Hulk Speaks In New Movie and Lou Ferrigno Is The Voice!

This news will have absolutely ZERO bearing on how good or bad the upcoming Incredible Hulk film will be, but it is sweet ass news anyway for those of us who were fans of the original TV show. It looks like The Incredible Hulk will break his screen silence and actually speak in the new movie… and his voice is being done by none other than Lou Ferrigno (who played the Hulk in the original TV show)!

Our friends over at Cinematical give us this:

Back at New York Comic Con earlier this year, there was this very odd moment during The Incredible Hulk panel when Lou Ferrigno surprised everyone in the crowd and director Louis Leterrier had the old, TV Hulk scream out a little “Hulk smash!” for the fans. Half-jokingly, Leterrier then said Ferrigno would be the voice of the Hulk in the new film.Those of us in the crowd didn’t really know what to think: Was Leterrier being serious? Were they just messing with us? Well, according to a new interview over in Variety, it would appear that Ferrigno is, indeed, voicing the Hulk. When asked if we “finally get to hear a good ‘Hulk smash!,'” Marvel’s Kevin Feige and producer Gale Ann Hurd noted, “Yes. After five TV seasons, several TV movies and the first feature, Hulk will speak.

This is just truck loads of pornography awesome!!!! In the comics, the Hulk has indeed had different levels of intelligence at different times… but the live action screen versions of him have never really shown him intelligent enough to speak. Come on… how often and how long have we all been waiting to see a live action Hulk scream out in a mighty voice “HULK SMASH!!!!!”

Dear sweet heavens… if he does indeed say that in the movie (and at this point I think it’s safe to assume he will) I am going to completely piss myself with total glee and I expect some sort of screaming ovation from the movie audience.

Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck…

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