New Strolling Joker Pic

We have another Joker pic to show you guys from The Dark Knight. We get the hookup from wearemoviegeeks via moviesonline:


The amount of stuff that has been loosed for this film is substantial. I hope we have enough surprises left within the film itself. I am very much looking forward to Ledger’s performance as the Joker and am excited that I will be back in LA for July 18th so I can see this at the Arclight.

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15 thoughts on “New Strolling Joker Pic

  1. well. obviously there will be a batman 3 hence 2 face doesnt die in this one (god i hope not) if thats true i want them to bring just the one character in- robin.

    i need a good real life version of robin not that dumbass from batman forever (lol gosh was that horrible or what?) we need a darker more down to earth robin (unlike the batman forever jackass!!)

    and- i know ive sayd this already but- it would be awsome if they just call him nightwing instead of robin…just sounds better.

    besides if they dont then well NEVER have a movie with a character named nightwing in it according to johns list of unpopular superheros hed like to see in a film

  2. I know there is way so much media on this movie and its becoming difficult tyrrng to avoid it in anticiaption for the movie.

    One way Nolan can pull a rug is when we get to see the movie and realize some of the material from the trailer and pictures was not there.

    This is not new as it has happened before on other films.

  3. Kristina there is just a trailer out of 90 minutes of Joker !
    I hate when ppl say i seen the movie out of the trailer…

    we all heard that cra !

  4. We’ve seen a LOT of the Joker, but I think we will get quite a bit of Two-Face as the part we know nothing about, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get first half Dent and Batman fighting the Joker then Two Face halfway through becoming the central focus.

    Batman Begins

    1st 3rd: Bruce training with Liam Neeson

    2nd 3rd: Batman fighting gangsters and scarecrows story

    last 3rd. Batman fighting League of shadows

    If I remember the trailers correctly, we saw the training and the scarecrow, but they kept the League of Shadows return for the release. (I could easily be wrong though)

  5. The stunt for the background of this picture was rather elaborate. Shot at night in Chicago using multiple camera angles [including helicopter] it went off without a hitch. A piston on the rear of the trailer ignites while a large metal claw under the tractor’s bumper digs into the ground causing the endo type flip.

    Now, the street in Chicago for filming is rather full of underground fiber optic cables and the City of Chicago spray painted a 2 fot by 2 foot square where the claw had to hit…or else WB was forking over mega cash to fix spliced fiber.

    Luckily the dude pressing the buttons had a good day. Painted square was hit, truck flipped, fiber intact.

  6. I think if Rachel does die that that is what will set two face off. her death will send both batman and two face out for justice but while batman won’t cross the line of actually killing people two face will not give a shit about the line and in turn make them become adversaries.
    thats how I think its going to go down. If they kill her that is.

  7. I think theres alot we not yet seen such as…..

    Is Rachel gonna die in this movie? (I hope so)

    Is Joker and Batman gonna beat the crap out of each other?

    How much screen time will two-face have?

    How many new bat-gagets will we see?

    Who will Joker kill?

    What happends to the mobster?

    To me theres lots of story and action thats been left out waiting to be seen.

  8. hey spence i know it’s been said before but i think johnny depp will be the best fit if ledger’s joker makes an appearance in other films…

    …if he werent so short… :)

  9. I really and I mean really hate when movie sites feel the need to put a watermark on their pictures. It only makes me to never want to go to that site.

    As for the picture itself, if I didn’t know that Ledger was playing the Joker I wouldn’t have recognized him.

  10. Sweet, I am also looking forward to ledger’s performance, can’t wait for this movie.

    I may be jumping the gun here a little, but if The Joker survives in this movie (hopefully he does) and IF they bring him back in the next movie or the one after that. Who would be a good candidate for the role, any suggestions?

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