin 2 c the movie coz I hav seen nearly evry single trailer (fanmade or official) made nd they rnt as good as the book coz sum thins r left out nd there is different stuff added. I think that Jacob (bellas werewolf “friend”) is a total JERK!!:( Plus because I feel like bein mean they really arnt werewolves, they are shapeshifters. Most people who havnt read the books dont understand the obsessive appeal 2 the books nd most males think its 2 mushy. BOO HOO get over it by the end of the saga it is really a good read. I hate the second and third and a little of the 4th coz as I mentioned Jacob is a total JERK nd is totally selfish. My English teacher from last year thinks he is way more SUPERIOR then Edward but I totally disagree. Edward would hav 2 b the most SUPERIOR one plus the ideal boyfriend, evn though iv never had 1 but still that would b just awesum. O nd 2 all the TWILIGHT fans who read this remember 2 take a paper bag wen u go c the movie coz u r likely 2 start hyperventilatin wen it gets 2 the intamite bits between Edward and Bella

  8. Im a big twilight fan and ive read the books tonnes of times but the movie doesnt look to promising and it is nothin like the books but i hope the sequel will turn out to be better

  9. I loved the books but i think the movie is over rated and the movie look nothing like the books which always happens, like in harry potter. They chose the actors wayyyy to fast but hey there’s nothing we can do about it.

  10. Actually, the “sell out” thing would have been had the author allowed the original version of the script to go ahead when it had been optioned by one of the other studios and the only thing that the movie had in common with the book was the name of the main characters. However, she decided she’d rather scrap the entire concept of a movie rather than have something that had nothing to do with her vision be released.
    Luckily for those of us who did enjoy the series and are happy with the casting, Summit came along and had a vision for the final product that matched Stephenie’s own.
    Personally I’m rather eagerly anticipating the movie and am looking forward to seeing where the movie differs from the book and what they’ve kept true to cannon.

  11. I liked the last two comments. It’s liked they decided “Hey let’s read NONE of the comments and just wave our Twilight fandom flag!”.

    Really, I don’t get the Twilight craze either. Hasn’t the story of “human has forbidden love with vampire” been told a MILLION times? I read the first book and was drastically unimpressed. The casting is terrible compared to how the characters are described in the book. I get a feeling it was a big “sell out” move on the authors part. Money seems to have gotten a hold of her as I hear many Twilight fans don’t really find the last book to be all that great.

    I just don’t understand why Twilight is a craze when the story of human/vampire love has been told before, and so much better.

  12. twilight is the best series i have ever read. everyone who i have talked to thats read it thinks it’s awsome. they put this up for people who like the books not for people to talk trash about it. if that’s all you have to do with your life that’s just sad. leave the twilight things for reall twilighters who actually care!

  13. I agree with Steven. I’ve read the books as well and really enjoyed the action scenes in New Moon and Eclipse. I’m not invested in the romance, but I am invested in the story of the series … It really gets you going and enjoying Vampire and Werewolf lore and I’m not into either one! The movie, unfortunately, is going to suck because they cast people too quick. If they took their time casting, I think the movie might look better, but oh well – the fangirls will make the movie a success no matter what.

  14. Yeah.. I can hontestly say that I’ve read the books and they’re fairly good, but there is no way they should have made it to a movie. Caherine Hardwicke is directing it and although shes made some fairly good stuff (Vanilla Sky)… seeing the trailer and everything its fills and looks like more a fairey instead of movie about vampires.

  15. “That’s why many who haven’t read the book believe it’s a werewolf instead of a vampire.”

    WTF? I have NEVER met ANYONE that thought that…

  16. Watch out! Here comes Twilight fans! just kidding… the book is coming out this weekend and thats all i been hearing about from my friends…

  17. I happen to be be a big fan of the Twilight books and yes, the whole fanbase seems to be 13-16 year old girls.
    Girls just love the fluffiness of love :)
    Though I think the book is excellent, I can only hope the movie turns out good O_o

  18. yes, Blood & Chocolate was a movie about werewolves in love…the books are actually quite decent and Bella does not go after the werewolf to get back at the vampire for leaving. he was just her friend and made her feel better

  19. You say romance but really, it’s like a love story written by an 11-year old girl. The characters have absolutely no chemistry and spend pretty much the entire series back and forth with: “I love you” “I’m dangerous, we can’t be together” “I love you” “”I’m dangerous, we can’t be together” “I love you” “I’m dangerous, we can’t be together” etc. etc.

    It’s mind-numbing.

  20. I tried reading the book about the vampire love story, and after they kiss the plot goes downhill. I’m not a romance fan, and the only films that are considered romances that I’ve seen are Titanic (which I consider a Drama rather then a romance) and Cold Mountain (which I liked because it was like a western in the Civil War genre). The trailer was just awful and it had nothing to do with the story. That’s why many who haven’t read the book believe it’s a werewolf instead of a vampire.

    I’ll probably see The Day the Earth Stood Still instead.

    1. how could you not be an twilight fan? it is the most awesomest movie/book i have ever read. here is some advice, just try it and i know you will love it as much as i do. TWILIGHT ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      this is to aaron

  21. I saw The Day The Earth Stood Still and Max Payne panels at Comic-Con and then had to sit through the Twilight panel to get to the Terminator one, and while its universally accepted that Keanu is a moron who cant put a sentence together, the cast of Twilight makes him look like Shakespeare.
    “Edward” and “Bella” were especially horrible, he couldnt speak and she appeared to be high. There was actually points during the panel where the audience – populated by screaming “Twilighters” – could actually be heard laughing at them. Not with, but at.
    I actually felt bad for the author who had to sit on stage with a smile on her face while the actors babbled incoherently. It was embarrassing.

  22. I also don’t get this Twilight craze. These Twilight fangirls (they’re mostly girls this time) are even more crazy than the Dark Knight fanboys. I still remember one article in Rope of Silicon saying, “I don’t understand the hype over Twilight” then like 200 something girls register on the site to give the writer an ass whuppin’ he didn’t deserve. They were already claiming that it will be the #1 box office hit based on the trailer alone (which looks underwhelming I might add).

  23. Yeah, but Blood and Chocolate was horrible.

    And don’t worry. I’ll get De-Fanged off the ground after ZomCom is completed.

  24. Ah, come on Doug. How could you forget the oh so wonderful American Werewolf in Paris? Now there be werewolf love! (and tities :P)

  25. Stop me if i’m wrong…but I thought ‘Blood and Chocolate’ was a kind of werewolf love story. And hey Slushie Man…wanna get De-Fanged done yet? lol

  26. Actually, I believe these are suppose to be the tradiing cards coming out and not actually movie posters. I’ve only seen one movie poster and it isn’t terribly exciting it looks like the last photo.

    I’ve read the books with my daughter over the last couple of months and we’ve had a blast talking about them. They’re good fluffy teenage romance novels with some action tossed in.

    i wouldn’t count on seeing much werewolves in the first movie, but if they make the second book then there will be much more wolf time.

  27. “I am waiting for a film about werewolf love.”

    A-fucking-men. Werewolves all the way!

    Although my ex, she used to read these novels and told me there was a werewolf in the second novel, when the main chick and the vampire dude breaks up, she goes after the werewolf dude to try and make him jealous. That alone almost got me reading the series, as I LOVE anything werewolf-related.

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