TMB’s 10 Comic Book Movie Alternate Castings

It’s no secret around here that I love Comic Book movies, and as such, I like to talk about them. Over the years there have been some very good casting decisions (see my post on the best casting decisions in comic book movies), there have been some very bad ones (Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane for example) and there have been a ton of “ok” ones too.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw together this little list of Alternate casting ideas… people I would have put in certain roles. Now, just because I suggest an alternate doesn’t necessarily mean I think the person who got the role did a bad job… just that I think it would have turned out even better (possibly) if they had gone in another direction.

So having said that… for your consideration (and inevitable debate) I submit to you my top 10 Alternate Casting suggestions for comic book movies:

Alternate-Comic-Cyclops.jpgMICHAEL BIEHN AS CYCLOPS
Who played it: James Marsden

I’m not the first one to suggest Biehn as Cyclops… his name was being batted around since before the first X-Men movie went into production. I understand Bryan Singer wanted to go in a much younger direction, and I have no complaints with how Marsden played the role… but to me Michael Biehn was born to play Scott Summers, fearless leader of the X-Men. Whenever I see the guy, that’s still all I think about.

Alternate-Comics-Magneto.jpgRUTGER HAUER AS MAGNETO
Who played it: Ian McKellen

This is one of those situations where I have absolutely ZERO complaints about who actually got the role (Ian McKellen), nor am I suggesting that Rutger Hauer would have been “better” than McKellen. However, when I think of the comic book version of Magneto, I don’t think of McKellen… I think of Hauer. McKellen is a BRILLIANT actor, and as such he would have found a way to make ANY role work… hell, he could have convinced us he was Wolverine. For me, Hauer better represents the spirit of who Magneto was… the rawness… the power. There is something about him that resonates with me more for that role and I would have loved to have seen him play it.

Alternate-Comics-Catwoman.jpgANGELINA JOLIE AS CATWOMAN
Who played it: Halle Berry

I know I know… this one looks like I’m just trying to throw in the name of a big star, but seriously, how good would Jolie have been as Catwoman. Sometimes when I’ve seen her in other roles it almost seemed like she was playing Catwoman anyway. Now, the Catwoman I envision Jolie playing would have called for a MUCH different one than they eneded up with in that mess of a movie Berry played in (worst comic book movie ever, and one of the worst movies all time), but the attitude, the swagger, the seductiveness and the aura of Catwoman are all totally embodied by Jolie in my opinion. Not to mention seeing her in tight leather wouldn’t have been so bad either.

Alternate-Comics-Sue-Storm.jpgYVONNE STRAHOVSKI AS SUE STORM
Who played it: Jessica Alba

I’d be very hard pressed to come up with an answer if you asked me “Hey John, who would have been an even WORSE choice to play Sue Storm than Jessica Alba?” Maybe Joan Rivers… perhaps David Hasselhoff… other than that I can’t come up with many more names. You may not know who Yvonne Strahovski is right now… but you will in the coming years. She’s one of the main characters in that new show “Chuck”, and she’s fantastic (pardon the pun). Not only is she a drop dead blonde bombshell, she’s got a good feel for the genre and a ton of potential with her comedic timing. All this would have made her a terrific Sue Storm in my opinion… and who knows… maybe we’ll see her get the chance eventually.

Alternate-Comics-Mary-Jane.jpgANNE HATHAWAY AS MARY JANE
Who played it: Kirsten Dunst

Ok, let’s play that little game again… if you were to ask me “Hey John, who would have been an even WORSE choice to play Mary Jane than Kirsten Dunst”… then wow, I’m not sure what I’d say. Perhaps an old leathery shoe? Pauley Shore? Man, you’ve got me. Ok, to be fair at first I didn’t mind her being cast, but for my money Anne Hathaway would have been a 10x better choice. Mary Jane is supposed to be one of the hottest women in the Marvel Universe (Hathaway has got that all over Dunst) and Hathaway is just flat out better actress than Dunst too. Now please… before anyone shoots “BUT SHE’S NOT A REDHEAD!” at me… please remember this is Hollywood, and they could make her look like Clint Eastwood if they needed too. Making her a redhead would be zero problem at all for them.

