Thomas Jane And Ving Rhames On Board For Give ‘em Hell, Malone

VingeffinrhamesWe have word today that the macho pair of dudes known as Ving Rhames And Thomas Jane have joined the cast of Give ‘em Hell, Malone. We get the scoop thanks to our good friends over at the moviehole:

Thomas Jane (“The Punisher”) and Ving Rhames (“Mission : Impossible III”) will head to Spokane, Washington (Twin Peaks territory!) to shoot the actioner, the latest from producing trio Richard Salvatore, Johnny Martin and Eric Anderson, whose “Hero Wanted”, starring Cuba Gooding Jr and Ray Liotta, hit shelves in April.

I could be wrong, but this film sounds like it may be a direct to DVD delight. The production is starting in August and with luck, we will find out shortly if it’s going to hit the big screen, or head straight to the bargain bins.

Both of these guys have what it takes to be action heroes, I hope this is a Tango and Cash style pair up that leads to lots of ass kicking, name taking and justice dealing!

I cannot wait for the title of the film, to be used in a conversation within the film. You know it’s going to happen; and you’ll smile when it is.

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4 thoughts on “Thomas Jane And Ving Rhames On Board For Give ‘em Hell, Malone

  1. I just watched the trailer for “Give ‘em Hell, Malone”.

    The trailer was great, BUT……

    Where was the Bad Ass Ving Rhames and Where is the Bad Ass 69 Mustang he used in filming???

    Is there another trailer?

    Please let me know, many people are asking.


  2. It will be great to see these two guys in an action film.

    The film “Tango and Cash” sucked. I hope it’s a million times better than that 1980’s crap.

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