Ponyo on a Cliff Sneak Peek

If (like me) you’re a fan of the films of Hayao Miyizake (Totoro, Spirited Away), this might interest you. It’s a glimpse of the first trailer for his new film, Ponyo on a Cliff, which will be released in Japan next month.

The clip is clearly not in english and takes a few moments for the talk show guys to get to the clip, but it looks absolutely delightful and has all the charm we have come to expect from Studio Ghibli.

IMDB calls it: An animated adventure centered on a 5-year-old boy and his relationship with a goldfish princess who longs to become human

Looks good to me. I can’t wait for this to float over to this side.

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4 thoughts on “Ponyo on a Cliff Sneak Peek

  1. That’s one weird fish. A cross between human and jellyfish. It still looks promising. Miyazaki is one of the great masters of cinema.

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