Alternate-Comics-Riddler.jpgCRISPIN GLOVER AS THE RIDDLER
Who played it: Jim Carrey

When it comes to playing disturbed, psychotic, twisted individual… I’m not really convinced that you can call what Crispin Glover does “acting”. Have you ever seen him interviewed??? This guy is certifiable crazy. I think he’s as entertaining as hell and love watching him work… but if I ever have kids I won’t be looking up his number when I need a baby sitter. There were a lot of people who thought Glover would have made a terrific Joker (I was one of them), and he would have… but the role I always really saw him playing was The Riddler. The twisted, and yet almost cerebrally schizophrenic nature of the character would have been a perfect shoe fit for Glover. Who knows… maybe we’ll see him do it. Or maybe he is the next Joker now that Ledger is sadly gone.

Alternate-Comics-Rouge.jpgMILA KUNIS AS ROUGE
Who Played it: Anna Paquin

I’ve always liked Mila Kunis, but never really thought anything exceptional of her. But then I saw her in Moving McAllister and although I didn’t love the movie, I thought she was great in it. However, when watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall, for some inexplicable reason I could just see her as Rouge in my head. I don’t know why… she wasn’t doing a Southern Accent or anything… but the image got planted in my head and it pops up now whenever I see her on screen or hear her talk as the voice of Meg Griffin on The Family Guy. She has such a natural ease on screen that i think would serve well for Rouge… oh… and she’s crazy hot too in case you haven’t noticed yet.

Alternate-Comics-Goblin.jpgJOHN TRAVOLTA AS GREEN GOBLIN
Who played it: Willem Dafoe

Now just stay with me here a second ok? Before you start laughing at me for putting John Travolta on this list at all… just follow me here. Travolta has the right body type for Goblin. He’s actually a bigger guy and pretty thick too. If done up right he’s got the look of a genius business man too. But most importantly, when he’s been called upon to play a crazy bad guy, he’s been AWESOME. Yeah Broken Arrow wasn’t that great a flick, but Travolta almost saved it… and his performance in Face Off was one of the best bad guys I’ve ever seen (well… when he was the bad guy that is). So yeah, I know it looks crazy having him on here… but think about it for a minute… I think he would have been a great Goblin.

Who played it: Famke Janssen

Jean Grey ranks right up there with Mary Jane Watson/Parker as one of the women who is supposed to be one of the hottest in the Marvel universe. She’s also staggeringly intelligent, strong yet vulnerable at the same time… and while I have ZERO complaints with the job Famke Janssen did with the role, I can’t help but think how even more memorable the character would have been if Bridget Moynahan had played it. Besides the fact that she’s stunningly beautiful, I’ve seen her play all those Jean Grey characteristics in various roles and would have loved to have seen her put it together for X-Men. It’ll never happen now… but who knows… maybe if they do an X-Men 4 they can use the whole Phoenix excuse to explain a change in her appearance. Naw… it’ll never happen…. too bad.

Alternate-Comics-Doom.jpgED HARRIS AS DOCTOR DOOM
Who played it: Julian McMahon

Granted, having Ed Harris play Dr Victor Von Doom would have called for changes to the script of Fantastic Four… but who cares? The script needed about 300 changes anyway. The gruff, seething power… the egotistical mind bent on domination… man… Harris would have NAILED this role (granted, as a world class actor he’d nail just about any role you throw at him). Can you imagine how different Fantastic Four would have felt if all you did was alter the back storty just enough to accommodate a Doom who is older than Mr. Fantastic and then inserted Ed Harris into the role? Tears comes to my eyes international friends.

So there you have it. Which ones of my choices do you think are pure genius? Which ones do you think are terrible? Which ones would you have added to this list?

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63 thoughts on “TMB’s 10 Comic Book Movie Alternate Castings

  1. Anne Hathaway as MJ? No thank you. Yes, MJ is hot, but she is kind of happy and optimistic and all that crap. Amy Adams would be a better MJ.
    Speaking of Amy Adams, bring Adams as Poison Ivy Nolan!

    Anne Hathaway would be better for a kick ass character a villain of some kind. Like cat woman or Black cat, plus we already know she looks amazing with white hair.

  2. There have only been 3 perfectly cast roles:
    Patrick Stewart as Prof. X
    Christopher Reeve as Superman
    Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler
    Everyone loves Heath as that psychopath in Dark Knight but it wouldve been better if the Joker was portrayed in that as well. Hugh Jackman is too tall, too “pretty” and not a badass at all. Someone like the late Chris Benoit aka “the Rabid Wolverine” or even Vin Diesel wouldve been a better Wolverine.

  3. I agree with Hector DeJesus on Hollywood’s choice of heroines pick to play the parts,Jessica Alba as Sue Storm suck bigtime in spite of her bleaching her hair and adding pounds of makeup to look blond,as well as the choice they picked to play Jean Grey,they could have done a better job if they had picked them off the street

  4. Great choices…I totally agree except for maybe John Travolta as the Green Goblin…Willem Dafoe was perfect for the role. But I have some other alternates actors for other heroes….

