Russian Wanted Red Band Trailer So Much Cooler Than English One

The two films that I’ve been saying for months would surprise people are A) The incredible Hulk, and B) Wanted. I just saw a Red Band Russian trailer for Wanted, and it is SOOOOO much better than the English versions. Damn this thing looks cool. Just watch it!

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15 thoughts on “Russian Wanted Red Band Trailer So Much Cooler Than English One

  1. The Russian trailer looks closer to the graphic novels it is based on. Several of the scenes were cut straight from the book, which is violent and over the top. For fans of the book, this shows more hope that the director (who is Russian) payed attention to the source, rather than borrowing a name and a few details. The effects do look a little too CG but they may still clean some of that up before release. I was interested before, now I’m excited.

  2. looks so fucking bad i just can’t believe it.
    those bullet shots look so fucking pathetic (besides almost all other stuff). and for all the dumb ones out there, im not talking about “realism” or something, it just looks horrible. (plus bad cgi as hell). ah well, still gonna see it because of angie.

  3. I’m with you, Bjorn. The U.S. trailers make it look like another “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, which we need like a hole in the head (which segues right back to this Russian trailer, eh?).

  4. well I am glad the released this trailer because now I actually want to see it. The US trailer made me believe that this was possibly the worst film ever made.

  5. this may stupid but here it goes: in the keyboard scene it looks like there are russian characters, so, do they make special effects for russia?

  6. I can’t wait to watch this one in the theaters just to see some of the bullet cam shots on the big screen would be frikking amazing! And the keyboard attack, omg drool! I’m pumped for this one.

  7. the first bullet shot was absolutely incredible. I can’t believe that they didn’t use that in the american trailers. That’s really strange! ANd many things in this trailer were really amazing and they didn’t use it for the american trailers. I completely agree with you on this. This trailer is sick as hell.

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