Mel Brooks Set To Produce Horror Film

Mel-BrooksMel Brooks is back to the grave, digging up ghoulish delights for his upcoming horror film Pizzaman. We get the scoop from the fabled caves of Yahoo:

The renowned funnyman says he’s not closing down his production shingle Brooksfilms, contrary to a New York gossip page report, and is developing a horror film. The latest project, “Pizzaman,” is a serious horror film that marks Brooksfilms’ return to the genre. The company produced the successful “The Fly” and its not-so-successful sequel, “The Fly II.”

Brooks said the project is in the script and rewrite stage and that he’s yet to shop it to the studios. He is writing it with Rudy De Luca and Steve Haberman, who previously worked with him on “Life Stinks” and “Dracula: Dead and Loving It.”

I can only imagine what a horror film about a Pizzaman would be like. Does the pizza guy kill you before or after you have eaten your pizza? Does he use his job to carefully case murder opportunities? Or does he just instantly kill those rude to him as the stand in their doorway? Either way, pizza and murder are finally together.

Mel Brooks is a comedic industry unto himself, but it’s cool to see him branch out into other genres. I am certainly interested to learn more about this project, and think that a film about a homicidal Pizza delivery man could be a great horror film. We will be sure to hunt for further news on this one and keep you posted.

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