    Spiderman – Tobey Maguire and James Franco switch roles…Franco has the tall lanky build and look that can transcend Peter Parker to Spiderman from Nerd to Stud. Maguire fits the more whiney Harry Osborn persona(reference Spiderman 3…who cried the most?). Franco can also be a badass…check out Annapolis.

    Venom – Topher Grace??? Seriously?!?! Eddie Brock was a gym rat who could bench over 700lbs before the symbiote costume and the symbiote played to that strength to create Venom. The idea of Venom was to challenge the idea of Strength vs. Speed. We needed someone(possibly no name) with a build like Vin Diesel or The Rock(not saying they should be venom) to play Venom.

  5. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)Catwoman-HALLE BERRY and a good screenplay. ANNE HATAWAY too.
    Jean Grey-The singer of EPICA.
    Rouge-MEGAN GALE.
    Magneto-The father of JODIE FOSTER in Contact.
    The Ridler-STEVE CARELL.

  6. Two quibbles and then some praise:

    1.) The character’s name is ‘Rogue’, not ‘Rouge’ — she can absorb anyone’s powers, not apply their makeup. As Ransom said, it’s headache inducing.

    2.) On a list like this, where you’re naming performers that may be obscure or unfamiliar, a good reader-assist might be to link said actors to their page. As you said in your column about creating a movie blog, sites like, RottenTomatoes, BoxOfficeMojo andight Wikipedia are your friends. If I’m trying to jog my memory about Bridget moynihan, it might help if I were able to remember her as the wooden actress who played Dr. Susan Calvin opposite Will Smith in ‘I, Robot’ — ahe’s got the Jean Grey look in that picture, but I’m still not convinced of her acting chops.

    3.) This is an excellent column! As a life-long comic book reader and armchair casting agent, I often play this game myself. Ten or fifteen years ago, I would have picked Marg Helgenberger of ‘C.S.I.’ and ‘Species’ fame as a PERFECT Sue Storm, but yeah, Yvonne Strachovski would do well now. I can only hope that Marvel gets back their FF license, so they can do to the FF what they’ve done for the Hulk.

    And Anne Hathaway for MJ? I myself was hoping for someone like Alicia Witt — an actual redhead.

    Finally, Angela Bassett was offered the role of Storm in the X-Men movies, but she apparently turned it down (see ) — Michael Biehn was also apparently in consideration for the role of Cyclops when Carolco was thinking about doing X-Men back in the ’90’s. Again, folks, is your friend.

  7. Well, let’s see…

    Yeah, I definitely can see Crispin Glover as Edward Nigma (The Riddler) based on his performance in “Willard”.

    It depends on which version of Selina Kyle you’re casting, if it’s the brunette one, yes Jolie all the way; however, if it’s the blonde one, I’d go with perhaps, Ali Larter. She conveys that aura of sultry and innocent…that I can see in Catwoman as she toys with Batman, then be the innocent Kyle to Wayne.

    Rogue, I see more up Charisma Carpenter’s alley. You put that white streak in her hair and the southern accent…she’s acted tough, bitchy, funny, and lonely…I think she’d nail it.

    Well, I always believed the Spidey films should have started with Gwen in the first place, Gwen was the girl next door type, which I believe would be a better fit for Dunst…the bridge scene would be perfect because her character dies there. MJ, I can definitely envision Hathaway.

    Maguire was a perfect Parker, but a second rate Spidey, I always believed Nicholas Brendon could have pulled it off better as far as the Spider-Man, wise-cracking smartmouthing to the villains that Maguire couldn’t pull off.

    While I liked Topher Grace as Eddie Brock…he should not have become Venom until Spidey 4…in order to flesh the character out and also, the Venom suit should have been way the illusion of a massive body…like in Ultimate Spider-Man.

    Have to disagree with Afleck as Matt, if you ever watch the Director’s Cut…it’s way better…it focuses a lot let on the love story and more on Matt/Daredevil evolution into the non-lethal crimefighter he becomes.

    While not an American comic, I completely dislike the idea of Justin Chatwin as Goku, after watching a Discovery channel special, and XMA…Matt Mullins would be better.

    Also, Ghost Rider could have been way better, if they kept the younger version of Blaze and cast a different actress as Roxanne…with a darker, grittier feel, it would have been great.

