Rise Of Cobra Posters

We have a pair of posters to show you for the upcoming G.I.J.O.E. film thanks to our friends over at moviesonline, check them out!



The Baroness looks better than I expected, the look still isn’t where I would like it to be – but it isn’t as bad as it could be (that’s for certain). I am still confused why I can see Snake Eyes’ mouth. I have no desire to see his mouth and am confused why they would have it visible at all. Part of the mystery of his character is that you can never read him. Taking the face mask away is a mistake in my humble opinion.

As far as the posters go, I am curious why we just don’t have the cobra symbol. A cobra recruitment poster would be a fantastic way to advertise the film.

I’ m not expecting much from this film at all sadly but am open to having my expectations shattered. Yo Joe.

International friends – what are your thoughts on the posters? What would you like to see in a G.I. Joe poster?

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14 thoughts on “Rise Of Cobra Posters

  1. So far, I have only read complaints about a movie we have yet to see. Though I have my reservations about how it will turn out, I say: SEE IT FIRST, JUDGE IT LATER.

    None of characters are supposed to be too old, except for Hawk. This is supposed to be an origin story for crying out loud.

    Personally, I hope to be surprised, and counting down days.

    Bottom line, I say YO JOE!

  2. Duke loks like shit, the all black costume is a travesty.

    Snake eyes looks ok but the Baroness should look older and more distingushed.

    Cobra Comander was a disgruntled Car Salesman in the comics

    I never remember Duke and Baroness havin a thing, stupid hollywood reinvention.

    The script sound pathetic, if they want to start from the begining they should have started with how Cobra Commander built up the “fake” town of springfeild and the Cobra orginazation and the Cobra symbol was there from the start.

    Rip-Cord was big in the comics, new and old, but way better charachters to explore. I really wanted a new G.I. Joe movie but this sound like a disaster

  3. OK… Maybe my eyesight is bad considering I should be asleep right now instead of posting this, but I don’t see a mouth on the Snake Eyes poster. I see cheek bones and what looks to be his hand across his jawline, but I don’t see a mouth… Maybe they’ll change it for the flick?

  4. The Snake-Eyes poster looks a lot like the photo that circulated a while back, but gritty. Also I find it interesting that he now has a glass/plastic visor instead of the 80s-esque metal grill he had previous.ly Are they perhaps changing the “look” of the film in post-production?

    And I don’t think they really needed the “Rise of Cobra” line, I mean, its GI Joe, shouldn’t that be enough? A non-GI Joe fan will not know what Cobra is anyway.

  5. @ Flyer28

    If the Baroness poster looks like a man then consider me gay as hell because I think it looks pretty damn hot. I see a new generation of kiddies getting the new G.I.Joe figures and dry humping two of them together!

    So far she’s the only one that has looked like the character from the show and comic. As for the posters they’re ok but what’s the deal with this movie and the images they’ve released all being all black minus the one red area?

  6. the posters look fine to me. Even though I wish Snake Eyes did not have a mouth on his mask I still think he will not be talking in the movie because by how the mask looks theres no way he’ll be able to move the mouth or make any kind of facial movements. Maybe they wanted to give him some more features on the mask or something. I am looking foward to this movie, I can compromize with the changes they made EXCEPT for Destro, He is not Destro without the mask.

  7. Heya Doug.

    You want to know why the cobra symbol isn’t on any posters?

    Well, if the November 2007 Stuart Beattie draft I read is still the working story (and it matches up to the confirmed cast and characters), it’s because COBRA as an organization isn’t in this film at all — in any way, save a tenuous link via a cameo character who ends up becoming Cobra Commander.

    A lot of people seem to have read this script already, and indeed it’s fairly easy to find, so I won’t go into any big spoilers, but my take on this new subtitle is that this isn’t the studio saying “we’re thinking franchise” it’s them prepping their excuse to fans who will no doubt be screaming profanities at the screen when the credits come up that “the terrorist organization bent on ruling the world” is being “saved” the sequel (read: terrorists are touchy subjects for Hollywood these days and any negative depiction of them as being evil would effect our foreign gross).

    Anyway, the script is pretty lousy so it’s probably better off that we don’t get to see the same disservice done to COBRA as they do to the Joes. I hate to come down to hard on the script (who knows, it could have changed substantially in the months since this draft was written) but holy fucktards did it shit the bed.

    Anybody looking for possible spoilers from this possible script, here’s a few:

    — the script’s two biggest Joes are Duke and Ripcord with Duke being a pretty generic young soldier with a broken heart (more on that below) and Ripcord as a jokier, less capable version of Will Smith in MIB.

    — the Joes and the bad guys both wear bio enhancement suits that turn them all into Superman: bullets bounce of them, they can leap over speeding trains, smash through brick walls and can stop speeding cars in the street with their hands.

    — the Baroness is Duke’s ex-fiance who’s been brainwashed into being a bad guy (seriously)

    — Hawk, played by Dennis Quaid, basically has the exact same role as Patrick Stewart in the first X-Men: he shows up for some exposition and then is sidelined through the remainder of the film due to injury, only to show up alive and well at the end.

    — Destro is a double-crossing Scottish arms dealer (read; evil white business man) and doesn’t wear a silver mask until the last shot (which reminded me uncomfortably of the Anakin “NOOOO” scene in Revenge of the Sith

    — lastly, as near as I can tell, Cobra Commander is a disfigured, disgruntled American soldier

  8. Eh, the poster are cookie cutter…no real imagination went into these and I have a feeling that will likely be the case for the movie.

  9. All I can do is keep my expectations pretty low but not matter how low I brings I cant help but feel dissappointed in this movie. Baroness dosent look evil, Snake Eyes looks odd with his mouth showing. I love to see a G.I. Joe recruitment poster saying “Looking for a few good Joes!” Also a Cobra intimidation poster saying ” You will join us by choice or by force!”

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