Walled In Trailer

We have the trailer for Mischa Barton’s Walled In to show you today. Thanks to moviesonline for the hookup!

This is the type of horror movie that I usually hate most of all. Some people really love suspense/horror – I am not one of them.

This trailer also gives up a huge reveal when it shows us that the architect is still living within the walls of the house. I can understand wanting to show some good stuff in the trailer, but this is way too much.

International friends – what do you think?

One thought on “Walled In Trailer

  1. Suspense/horror can work. This trailer doesn’t. It is either revealing way too much or deliberately trying to trick people into false expectations.

    It uses every technique that we’ve come to expect. The techniques successfully used in those trailer mashups like the one that turned Mary Poppins into a horror movie.

    No way I’m seeing this trash.

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