  8. Agree with Jolie as Catwoman. Nothing racist, but still can’t understand why they have black Catwoman, in a movie, following big franchise name. Weird decision.

    Also, agree with no no for Dunst as Jane.

  9. I’m loving all of the Crispin Glover praise this blog is promoting. I seriously hope the casting people see some of the fan reactions, and give Crispin a call. That man would burn up the screen.

  10. This is my choice of actors for roles: Ikno0w it wont be popular but guyt think about it, think out of the norm and out of the box. the individual performances of this list speak for themselves.












  11. as far as i am concerned rogue has not been in the movies yet. That tragedy that they call rogue in the films is not rogue!
    Mila Kunis has to be better(although the body is not there yet)
    Rutger would have kicked so much ass as the Master of Magnetism!
    Crispin Glover-dead on choice as the Riddler!
    John you are a fine judge of character

  12. you know….now that i think about it Hollywood has sucked big time in casting female roles in comic book films. the only one that was acceptable to my mind was Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman.
    Think about it: Halle Berry’s Catwoman was horrible, just an insult to the character. Jessica Alba’s portrayal of Susan Storm: another slap in the face to a great character and heroine. Halle again as Storm: this one really hurt, i love Storm and Berry destroyed her. Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Parker: seriously Kirsten isn’t even hot. I mean really. Famke Janssen disappointed me so much….i expected more from her. She got the look of Jean Grey somewhat but i wasn’t feeling the wrath of the Phoenix like i should have. Callisto was wrong, Gwen Stacy was wrong(the chick from Lady in the Water….looking like the character is not enough people) and i’m not going to start on Jennifer Garner. I love the woman but she killed me as Elektra. Where was the fire, the confidence and just the awesomeness that is Elektra! Total disappointment.

  13. Anne Hathaway great choice for MJ.
    James Marsden was and always will be the perfect Cyclops!
    I hated Anna Paquin as Rouge! Anyone else would done it better! Rouge is such a fierce character so it was totally wasted-choice.
    Jessica Alba wasn’t a good choice either.

    I’ll love to see Guy Pearce as Gambit.

  14. Definitely Angela Bassett as Storm (can’t believe that didn’t make the list). Storm is supposed to be a wise goddess. I’ve never really seen her as eye-candy, and that’s all Halle Berry was able to do with her in my opinion.

  15. Your replacement choices are pretty much agreeable, though Travolta as Globlin made me stop for a moment and try to envision it. Your casting consists of relatively newcomers (either for the genre or hollywood in general) but I think having big names or not is not an issue. As long as everything clicks well together – the directing, the FX, story, chemistry, etc – success is attainable. Also, I agree with you about Dunst and Alba playing worst MJ and Sue Storm respectively.

  16. I think Edward Norton was the best person to play Hulk. He looked like he had lived the character, rather than like he was playing a part.

    Crispin Glover for Riddler would be the best casting decision Nolan could make if Riddler was to be in the sequel to TDK.

    I agree with the Jolie/Catwoman, although I’m not too fond of her, she’d be perfect for the role.

    And I don’t think anybody could replace Heath as Joker in the new series of Batman films. It would be an insult to his performance, and you’d find that alot of people would be unhappy with the change. Look at the Batman films of the 90s – all different Bruce Waynes , and those movies were a bust. Especially Clooney’s version.

  17. I’d say the door is still open for Crispin Glover (Hey, get your damn hands off her), to play the Riddler in Begins 3. TO PRODUCERS: Use character development and dialogue to flesh out your characters, ONE FRIGGIN VILLAIN PER MOVIE. SONY especially you! But hindsight casting is relatively easy…especially with some of the CRAP Hollywood has turned out.

    I also like Guy Pearce like many in this column, but for GAMBIT.

    Paul Walker as Moon Knight, Brian Van Holt as Green Lantern (See the Movie Basic, or SWAT or TV series Threshold), I like Sam MF Jackson as Nick Fury, but what if he was Deathlok and Michael Biehn was NIck Fury? Edward Burns as the Flash.

    I did not like Edward Norton as the Hulk. I thought he would make a much better Thor (See American HIstory X).

  18. Just wanted to add a few more….

    6. Paul Walker as Johnny Storm. Chris Evans did an…..okay job as Johnny Storm but I think Paul Walker would have done a darn good job. Just the way that Paul Walker did his character in Varisty Blues would have been perfect for Johnny Storm.

