7 Minutes Of Wanted

We have scored 7 minutes of Wanted for you dudes this morning. We must thank the good people at slashfilm for the hookup! Check it out!

My favorite part of this clip is when the guy steals the Nibbler’s truck. The pull back camera shot is awesome. I am still not “feeling” this movie, perhaps it will be far better than my expectations, but this trailer still hasn’t done enough to quell the flames of my skepticism. Now we wait and see.

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9 thoughts on “7 Minutes Of Wanted

  1. Just saw it on Youtube. McAvoy screams more than Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds. Doesn’t this open against Wall-E? I think I’ll see Wall-E first.

  2. I actually wasn’t that impressed with this clip. I think the part that got me the least revved up was the music. The music sounded like they got it from the Stock-Action-Movie-Soundtrack archives. I don’t know why it bothered me so much, but it did. Also, I was a bit turned off by Jolie’s “I’m such bad-a**” facial expressions. It’s like the look you’d expect from the girls on America’s Next Top Model who are trying to be “FIERCE!”… It’s cheesy and distracting. Maybe I had higher expectations that I should have had going into this clip. And I’m probably being too nitpicky.

    I’m still looking forward to the movie though. It looks like there will be some pretty cool action scenes.

  3. The only thing is that James McAvoy was kinda off in his acting and only screams. Having said that, the movie looks freakin awesome!!!!! I can’t wait.

  4. The action itself was very well done, but the kid’s incessant screaming was pretty annoying (enough to take away from the entire scene).

  5. yeah, one of the world’s greatest assassins can’t shoot a kid at about 15 feet. Rather than raise his weapon and shooting he perfers to simply gaze at him, Uh…I’ll pass, it’s official now.

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