Swayze-Centaur Tattoo!

Dan, a Movie Blog contractor (and metal enthusiast) was nice enough to hook me up with a link to this tattoo image from Entertainment Weekly.

Please bask in the glory of the Swayze-Centaur!


I am beside myself with glee. I have never been tempted to get someone else’s tattoo…. until now.

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17 thoughts on “Swayze-Centaur Tattoo!

  1. Holy crap, that is the ugliest tattoo I have ever seen, from design, tattoo application, and end result. If I were the owner of the new tat, I’d surely have LOTS of Regret. It bears no resemblance to Patrick Swayze, even without the horse attached to his butt.

    And nice automatic deletion of links in the post, as someone got a link past your security.

    1. This post was written three years ago, back when this site wasn’t so plagued by retards spamming ad links. The link in the comment up there is relevant to the site and is not spam.

  2. It looks like George Bush if he were in a shitty 80’s glam rock band wearing a horse costume on Halloween at a gay club, holding his boner.
    And Patrick Swayze isn’t even a Sagittarius either, so I don’t know how this is valid.

  3. Hahahaha.
    Ban me if you wish, but that is the gayest tatoo I’ve seen all week.

    Yeah that’s from that SNL Chipndales sketch. Hahaaaaa!

    Gawd thats fricken halarious.

  4. Wow, that is beautiful (no really it is).

    Now i’m inspired to think maybe this Lord of the Rings bridge film could be about all the trouble the local orcs cause at ‘The Prancing Pony’ and the owner calls in the best damn cooler on Middle Earth to sort it out. Just imagine this guy yelling “you’re too stupid to have a good time” before his mighty centaur legs kick a goblin through the door.

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