    7. Erica Durance as Lois Lane. I think alot of critics were hard on Kate Bosworth, she wasn’t perfect but she did an okay job. I think Durance is the best person to play LL because…..well every week on Smallville she shows that she is the best person to play LL.

    8. David Borenaz as Daredevil. I think he would have been perfect to play the man without fear. Seeing his work on Buffy, Angel, and Bones shows his depth and ability as an actor.

  19. I’ve always thought that a great Riddler would be Jeffrey Combs (of Re-Animator fame). Not sure what it is about him, but he always struck me as the real world equivalent of the character.

  20. Best options on the list is Biehn as Cyclops and Travolta as the Green Goblin. The best performances ever made by travolta is when he plays the bad guy and he ROCKS!!!

  21. all good ideas, but some of them would require the movie to be a new production as Anne Hathaway, Mila Kunis, Bridget Moynahan and Yvonne Strahivski were all unknown or relatively so when the original film was made. None would have been on any casting directors radar screen for film work in a major Hollywood production.

    Oh and Travolta….yikes.

  22. why is everyone stuck on a zany frank gorshinesq riddler? i am so tired of this image of the villain. it’s terrible. watch batman: the animated series. no goofiness there in his character.

  23. Angelina as Catwoman would have been the greatest thing ever. Just thinking about it makes a certain part of my body pretty stiff.

    Hauer as Magneto is also very good, he would have made it work even if the character would have turned out very differently.

    Ed Harris as Doctor Doom would have been nothing but brilliant, you outdid yourself with that choice John.

  24. anne hathaway would be a perfect black cat in spidey 4……and travolta would’ve been an amazin goblin…his osborn wouldve been gold too…

  25. Gene Simmons-Venom

    this may sound stupid but its better than what we saw Spidey 3

    that Jolie picture is wicked by the way

    on a serious note Heagh (spelling) Ledger as Eddie Brock/venom

  26. Angelina Jolie as Catwoman…Hell Yes! Anne Hathaway I agree with. I don’t even think Kirsten Dunst was a hottie. Crispin Glover will own the Riddler. I don’t agree with John Travoltra (expectially after Hairspray), I definitely go for Mila Kunis, who is one of the big reasons I still watch reruns of That 70’s Show, as Rogue.

  27. While I’m not her biggest fan, I can see Jolie as Catwoman. But let’s please note that if *anyone* other than Halle was cast, chances are it would have been the Selina Kyle Catwoman, not the “invented” character in the film.

    I can’t say if we will see Mrs. Kyle in Bats Begins 3, but I’m down with it should it come to pass.


    Before I dive into this comment, I want to make this 100% clear to everyone who reads it. I do not object to any actor who got cast in any specific role. I never can figure out what is wrong with Kirsten Dunst in the Spidey films, I never had a problem with Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four (I have more issue with the way the character is/has been written) although both these actresses, I admit, would not be my personal choice.

    Let’s start with a few of Campea’s picks (other that Catwoman):

    Micheal Biehn as Cyke. When X-Men was in early development, I, too, recall many core fans invoking his name. I was one of them. OR if there was an inclusion of Cyke’s older brother Alex “Havok” Summers., I would have been fine with that too.

    Rutger Hauer is spot on.


    Christopher Lambert as Doctor Doom. (What!) No, seriously. I have always thought in terms of getting an actor with a specific voice and/or accent that could sound like he came from a country called Latervia. Plus, if the filmmaker shot his eyes like they were filmed in Highlander, it would have a slight intensity.

    Since we are on the FF.
    I like Ioan. Jessica,er, uh, 50/50, (again it’s the way the character is written, although Alba isn’t a good actress) but for Reed Richards and Sue Storm? John Travolta and his real life wife, Kelly Preston. No, that’s not a joke.

    Daredevil: Jeff Speakman
    (that’s not a joke. I was thinking B film action star at the time; today I’d nominate Ron Eldard.

    Elektra: Angie Harmon
    Kingpin/Wilson Fisk: Brian Dennehey

    J Jonah Jameson: Dennis Farina

    Gwen Stacy: Elisha Cuthbert

    The Joker (89) : Willem Dafoe (which is why I liked it when he took the Green Goblin)

    Stryker: (Wolverine film) Brian Cox (who orginated the role) But only if he kept his cut weight as he appeared in RedEye.

