The Spirit’s Talking Posters

/Film told us about some Talking Posters to promote the Spirit and like the article says, I was anticipating actual posters… that talk and move. Kind of like the Harry Potter world of pictures to promote movies. But all you get is a brief sound clip of the actresses citing their poorly labelled lines featured on each poster. No animations.

So I figured I would just post them up here – without the talking.

I like the style they are going for, and all three of these women look insanely hot portrayed like this. But the writing right on the face is just distracting. I especially liked Scarlett’s Silken Floss image, and I have since edited out the text and made it into a desktop image. Much hotter.

You can see these “talking posters” over at Yahoo!

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6 thoughts on “The Spirit’s Talking Posters

  1. “Stop trying to sell “The Spirit” via “300 advertising campaign 101″.”

    They resemble Sin City more then 300.

  2. The photography is fantastic, but I loathe these posters. Stop trying to sell “The Spirit” via “300 advertising campaign 101”.

    Additionally, how about introducing these characters with something more than sexually tinged dialog. Are they characters or simply male fantasy? The posters are dripping Frank Miller, so it’s probably the latter.

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