Lawrence Kasdan on Robotech?

Robotech is one of those franchises that geeks are quietly hoping for a film adaptation. We have the tech to make this look as cool and cutting edge by todays standards like it was cool and cutting edge in the 80s. Now we get news that they may have a notable writer on board. Lawrence Kasdan. says:

The last news was that Tobey Maguire’s Maguire Entertainment was developing the picture for Warner Brothers, and for a while there was a relatively unknown guy named Craig Zahler on script duties.

But Kasdan puts a whole new angle on it. Sure, he’s got Dreamcatcher lurking between now and when he wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark, but bringing someone like him to the table means this could actually be happening.

They say laurels are a good place to rest, but sometimes you need to remind people that you are great. Kasdan wrote such beloved stories as Empire Strikes Back (a fan leader of the series popularity) and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Those are some great movies, and he gets a lot of credit for their screenplays.

Now Robotech is something dear to me. It was a gateway drug into anime for me in the 80s. I am not so sure that Geeky Maguire is a good fit for Rick Hunter, so I would hope he would play someone else. But getting a solid screen writer on board adds a little more weight to this rumoured feature film.

Does this pique your interest on this project now?

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