    Steven Seagal as The Punisher (89) Hey, this *was* when his akidio shit was bad ass…

  28. Kudos for Crispin Glover and Michael Biehn…in my opinion they would have been a stronger choice than Jim Carrey and Jason Marsden. Genius. Why aren’t you more involved in casting decisions, John? ;)

    Not enitirely in unison with your thoughts on Anne Hathaway as Mary Jane though. Ok, so she would be 20 times better than Kristen Dunst aka driftwood, but I’m not a fan of Anne Hathaway (for no other reasons other than personal ones) and don’t think she would have been able to pull it off as well as she should. Having said that, I don’t have an alternative for this role either ;)

  29. I actually think that Ed Harris would have made a better Riddler. When it comes to Sue Storm, the person they should have gotten should have been Amanda Tapping from Stargate SG-1. Leeloo beat me to suggesting Jürgen Prochnow for Dr Doom. Amy Adams for MJ or jean Grey. All others I think would have been much better.

  30. lol travolta goblin would never get his glider off the ground.

    eliza dushku as mj.

    guy pierce as daredevil.

    jürgen prochnow as dr. doom.

    adrian brody as loki.

  31. DINK:

    I don’t know what your talking about…neither John or any of the other posters said anything about a new joker

    Glover was recommended of Riddler…thats even if Nolan decides to use that baddie in the inevitable 3rd installment

  32. I think you are very right about Anne Hathaway and Crispin Glover.
    Also, if the rest of the characters were a little older about Ed Harris and Michael Biehn. About Catwoman and Sue Storm, the roles were so bad that i think it doesn’t matter. And with the rest i disagree.

  33. Amazing post, Ed Harris would have been awesome. I have a few I would like to add to this….

    1. David Hyde Pierce as the Riddler. I love your Crispin Glover idea but I think that Pierce has the voice to really pull the Riddler off. Just look at the first Hellboy and when he did a voice over on the Simpsons.

    2. Paul Giamatti as the Penguin. Now I like Batman Returns and I thought Danny DeVito did a great job with Tim Burton’s Penguin. If they would have made the Penguin more like the comic version, Giamatti would have been awesome.

    3. Jack Coleman as Jim Gordon. I love Gary Oldman as Gordon but watching Coleman on Heroes….he would be perfect. Just give him a mustache with his HRG he would look perfect.

    4. Johnny Depp as the Scarecrow. Johnny Depp is one of the best actors around, nuff said.

    5. Elisha Cuthbert as Gwen Stacy. Bryce Dallas Howard is going to be a great actress but she was not a great Gwen Stacy. Elisha Cuthbert could have brought out the sexy side of Gwen Stacy.

    6. George Clooney as Reed Richards. FF sucked. No way around it. The only casting that was good was Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm. I know Clooney sucked in Batman and Robin but I think he actually could have pulled RR off.

    Well thats the end of my list, I know its not perfect.

  34. I would have preferred MICHAEL BIEHN to have played Daredevil. Always thought He would have been a great Daredevil…cyclops yeah that too, but I always wanted him to play Daredevil!

    I do agree wholeheartedly on Jolie as Catwoman! That would be perfect.

    Though I don’t see Mila Kunis as Rogue and Travolta as the Green Goblin is a rather strange choice…I don’t think the glider could lift all that fat. Then again it does have a lot of thrust.

  35. i agree with melbye on racheal mcadams as sue storm …i personally for some reason dont care for anne hathaway….sometimes i think she is hot sometimes she is just a dog . but i like all the choices… who would you like to play GAMBIT john….so many choices for that role lol

  36. Fantastic choices. If i were to disagree with some of your choices i would choose Kristen Bell(Forgetting Sarah Marshall) as MJ, and if this was back in 2004 Rachel McAdams as Sue Storm, but if Fantastic Four was made today i think your choice is fantastic.
    My last change to your list would be to go Darth Vader on Doom. Hire a stuntman with serious physical presence and a voiceactor who would actually try doing a eastern European accent.

    And if i may add someone on your list, Angela Bassett as Storm in X-Men

  37. I’d say you’re pretty spot on with all the suggestions although some of the actors like Biehn would have been better playing that role like 10 years ago.

    However, I can’t agree with you on John Travolta…Face-Off was one of those films that seemed pretty cool at the time but has no legs…its just a cheesy John Woo flick with two over-rated actors (and a terrible script) in my opinion and I can name more bad roles that John Travolta played than good, Battlefield Earth, The Punisher and Broken Arrow (as was already said) to say the least. He may ‘look’ the part but I always thought that the right look wasn’t your stance on casting these roles.

    Crispin Glover by the way…an inspired choice!

  38. Glover as the RIddler…Genius…..

    i wonder what Nolan has in mind for the next batman movie baddie?

    this would def be an inspired bit of casting

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